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#FusionGPS #FakeNews

When #FusionGPS payments to media outlets to publish stories crafted by Fusion on behalf of their clients as 'news' rather than the blatant propaganda it was are revealed from the financial records, some DNC Media outlets will never recover from that revelation.
Here was one blatant example of this caught by @LeeSmithTWS, where THREE different major media outlets essentially published the exact SAME story about the change in Saudi Arabia's internal politics:
The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal & Reuters ALL published essentially the SAME story on the SAME day. Each took the same prepackaged story from a political comms shop, either #FusionGPS or another firm.
Each media outlet took a generous payment from the comms shop to run the story, put their own reporter's bylines on it, tweaked it a little bit, and published it as 'news'.
This is an example of a planted 'news' story that media outlets ran because they took $ from a comms shop to run it. Who was the client that paid to have this propaganda piece placed so prominently in our media? If I had to guess: Prince bin Talal.
Not only are power people from other countries PAYING big $ to have stories planted in our media, so are domestic actors. Everybody has assumed for years DNC Media runs stories friendly to Dems/hostile to Republicans simply due to most journalists being Progressives.
As we are now finding out the last few months however, many of these media outlets are running blatant propaganda hit pieces & smear jobs because they are being handed these stories by firms like #FusionGPS & being PAID to run them.
This has been THE biggest dirty secret of the DNC Media industry for almost a decade now: as ad & other revenues declined, they found a NEW revenue stream being PAID by political comms shops to run 'news' stories in exchange for cash payments.
THIS is why #FusionGPS founder Glenn Simpson has fought hard for months to keep Fusion's financial records from being seen by Congress.

He has now lost that fight.
A very large # of media outlets willingly turned themselves into propaganda mouthpieces for the $. If you had a narrative you wanted to see run in our media, & the $ to pay them to run it, they took your story & your $, put their reporter's name on it, and ran it.
When this practice is fully exposed & the entire American public sees it, any last shred of credibility these media outlets had left will be gone forever. They are #FakeNews, exactly what @realDonaldTrump has been claiming all along.

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