With Trump's base showing strong preferences for authoritarianism, and continuing to support a serial predator of children, it's time to look this problem in its face. 1/
This isn't a political problem. This is a societal issue, a major, major existential problem with who we are and how we view the world. 2/
This is no longer about Democrats and Republicans, even though the latter fostered this group and gave it power and influence. This is something larger. 3/
We have a substantial group in this country who are okay with a president who would stamp out free speech, free press, and are comfortable with foreign influence and collusion. 4/
They didn't blink when a woman was murdered by white supremacists. They don't worry about mass shootings. They support fascism in totality. 5/
We're so focused on Trump and this political circus that we're missing the BIG BIG picture. We have a growing, powerful section of our fellow citizens who do not believe in a democratic, shared society. 6/
They only care about our laws and customs when they help them. They do not believe in the Constitution or any founding principles unless they're advantageous. 7/
When those principles and customs are used to progress things, they reject them wholly and fall back on authoritarian ideals and fascist behavior. 8/
They've always been here. They've been slaveholders. They've been confederates. They've been our neighbors. They've been our family. 9/
Republicans fostered them as a means to push their policies and leveraged their worst instincts. Now, they've lost hold of the leash and have been taken over from the inside. 10/
Trump didn't create this. He is the total personification of this worldview. He was elected to be their avatar because he is as lost in this as they are. 11/
And as long as we keep looking at this as a Trump problem we're not going to see the whole picture and we're not going to even begin addressing it. 12/
This is an education problem. This is a social problem. This is the heart of every corrosive element in this society. It beats every second and spreads the infection further. 13/
They'll stand by Trump, a dangerous authoritarian. They'll stand by a man everyone agrees is a serial child predator. There's literally no telling what they'll stand by. 14/
I know we all hope Roy Moore is the bottom of the hole, but it's not. If we don't begin addressing this, we're going to find that Moore is only the beginning. 15/
If you come from a family like mine, you know that there are Americans who hold Adolf Hitler in high regard. Who say he had "good ideas." 16/
If people like Trump continue to push them further, there's literally no telling what they'll allow or what they'll support. This is how a democracy backslides into a fascist state. 17/
I know people who have openly dreamed of having America a fascist country. They talk all the time about ow much better it would be. 18/
This isn't a slippery slope. It's a bottomless pit and we'd better start trying to find purchase and look at this thing in the face or else we're going to fall and fall and fall. 19/
Believe me. The people I know who would be okay with it? They're everywhere. They work with you. They shop at your stores. They'd tell you to your face just what they would be okay with. 20/
We cannot let them continue to build a base and have a seat at the table. That only empowers them and furthers the danger. 21/
Focus on Trump and Moore, but remember that this is so much larger than him. They are symptoms of the disease and the disease worsens and spreads by the day. 22/22

• • •

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Sep 26
Authoritarianism relies on conspiracy theories and mythologies that obscure the roles the authoritarians played in creating the present suffering and twist reality until the only solution is to give them more power and more wealth.
Presently authoritarians who profited off deindustrialization and the massive redistribution of wealth from the bottom up are hiding their responsibility by claiming vulnerable communities and sinister, satanic cabals were responsible

And so, they need more power to “fight back”
In the end, what we are dealing with is a perpetual cycle of the powerful hiding their messes by playing upon inherent prejudices and religious mythologies in order to scapegoat their political enemies and continue amassing wealth and power.
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Sep 23
It’s kind of incredible that employers spent years pushing austerity and creating new ways to make work more miserable and less rewarding and then seeded one article after another about “lazy young people” who needed coddled because they reacted appropriately to the exploitation.
And it’s similarly incredible that the Pandemic and shifting labor leverage led to articles about “quiet quitting” and selfish employees unwilling to return to dangerous environments.

It’s almost like perception is manufactured.
And it’s almost like warnings about the dangers of “wokeism” and social justice movements and the nonexistent “Left” are about creating perceptions within the larger culture to undermine any movements or developments that might threaten uninterrupted exploitation.
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Sep 21
Once again Putin is threatening the world with nuclear annihilation unless he gets what he wants.

We have to understand that this nightmare is far from an aberration but a preview of our future unless we defeat rising authoritarianism.


Putinist Russia is a twisted glimpse of what awaits all of us unless we reform our systems.

It is a dictatorship hiding behind the veneer of "democracy," a state that serves only the interests of the wealthy and wields the power to literally destroy the world.

2/ Image
And what Putinist Russia represents is a re-instituted monarchical system where Putin exists beyond democratic consequences and, as a result, wields his power with the understanding that the only means to move beyond him is his own death.

This makes things so much worse.

3/ Image
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Sep 20
As Trump grows more imperiled and isolated he’s doubling-down on QAnon and Christian Nationalism and capitalizing on their worship of him as a “divine agent” or holy warrior.

We need to recognize the incredible threat this represents and how it extends beyond Trump.
Even if Trump loses his stranglehold on the GOP, Republicans recognize that QAnon and Christian Nationalism are invaluable tools.

These faiths legitimize antidemocratic actions, political violence, and widespread oppression. They’re keys to this project moving forward.
We like to pretend Fascism and Nazism and other authoritarian movements are just spontaneous or supernaturally evil.

But they require religious mindsets and infrastructure to legitimize their violence and oppression. We’re witnessing that partnership again in our current moment.
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Sep 15
Let’s not mince words. What DeSantis and Abbott did wasn’t a “protest.” They treated desperate and vulnerable human beings with gleeful and nauseating cruelty.

If you had any doubts about what these people are capable of this should tell you everything you need to know.
DeSantis, Abbott, Fox, and the GOP will shrug this off and pretend like it’s not a big deal or just regular political maneuvering.

This reveals how little they think of human beings and how blatant white supremacy runs through their core. It’s repulsive. Repulsive.
What happened during the Trump Administration with kids in cages and forced sterilizations was a warm-up, a preview of what to expect should these thugs gain power in the lead up to mass climate refugee crises.

They do not care about human life and will wield cruelty happily.
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Sep 14
The looming railworkers strike isn't just an economic issue. It's a moment to reconsider who we are and where we are going.

Make no mistake. Defeating authoritarianism and the attacks on democracy depends on supporting one another in times like these


If there is a rail strike, it will have massive consequences. Even if this story isn't being focused on much, it will affect your life and will play a role in the larger political crisis.

Understanding what has happened in our history to get us here is essential.

A rail strike will inconvenience you. It will lead to some products not getting on the shelves, in some higher prices. You'll be told to blame the workers.

But we have to understand this is a product of greed and exploitation and stand in solidarity for all of our sakes.

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