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We’re a year into the hell of our kakistocracy. I’m exhausted by it. Would rather not think or speak of it.

But since the fate of billions hangs in the balance, it’s something we gotta check in on from time to time.
Why are we here?

The short version is: white supremacy and toxic masculinity. These two vile problems have brought this nation, perhaps this planet, to the brink of destruction. It’s so discouraging to behold.
Reasonable people can disagree on certain political points:

The best approaches to resource allocation, the ideal means of selecting our representatives, the limits of individual and state power.

But white supremacy is an indefensible social structure. It requires dismantling.
Whiteness, as you probably already know, isn’t a heritage. It’s a malleable social construct that divides the underclasses to prevent the overthrow of the wealthy.

It’s a brilliant tool for the job. It has succeeded for generations.
Whiteness creates a group identity that can be separated from other groups. It bundles together descendants of Scandinavians, Scots, Britons, Germans, French and countless other Europeans.

Those legitimate heritages washed away in favor of “not black or brown.”
The purpose of this bucket of not-black is straightforward: the creation and maintenance of a rigid social caste system.

It has succeeded. White household income is 13x higher than black households, 10x higher than latinx households. It literally pays to be white in America.
So part of the supremacy of whiteness is expressed in economic outcomes: white families are statistically better off.

But we must explain this disparity somehow. The true explanation exposes the exploitative class interests that birthed whiteness in the first place. Won’t do.
As a result, we have a culture that assigns pathologies to non-white people. Latinx folks are lazy. Black people are violent. Native Americans are alcoholics. All are ignorant, unrefined. Et cetera.

A tidy bundle of rationalization for why these social divisions exist.
They popped MLK not during the initial ascendency of the civil rights movement.

MLK was assassinated as he swung into the next leg of his quest for a better world: economic justice. He had an opportunity and strategy to unify poor white and black communities.
Basic/minimum/guaranteed income has a lot of interest in recent years, as wealth inequality continues soaring.

But decades ago, MLK already saw its necessity. And saw that it crossed racial lines. Poverty was fucking everyone.

Solving that would have made him too dangerous.
So white supremacy Balkanizes America’s poor, preventing popular uprising. It paints targets on black and brown people, so the true villains, the amoral wealthy, are never in the line of fire.

It’s in deep because the powerful have always needed it to be.
But obviously, white supremacy is wrong.

There is no just basis for treating one group of human beings as more worthy than another, based entirely on appearance or ethnicity. It’s primitive, pre-scientific superstition.

It can’t withstand modern scrutiny.
Meanwhile, the supremacy of maleness grows equally untenable. Millennia of treating women as second class citizens—or worse—has created an unsustainable social structure.

Men in the halls of power make decisions that affect women without understanding anything of their lives.
Men commit the vast majority of violent crimes. Nearly all mass murders.

Meanwhile, women are outpacing men in education and even earning potential. There is no reasonable justification for granting power to one group but not the other. It just doesn’t add up.
Even as stodgy a name as the Harvard Business Review can’t look away. It had to ask: why do so many incompetent men become leaders?
The jig is all the way up, friends. It’s over.

None of this makes sense. It’s unjust, immoral and, perhaps most offensive to global capital: wildly harmful to productivity and earnings.

So we have to change. The pressures of financial incentives AND justice insist upon it.
But it doesn’t end there. Not only is the case dissolving for white supremacy and male dominance, but also?

They’ve stopped delivering on their promises. That’s an even bigger problem—for the former beneficiaries.
Deaths for middle aged white people have skyrocketed in a way not seen in other ethnic groups.

Born into a world that promised prosperity for their hard work, they are entirely unprepared for the galloping wealth inequality of the 21st century.…
These “deaths of despair” are entirely rational. As economic opportunity contracts, there’s less reason to hope for a better future for your inheritors, much less for yourself. Why live on in a world like that?
The despair is contagious. And rooted in a very real fact:

The pie is growing. Our slices are shrinking. “Labor force participation” is an essential stat here. We’ve lost as much as 4.5 million jobs since the financial crisis.

Less money to go around, less support. Less hope.
But it gets worse. What jobs have been created have, since 2005, not been “jobs” in the sense we associate with the term.

The stability, progression, benefits and support connoted by “jobs” are largely missing now.…
So. Reduced labor force participation. Reduced quality of what jobs are available. Limited benefits and other support. Rising income inequality. Soaring deaths of despair.

And a roiling churn in the expectations of our culture.

It is against this backdrop that Trump operates.
Trump, a serial philanderer, a self-confessed sexual assailant, a wildly uncharitable community member, a notoriously dishonest businessman

He carried evangelical voters by EIGHTY PERCENT.

80%. Four out of five devout Christian voters said “he’s our guy.”
This week we watch the republican establishment of Alabama and right wing media twist itself into a fucking pretzel to defend the sexual predations of Roy Moore.

Not saying “he didn’t do it.” Saying “it’s not such a big deal if he did.”

It’s stunning hypocrisy, isn’t it? Yet…
When we examine the American right as a vehicle for white identity politics, as it has been for decades, all of this makes more sense.

It doesn’t matter if a republican is liar, a thief, a cheat or a sexual molester. What matters is: they will protect “traditional values.”
As we see, those “traditional values” do not concern the sanctity of family, the safety of girls and women, or the generosity and grace promoted by Jesus Christ.

Traditional values here are white supremacy and male dominance. It’s as simple as that. There’s no way to deny it.
And if you don’t believe me, just have a look at the demographics of the recent Virginia election. White men were 36% of voters. They broke overwhelmingly for Gillespie. The other group that did, by a much slimmer margin?

White women.

This is where we are today.

The majority of Americans do not want this man. They do not want white supremacy. They do not want male dominance.

To succeed, the factions that support those values must dispense with more and more ethical behavior.…
There is no popular mandate for Trumpism. Just a deck stacked in its favor by centuries of US white supremacy and male dominance.

It is pulling out every trick in the book to cling to relevance and power.

It will fail. But not without costs.

This is where we are. This is why.
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