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1. Assange is no friend of western democracies. He's essentially an anarchist, who is extremely disenchanted with the hypocrisy and corruption of western governments. That's fine, but unlike me, he wants to burn them all down.
2. I've never heard what political system Assange supports. Perhaps he doesn't believe any of them work. IMO capitalist democratic nation-states are proven to be the best of an imperfect bunch, but they can only survive if the citizens believe in them.
3. The danger of Obama (ideological subversion) & Clinton (corruption) is the damage they cause to the system itself. A The loss of belief by the citizens in the system itself is incredibly dangerous. That's why I regard Clinton as one of the worst criminals in US history.
4. What was happening under Obama (& Bush) has a direct parallel with the fall of the Roman Empire. The rule of law was trashed. Trump will lose my support if he doesn't nail Clinton & others to the wall. It's extremely important that he does.
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