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Senator Franken, you were set up
Roger Stone knew of this beforehand
He encourages Trump to go after the investigators, ie. you
Tweeden is a regular guest on HANNITY
The picture is literally photoshopped 7/1/09 you won Senate recount 6/30/09. Look at the metadata.
Coincidence? No

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Sean Hannity refers to Ms. Tweeden as a regular on the panel (of guests)
So who do we believe? A senator who asked for an investigation on himself or, a frequent guest on Hannity in collision with Trump and Roger Stone?

She has also smeared Joy Behar.

And Stone's incriminating tweet was made before any story was published. How did he know?
Are all of these coincidences or did she and Stone exploit the situation of speaking out?
My bet is the latter. Roger Stone is a giveaway.

Who else did Stone set up? Was it Spitzer? Yes it was. Both Jewish Dems. Both potential to run for president. Franken is investigating Trump, Stone!
It's a classic trick to discredit investigation.
This is in the New Yorker. @alexgibneyfilm wrote on this, as well, in the Atlantic

Here is a picture of the kiss that she shoved Franken away. Oddly it appears that she is clutching him. Booth at the same time?

From 06 USO

She is slapping this guy's ass. 🤔
She must get real offended by a kiss...

She's slapping him

I just put this all together in a thread so it's easier to follow.

Here is a link to a thread going in depth into the false accusations by both accusers regarding #AlFranken. #photoshop #RogerStone #Tweeden

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