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《Thread》on a very crucial case of national security exposing the Politician-Police-DrugMafia-Terrorist nexus in Goa.


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1/ A couple of years ago a case broke out in Goa. It started when a Swedish girl Lucky Farmhouse aka Lucky Moonfarm disgusted at the botched police investigation into her friend Scarlet Keelling's death uploaded a phone conversation on youtube.

2/ The uploaded phone conversation on youtube was of former minister of Goa Ravi Naik and his son Roy Naik (Lucky's boyfriend) with an Israeli drug kingpin Yaniv Benaim aka Atala. When a local news media ran the story it was picked up and became national news.

3/ Interesting thing is Lucky had much more secrets to reveal than just a phone conversation that could have exposed many big heads in Goa & Bollywood. Inspite of telling the police herself no agency interviewed/interrogated her. She was also allowed to fly to Sweden.

4/ Here is the Swedish Model Lucky Farmhouse who claimed that Goa Ex-Minister's son Roy Naik was supplying drugs to her ex-boyfriend Yaniv Benaim, aka Atala, an Israeli drug dealer in Goa.

5/ In her deposition to Interpol in 2010 Lucky said her Israeli boyfriend Atala had links with Roy whom they called "Boss". In 2008, Lucky had recorded Atala bragging about his links with Indian Police. The tape brought to light a Politicians-Police-DrugMafia nexus.

6/ Lucky testified that Atala had met Roy at Calangute, a beach village 10 km from Panaji, several times.

Lucky also claimed that Israeli Druglord Atala was purchasing drugs from the former home minister's son and was paying him and the police protection money.

7/ Heres the video Lucky Moonfarm uploaded about his Israeli ex-boyfriend druglord Yasin Atala bragging about this connections to Goa Ministers & Police.


8/ CBI & CrimeBranch refused to investigate Goa Ex-Minister's son Roy Naik despite several allegations of drug dealings. Atala was arrested with 8 policemen. Goa Govt appointed house committee headed by ex-tourism minister Francisco(Micky) Pacheco was investigating the Drug nexus
9/ After Lucky flew to Sweden a GoaHerald reporter managed to get her interview. What she revealed was staggering.

1 Yaniv was using Roy because of his father's position to get crucial information which he was using for more sinister purpose than just drugs or flesh trade.
2 Israeli druglord Atala also harbored terrorists, hints at Yasin Bhatkal but takes no name. Although there are separate reports and NIA was already investigating Bhatkals stay in Goa. Lucky's revelation makes a very crucial link.

11/ Before this episode there was another case involving the suicide of Nadia Torrado which led to MLA Mickky Pacheco’s arrest. As per Lucky's info Mickky was also in close contact with Yasin. Rem it is Mickky who was made panel head probing the whole Lucky-Yaniv-Naiks nexus.
12/ In a nutshell what Lucky Moonfarm exposed was a nexus between Ex-Minister of Goa's son, Police and the Israeli druglord. She also claimed Atala was running India operations of an international drug/sex/trafficking racket. But it didnt stop there. There was more.

13/ What Lucky also revealed was that Atala was supplying white models for bollywood & politicians. These models were trained in #honeytrap & was used to extract state secrets via their high profile connections. This indicate a presence of Israeli secret service Mossad

14/ The most damnning revealation Lucky made was that Israeli druglord Atala also had ties with Indian Mujahideen mastermind Yasin Bhatkal. Remember Bhatkal's links to Goa was also under investigation by NIA. Was an Israeli druglord operating IM from Goa?

#GetLucky from Sweden.
15/ Indian Mujahideen Yasin Bhatkal is not the only guest Israeli druglord Atala hosted in his house in Goa. Another was DEA/FBI agent #DavidHeadley of 26/11. Headley's movements in Goa was long under scanner by agencies. He was caught staying inhotel in Pushkar with an Israeli.
16/ David Headley stayed in a hotel in Pushkar, the C form was made available to the police. There were names of two other Israeli guys on that form with whom he stayed. The form is missing and the hotel owner blames the CBI for it.

Who were thesw two Israeli guys?

17/ Interestingly David Headley also stayed in Goa with these Israeli druglords. He worked in DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and ran a drug trade from Afghanistan to India. Even 5 Indian Narcotics Squad members were arrested for working with Yaniv Atala.

18/ So what Indian investigative agencies did after these explosive Politicians-Police-Narcotics Squad-Israeli Druglords nexus was revealed and also high-level mastermind Terrorists?

Most logical step was to #GetLucy

So did they?

Keep calm and read on.
19/ In 2010 Goa police claimed they issued a Letter Rogatory to Swedish authorities for permission to examine Lucky in Sweden. Lucky approached Swedish police section Steve Als in charge of narcotics to verify facts. Als told her that no Indian agency approached them.

20/ Swedish government does not, under any circumstances, allow foreign investigators to examine Swedish citizens in Sweden. And Sweden never countenances any foreign requests to send its citizens for being questioned to any other country.

21/ Such issues when they crop up are dealt with at country-to-country diplomatic levels and depend on the type of treaties Sweden maintains with the country in question - here India.

Yet there were Indnian agents knocking on Lucky's door in Sweden.

22/ Lucky told reporter that the alleged Indian investigators appeared to have been far more interested in pornographic locations in Sweden than they were in her. They said it helped them, in their work, to have a look at how such an industry worked in other nations.

23/ Alleged Indian agents asked her some red-light addresses around Stockholm. "I was a bit disappointed though. They neither invited me nor did I volunteer to act as their cicerone (guide) in Stockholm, which I know well. They could have benefitted from my knowledge."

24/ This is how Indian agents investigated one of the most important cases of the country with far-reaching consequences.

Sweden is India's first & very dear partner in #MakeInIndia.

Will GoI #GetLucky back to India to pursue this now cold case of National Security?
A couple years ago a case brokeout in Goa. It started when a Swedish girl Lucky Moonfarm disgusted at botched investigation into her friend Scarlet Keelling's death uploaded a phone conversation on Youtube. #GetLucky - A Curious Case of #NationalSecurity…
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