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Starting a NEW URGENT THREAD HERE NOW. (11/12/2017) - #DeepState in an “all or nothing” battle against our @POTUS @realDonaldTrump and his Patriots to survive. Please RT+ to get the word out!

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Yesterday, speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One, Trump blasted former U.S. intelligence officials by name, including former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey.…
Before Air Force One even landed, Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo leaked to reporters that he intended to directly challenge the statements made by the President.
It was at this point that someone, I believe Gen Kelly, intervened to stop the escalation between the President and the Intel agencies (CIA, FBI, ODNI) responsible for creation of the “Russia hacked the election lie”.
Within 2 hours a détente was negotiated that prevented the release of the CIA's official rebuke of the President.
Shortly thereafter, the President conceded to the intelligence community, at least for now.…
This exchange is important on a number of levels, not the least of which is a true bearing on what our President believes to be true. We also learned that regardless of the facts, Mike Pompeo is going to defend #DeepState and the swamp.
With the release of Wikileaks Vault 7 & 8, it is now impossible to dismiss the CIA strategy to “hack” individuals, corporations and elected officials and then blame the intrusion on Russia.
For new followers, there are more revelations coming soon on this front.
My longer term followers have known nearly every detail that has since become “news” regarding the entire #RussiaGate conspiracy, including the names of everyone responsible and their role since last April.…
We should be very proud that it was our efforts that first revealed the illegal unmaskings taking place in the White House by Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes.
We should also be proud that we revealed, long before it was known to the public, that Paul Singer was the original funding sponsor for Fusions GPS and that the FBI, DNC and Clinton Campaign picked up the funding following Trump’s primary victory in Indiana.
We were the first to reveal that the alleged DNC “hack” was actually not a hack at all and our analysis served as the foundation for so many others that have since followed.
These are but a small sampling of the success that we have had together. Please see my “moments” for many, many others.…
If you would like a #RussiaGate refresher with the overview of these activities, please review the following thread:
As is obvious from the above exchange between @realDonaldTrump and the @CIA Director, with each step forward, the swamp successfully pushes back in an attempt to keep our President in check.
The key now is not to fight the news media with analysis that proves the @CIA and the @FBI are lying. The key is to expose and prosecute the Guardians of #DeepState that enable the swamp to survive.
The most important person in this trifecta of corruption is Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.…
All elements of the persecution of our President lead to his desk, including the attack against Gen Flynn, the Dossier, the illegal FISA warrants, the illegal unmaskings, the exoneration of Hillary Clinton’s crimes and on and on.
Andrew McCabe is not only the most powerful member of #DeepState on the inside of our Government; because of our efforts and the work of @TomFitton at @JudicialWatch he is also now the most vulnerable.
Andrew McCabe is being protected from the President by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (his direct supervisor).
And not even Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the intestinal fortitude to go up against McCabe even risking being fired himself for his inaction.…
The motivation for Rod Rosenstein is clear. He is corrupt. He is the one that convinced Jeff Sessions that Sessions could recuse himself and that he, Rosenstein would handle #RussiaGate without a special counsel.
Rosenstein then wrote the justification giving our President the push to fire James Comey (who the swamp had lost confidence in because of the Clinton email scandal).
Using these elements, all perpetrated by Rosenstein, he then called for a special counsel and assigned his #UraniumOne co-conspirator Bob Mueller.
It is usually about here that #DeepState’s #4DChess useful idiots start to inject their propaganda about how this is all part of some Trump grand strategy to #DrainTheSwamp. I have no time for these people and if you go down that path on my timeline you will be blocked.
There will be no further warning.
If the @POTUS is unable to get Sessions to fire McCabe and Rosenstein, then I doubt there is anyone currently in Government that can get this done.…
This is why we desperately need a special counsel to not only investigate #UraniumOne, but also the illegal activities discussed above committed by Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller.
Based on my 20+ years of experience in the swamp and direct knowledge of the #DeepState, I see Asst AG Rachel Brand as our best hope, now that we have achieved our goal of getting @ChuckGrassley, @DevinNunes and General Kelly onboard.
Additional References:
Additional References:…
For this reason, I have updated the “Make the Calls” call-to-action instructions, adding in Rachel Brand and slightly modifying our message.
I also know that many of my followers are working long hours planning a “March for Justice” here in DC in the coming weeks to push this over the top. Please support their efforts, contribute and show up. I will let the folks planning this event provide further details.
Please remember, all of these efforts have taken extremely long hours, resulted in risk for undercover participants and are solely directed at supporting our President, his agenda and his promise to #DrainTheSwamp.
If you made it this far, please go back to the top of this thread and RT+ to help us spread the word. Thank you.
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