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David Davis warns the EU not to put politics before prosperity in Brexit negotiations. I want to unpick this brazen example of hypocrisy. /1

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It’s obvious (to me) that DD is asking the EU not to do what the UK is doing (placing politics before prosperity) - but does *he* know? /2
Clearly, many Brexists believe their political goal of Brexit will bring the UK prosperity - in the long term.… /3
They have swallowed the Legatum/Minford Kool Aid and believe a North Sea Singapore can actually happen.… /4
But even they know there will be short term economic pain, and they’ve admitted it.… /5
But their entire negotiating strategy is based on the EU wanting to avoid short term economic pain by giving the UK special treatment! /6
They cannot be shaken from their conviction that the EU will give in rather than experience the short term pain they themselves welcome. /7
Even though a child can see that the short term disruption will be an order of magnitude worse for the UK than for the much larger EU. /8
So this is already a double standard that obliges the observer to question the competence and intelligence of the UK negotiating team. /9
But then there’s the delusional belief in Minford’s buccaneering sunlit uplands (their mixed metaphors not mine)… /10
Long term, the UK will prosper outside the EU, they’re convinced. Whereas the sclerotic old “failing” EU will fade away without them. /11
But the evidence tells a different story. The EU has grown rich thanks to political & economic integration.… /12
Any threat to that integration would also threaten prosperity. That’s why the EU will never allow Brexit to undermine the Single Market. /13
For the EU, there is no trade off between politics and prosperity. Both require defence of the Single Market as the top priority. /14
It’s not only the politicians who accept this. The EU business community does too. They get it.… /15
So Brexists are wrong to think the EU faces a tradeoff between politics & prosperity. But they’re also wrong in thinking the UK doesn’t. /16
Contrary to the quasi-religious faith of so-called “Economists for Free Trade”, the UK has a stark choice between politics & prosperity. /17
Actually, it has already made that choice. The politics of Brexit require that we leave the EU regardless of the economic cost to us. /18
But our lead negotiator buries his head in the sand about that while falsely projecting this tradeoff on the EU whose interest is clear: /19
Safeguard the prosperity of the world’s largest market by defending its integrity. No special treatment. End of story. /20
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