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If Putin wanted to start repairing the US-Russian relationship, he'd return Snowden so that he could face justice for his crimes. Snowden's done enormous damage to the US, not just because of his leaks, but because he inspired a generation of leakers (Seth Rich being one)👇
If Snowden was just a patriot concerned with privacy, he would have restricted his leak to that issue. Instead he leaked with the deliberate intention of damaging US natsec. Don't fall for the 'Snowden as Patriot' meme, it's BS. The guy is a traitor, on Putin's payroll.
Another thing - don't assume that what has been revealed is the sum total of what Snowden stole. The intel cache is far greater than what we know. He has definitely shared this with Moscow - and potentially Beijing, who I note gave him protection as he made his way to Russia.
It's a good thing to be concerned with IC corruption & the mess it became under Obama - we are all rightly angry, none so more than Trump. But Edward Snowden was no virtuous whistleblower. He was a traitor and quite possibly a Russian 'converted spy'. Don't confuse the two.
For those abusing me about how great Snowden is, perhaps you should also direct your insults at this guy:

The end.
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