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1. Thread.
Hypothesis on the #LindsayMenz allegations that @SenFranken grabbed her ass during a photo at a fair, while he was senator.
Let's start by looking into the EXIF file of the photo.
2/ The EXIF data contains #metadata which is like a blueprint of the photo. It shows #camera model, date created, modified, flash on/off, basically everything. The image is attached.:It shows the modified date: 11/19/17 and the time of 16:49.02 or 4PM49mins.
This image is odd and
3/ I will explain why the data is odd. That is the entire list. The metadata should be multiple pages. See the attached file for an example of one image. This is from the #AlFranken "grope" picture. (It is fake 2 see my pinned tweet) See how much more info there is? BUT IF YOU
4/ Take a screenshot of the image, it removes the data. See the image as an example. This is the same image, but a screenshot, of the previous post. See how little information there is? Doesn't even list Photoshop.
So what happened with the image from #LindsayMenz shown in post 1
5/ Here is the hypothesis: Did #RogerStone, or whoever is behind it, see that people found out the photo is fake so they decided to release one and cover over their mistakes of leaving the #metadata in the first photo from Ms #Tweeden? I will explain. Follow along.
*from EXIFtool
6/ Roger Stone et al scrambled to find someone to accuse @SenFranken after seeing people found the 1st fake.
Did #Stone see long amount of metadata and decide to take a screenshot of the new image to cover their tracks, for a change?
7/ #LindsayMenz claims @SenFranken grabbed her ass in the photo her husband took. (He did not see @SenFranken do so. Odd) The image doesn't show the area where #LindsayMenz claims he grabbed her. Did #RogerStone et al try to cover their tracks by taking a screenshot then in
8/ Then was the image place Photoshop? Is that why there isn't much metadata? And is that why it says it was modified yesterday at 4.49pm?

This is a hypothesis. Test it.
9/ One person #LindsayMenz tweeted her story to is Liz Wheeler. (see image)
In addition, a FOX rep tried reaching out. Let's dive into Ms Wheeler to help us see who #LindsayMenz follows.
10/ This is what you see you go to Liz Wheeler's twitter account.
What is OANN?
This is the "media" organization that #Trump campaign was at including #CoreyLewandowsk

Before we look at OANN, lets see a post or two on Liz Wheeler's timeline.
It gets interesting the more I dive.
11/ So now we can see that Liz Wheeler works as a host of "Tipping Point" on OANN
Lets look at a post or two down, just for an example.
There are 3 posts.
1. FOX
2. Dems funding terrorists (wtf? Delusional)
3. The Clinton Foundation and racketeering.
12/ Let's look at a few more.
This is a right wing conspiracy trying to discredit the Steele Dossier by claiming Fusion GPS was being paid by Clinton's (why would it matter either way?) GOP just finds anything with Clinton and of course it's a scandal.
13/ Here Liz Wheeler is claiming the democrats don't know about the Sutherland shooting.

What the hell is wrong with people exploiting massacres?!
14/ Do I even need to say anything about this one?

Just wait for the next.
15/ This has three tweets and here are the topics
1. MSM covering up sexual abuse committed by liberals (uh wtf?)
2. Hate crimes are motivated by an "anti-white bias" WOW
3. Another right wing talking point falsely claiming Mueller has a conflict of interest.
16/ Liz Wheeler has tons of racist, antisemitic, Islamophobic, etc. on her timeline.
I think it is safe to say she leans toward the white supremacist/nationalist crowd.
Now lets go back to see what OANN is.
17/ Lets starting by looking at #Wikipedia to get a brief overview.
I have 4 images from Wikipedia, so follow along.

No wonder! It's a PRO TRUMP, anti-Clinton conspiracy organization disseminating #propaganda!
18/ Onto the next section.
This is the network where #SARAHPALIN guest hosted a show.
Ah, the white supremacist/nationalist trend continues.
19/ Holy hell, there's a lot in this section.
2. Talk about Benghazi. Duh.
3. Ignore Russian interference
4. Islamophobic articles on "radical Islamic terrorism"
20/ Here is a section devoted to smearing sexual misconduct accusers. Hopefully they are compassionate.
Or not.
OANN pushed a false story that @washingtonpost offered $1000 to Roy Moore's accusers.

I think that's all we need to delve into for now regarding OANN.
We know its nuts
21/ So we can place, OANN, a conspiracy "media" outlet in the same trash bin as Breitbart and Infowars.

This begs the question, why is the 2nd #AlFranken accuser trying to get in touch with far right wing, white supremacist, conspiracy theorists?
22/ It appears that we actually do have a trend for #AlFranken accusers!
Both have white supremacist/Trump ideologies! WTF!
Is there anyone that isn't a far right wing nut job that alleges #AlFranken touched them?
Charlie Rose had EIGHT people come forward today!
Why not here??
23/ When I Googled, Liz Wheeler's tweets showed up.
There are three
1. Falsely claims planned parenthood is selling human baby body parts and asks why Trump Jr. get criticized for holding an elephant tail. WTF?!
2. She wonders why abortion is ok and killing elephants isn't.
24/ 3. Liz Wheeler is blaming democrats for abortions.
This is the network that #LindsayMenz contacts?
Why was this not mentioned on TV?
These questions raise serious doubt as to the veracity of her allegations.
25/ I am still waiting for an accuser to come forward who is not a Trump supporter.
#LindsayMenz is another pawn #RogerStone et al is using to discredit the Russia investigations.
26/ Since #LindsayMenz is shopping around her story to FOX and Liz Wheeler at OANN, it's safe to say she has white supremacist ties, if she isn't one herself.
These are the #AlFranken accusers.
Dems need to retract, defend, and apologize to @SenFranken for rushing to judgement!
27/ Back to the photo. Recall I suggested that the photo was redone then screenshotted?
Look at center. They are artificially close, res drops. They are blended together/superimposed. Look at the back behind #Franken. The line from paneling does not go to the wall like it should.
28/ The top right above #Franken, the line should be there to the wall. It isn't. Look at their hair together, the res drops and it's blurred.
Why doesn't this show EXIF metadata? As I mentioned above, a screenshot won't have the data. This was done to cover their photoshop.
29/ If you try to do an ELA (error level analysis) you'll get result that doesn't look edited. That's bc it wasn't. You took a screenshot of an edited photo. Thus the screenshot is not touched.
One more giveaway is the modified date 11/19/17 at 16:49.
They tried to hide.
30/ Look at the direction of #AlFranken's eyes. He isn't really smiling for the photo and his eyes are looking off to the side. He's so photogenic.🙄
#SiameseTwins #Franken @arbortender
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