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IF the lower level people in the White House at the time & in the DNC Media figure out what Trump is REALLY using Scaramucci to do, would it have worked? 🤔
What did Trump say at the time? He said he was bringing Scaramucci in to 'shake things up', but acted like it was him following Scaramucci's lead, letting him call the shots. "I trust his judgment!", etc. etc.
Scaramucci then informs Preibus, who Trump wanted to get rid of, that to get to Trump, he has to go through him.

Priebus, of course, could not accept that. And so he resigned.

This is exactly what Trump wanted.
Priebus leaves, other people leave too or are fired, and who are all the lower level people in the White House upset with?


Nope! Remember, Trump keeps saying he trusts Anthony's judgment, he's letting him call his own shots.
It that's GODDAMN ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI that is causing all this havoc, man!


Gen. John Kelly comes in as the new Chief of Staff, and almost on his FIRST DAY on the job, calls Scaramucci in and FIRES HIM.
Only AFTER all this happens does it come out that Trump actually wanted Kelly as his Chief of Staff all along, but Kelly wasn't ready to leave his job at the director of Homeland Security.
Once Kelly was ready, Trump needed a HATCHET MAN to come in, force Priebus to leave, along with a few others, but in a way nobody realized it was TRUMP who was orchestrating all of this.
The strategy only works if everybody buys the COVER STORY, the deception. "Anthony is calling his own shots. I trust his judgment."

Then 2 weeks later, after Kelly is brought in. "John is calling his own shots. I trust his judgment. He made this call to let Anthony go."
The media sees a CLOWN SHOW run by LUNATICS.

That's what they're supposed to see.

You know how you know the hatchet man strategy worked?

He takes all the ill will with him when he goes. Everybody LOVES the boss & the new guys who came in cuz of Hatchet Man.
Even the media breathed a sigh of relief once Scaramucci was gone, and that level headed calm Kelly was on the job! They said, damn, bringing Kelly in, this is the smartest thing Trump has done! Things might calm down, be better now!
The hatchet man, the temp guy you bring in to do the dirty work & who then leaves after his mission is over, is a well known figure in the business world.
BUT MOST REPORTERS IN THE CURRENT DNC MEDIA don't have any real business world experience. They are all 20 something bloggers.
They don't question or dig past the surface of what they are seeing.

So when Trump runs a brief disinformation sting by bringing in a hatchet man to fire people for him & bring in new staff. they don't see what's occurring.
This use of Scaramucci to shake things up at the White House was a simple, brief disinformation sting. It only took a few weeks to do it.

It worked beautifully. And it demonstrates some things about Trump and his team.
1) Trump not only will not set the record straight about what he's really doing, a lot of what he's done & is doing is PREDICATED on selling cover stories to his opponents.
2) Trump's huge massive ego is a huge massive act. He cares about results. He's a pragmatist. If getting something done means fooling the media into thinking he's a clown trapped in a fiasco, so be it. He doesn't care.
3) If his opponents & the media understood what he was really doing, they could invest their time & resources into DESTROYING Trump's chances at accomplishing his goals. Trump prevents this by constantly misdirecting them with disinformation campaigns.
4) This makes Trump RADICALLY different from any previous President. Past Presidents always attempted to EXPLAIN what they were really doing & defend it to opponents, win them over.

How'd that work out for both Bushes, Reagan?
5) Look at W. Bush. He constantly tried to EXPLAIN what he was trying to do, win over the Dems & Media.

How'd they respond?

By constantly investing their time & resources into STOPPING him now that he'd tipped them off what he was trying to do.
6) Trump is NOT EVEN GOING TO START playing THAT game with Democrats & DNC Media.

Far from explaining what he's really trying to do, Trump gives them 1 cover story after another that fits their worst biases about himself.
The 'Scaramucci 2 Week White House Clown Show' cover story served it's purpose.

Right now, there are other cover stories in play to fool Dems & DNC Media and keep them out of Trump & his team's way while they accomplish their goals.
The PERFECT cover story is one that the opponent desperately wants to believe is true. It's perfect because the enemy will never question it or dig beneath it's surface.
Scaramucci was a brief cover story. The Media & Democrats wanted to believe that Trump is a lunatic who has no idea what he's doing, Scaramucci is a clown in way over his head, it perfectly fit what they SEE in Trump.
What's the perfect cover story for a months long investigation into rampant government corruption of very high ranking & powerful people in the previous presidential administration?
For Democrats & DNC Media, I'll tell you what the perfect cover story would be: you sell them a Kabuki Theater in which it's Trump who stupidly ends up getting himself subjected to a investigation just 2 months into his term.
It's perfect. It fits EXACTLY what these people hoped to see, so they would never seriously question it or dig beneath the surface of it.

Far from trying to thwart this investigation, they'd leave it alone.
So why am I confident in this theory that Trump & his team could pull off a massive deception sting like this?

Because I watched them FLAWLESSLY pull off smaller, shorter ones already. Done so well, nobody in the media ever caught on.
If you knew what to look for, what Trump was using Scaramucci to do was obvious. But 95% of people will never question the cover story. That's why this stuff works. It uses human nature to succeed.

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