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Ahead of #GujaratElections2017 @HardikPatel_'s CD has gone viral although it is a no-show.

Heres a 《thread》on the original & unspoken (not even in hushed voices) Operation #Snoopgate behind the #SahebTapes
1/ In Nov 2013 @AashishKhetan's Gulail released the #SahebTapes revealing the illegal surveillance of a young woman from Bangalore in 2009 ordered by Amit Shah for his #Saheb. The tapes raised many intriguing questions which the media failed to raise.

2/ Below are some of the obvious questions mainstream media should have raised.

A What necessitated indulgence of ATS CID & even IB (Intelligence Bureau) when only the ATS or even state police could have kept surveillance easily; provided ofcourse she was JUST ordinary citizen?
B. The girl knew she was being snooped on and used multiple phones. Even had the ability to dupe airport authorities and escape. Flew to Bangalore to reach Mumbai just to evade surveillance. What was really going on, who was she really? #SahebUnderSiege
C. In his petition Pradeep Sharma mentions he stumbled upon some videos of #Saheb with this girl in compromising condition. Who could get in such close proximity of #Saheb and get such video recorded? Definitely someone with strategic resources or an insider. But who?
5/ Heres from Pradeep Sharma's petition:


"During second week of March 2006 at 5:00 PM, Ms. XXXX called the Petitioner and conveyed that she had just landed in Ahmedabad city and was planning to visit Bhuj."
6/ "When Petitioner called Ms. XXX’s phone was switched off & remained so for next 48 hours. Two days later at 11:00 AM, Ms. XXX called the Petitioner and conveyed that she was at the residence of #Saheb, and had spent the duration of the previous two days at his residence."
7/ "Subsequently she met the Petitioner in Bhuj and described in detail her stay with #Saheb.

Ms. XXX described that the next day being Holi, many people visited Saheb for the festival and played with colour. #Saheb attended to them briefly and returned to his quarters with me."
8/ "Meantime, Ms. XXX had developed fever and requested a physician, but #Saheb conveyed that calling a physician was impossible, given the peculiarity of their situation. The following morning she left for Vadodara in a car sent for by #Saheb."

Around this time a CD was made.
9/ "Petitioner received anonymous letter conveying that video of sexual activity btwn Saheli & one person was available on internet website. Letter advised Petitioner to desist frm contacting Saheli as her character & actions were not befitting with Gujarat State officials."
10/ "The Petitioner did indeed come across such a video clipping and it now appears to the Petitioner that #Saheb, who was monitoring the Petitioner’s cell phone calls, started believing that videos involving #Saheli perhaps included him i.e. #Saheb." #SahebUnderSiege
11/ #Saheb was in direct contact with #Saheli & knew her whereabouts frm their talk which was passed onto AShah who utilized that info to run his surveillance op. She was treated like VIP even her petrol/mobile bills were paid by Govt Departments. So, what went wrong?
12/ Documents accessed under the Right to Information Act reveal that in 2005, when all was well between #SahebKiSaheli she was invited to attend the Gujarat government’s annual Winter Festival in Kutch, even though she had no role to play in its organisation.

13/ Item number 81 in festival’s balance sheet lists payment of Rs 5153 made to #Saheli towards mobile recharge & petrol expenses. Payment was made by cheque (6740282) on October 25, 2005. In the festival’s total bill of Rs 2.43 crore, nobody else was paid for mobile recharge.
14/ A Gujarat Tourism Department official who did not wish to be identified, said: “Though amount she was paid is not big, but it is clear that an exception was made in her case.”

Why an exception for #Saheli? Who was #SahebKiSaheli? Why the fallout?…
15/ Who is the guy mentioned in #SahebTapes; at whose mention the entire surveillance gets even more water tight?

What was it so important that Saheli should not meet him in Mumbai? Was a CD to be delivered?

Is this the guy who is actually running the show?

16/ One thing becomes very clear here: this was not just a mere snooping operation, there was something else brewing under it.

#Saheli & whoever she maybe working with seem to have acquired crucial evidence against #Saheb which the entire Saheb Gang were so desperate to retrieve
17/ CD or No CD, in the light of the above information the entire episode seems no less than an intelligence & counter-intelligence operation.

In the given scenario most important question that arises is was #SahebUnderSiege by an Intelligence outfit? What are its implications?
18/ Pranlal Soni’s son Chintan worked his entire life for a company called Schlumberger, an important key in the entire Snoopgate episode. Schlumberger is an oil giant and a very notoriously infamous outfit implicated even in assassination attempt of French & US Presidents.
19/ This conglomerate Schlumberger where #SahebKiSaheli's brother worked his entire life kept tight control and contact through the intelligence and espionage arm, the Solidarists and the Orthodox Eastern Church.
20/ Interestingly Schlumberger partnered with ONGC for #Fracking in India. Fracking is deadliest toxic way of extracting methane from earth, so much so that within miles of the site if you open your household tap water and take a matchstick near it, it will burn instantaneously.
21/ There is worldwide protest to ban fracking. And interestingly #SahebKiSaheli's brother's firm Ecolibrium Energy here is set to rake in billions in the coming years with direct contract with the states energy providing the so called ‘sustainable’ ‘green’ alternative.
22/ Harit Soni (Pranlal’s son) partner in Ecolibrium Energy worked for KPMG official auditor of Anglo American Corp. It’s founder Gerrard Peat was Auditor to Queen’s Privy Purse. It’s as close to MI6 and the Queen as you can get. Harit was also awarded by the British Crown.
23/ Another partner Reji Kumar was a senior consultant with World Bank and USAID. I reckon you already know about their activities with the Cuban Twitter episode & #WarOnCash in India.

But theres more.

24/ In 2005 Pranlal Soni invites an Israeli company specializing in Voice Over IP (VOIP) in Gujarat. Later Chintan floats Ecolibrium Energy which helps ppl save money by installing surveillance gadgets Smart Meters/Smart Grids.
25/ #SmartGrid is one of the directives suggested under Govt’s Restructured Accelerated Power Development & Reforms Programme. According to Ministry of Power official 60% of the Rs 56,000 crore allotted for the programme will be spent on implementing the smart grid technology.
26/ The official seem to forget in his enthusiasm is that by putting the entire power supply backbone of the country on #SmartGrid will render it easily vulnerable to the New Era of Warfare.

And #Saheb had a very personal taste of this technology demonstrated on him.
27/ 2013 NSA spying scandal exposed vast programs to monitor personal comunications. Now utilities & Govts are reaching into ur own home through fast-tracked #SmartMeters & spy-ready tech.

But just as Govt can spy on you, these Firms can spy on your Govt too. Your #Saheb as well
28/ Coming back to our story it was infact Ecolibrium Energy that installed their fancy gadgets in Gujarat Sachivalaya and many other sensitive places.

Ecolibrium’s first big break came when it bagged the contract to implement a smartgrid project in Gujarat Sachivalaya in 2010.
29/ Acc to Gujarat Govt portal Sachivalaya (state secretariat) fell under general admin dept which was under Saheb's direct control.

The project with Gujarat govt required Ecolibrium to commission a smart microgrid in Sachivalaya, the state government headquarters at Gandhinagar
30/ “The building had solar panels that supplied power. We monitored power generation from solar panels and also certain key locations in the structure that could be turned on and off based on certain grid conditions” says #SahebKiSaheli's brother Harit Soni.
31/ #SahebKiSaheli's bro Harit also acknowledged the role played by #Saheli. “It was the financial help from family and friends, especially our sister, that gave the business a stronger footing and made it self-sustaining.”

32/ So heres story so far.

Cozy relations with #SahebKiSaheli lands him into a pickle with a compromising CD having made.

Theres a fallout & statewide surveillance is setup to get hold of the CD and prime target was Saheli.

Sametime CD's presence is also conveyed to Sharma.
33/ Was the ‘incriminating video’ of Saheb in ‘compromising condition’ mentioned in Pradeep Sharma’s petition a handy work of Sclumberger Gang?

Is it why ATS CID & even the IB (Intelligence Bureau) were snooping on Saheli desperately to retrieve Saheb’s compromising CD?
34/ In light of above info it becomes more pressing when same group who made CD (Mossad CIA chaps) also handles entire election campaign to strategy of Saheb.

The most important question is, is #SahebUnderSiege by this group to keep him in check in case something goes awry?
35/ If so, shouldn’t such cases be investigated from an Intelligence perspective; and not just mere corruption, murder or snooping?

The information that may have been compromised could very well be a serious National Security issue now that CM Saheb is PM?

36/ Well if #HardikPatel have #SardarPatel's DNA or #JawaharlalNehru's can be solved scientifically.

The real question is will @HardikPatel_ raise the crucial issue of state surveillance, blatant corruption & national security in the #SahebKiSaheli case?
37/ Thanks for reading our story on Operation #Snoopgate behind the #SahebTapes.

As a bonus heres a bit of an interesting piece of news for you guys.

If you've any questions/feedback/criticism do let us know.

Thank you for reading @GreatGameIndia.
38/ For those of you wondering about said KBC video of #SahebTapes in above tweet heres Blackbeard snooping on #SahebKiSaheli's friend (more about him in the thread) during Operation #Snoopgate


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