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So who wants to hear a story about the libertarian bullies who ruined EVE Online's roleplay scene for several years? #tweetfleet
Our story starts way back in 2005 when The Star Fraction alliance is founded by Jade Constantine. You may recognise the name "Star Fraction" as a reference to a Ken MacLeod sci-fi novel. Don't worry if you haven't read it. Jade clearly never did either. #tweetfleet
Even by 2005, Jade Constantine already had a... colourful reputation among both the EVE roleplay community and the game's playerbase at large, mostly on account of their involvement with the black-hole Mary Sue character Revan Neferis. #tweetfleet
To get an idea of Revan Neferis, imagine literally every bad teenage vampire fiction trope and apply it to a 40-year-old woman. She was a member of the edgiest pirate faction, the Blood Raiders, and clearly no-one ever told her that brevity was the soul of wit. #tweetfleet
Jade Constantine and Revan Neferis were space lesbians. Jade's player was definitely a man. I have no idea if Revan's player was a woman - I get the impression they were from third parties, but who knows? She was sort of neurotic both IC and OOC. #tweetfleet
In any case, Jade founded Star Fraction in 2005, but it didn't become relevant until a little bit later - around the '06-'08 period of time. This was at a period of time when I was gettng involved in EVE roleplay. #tweetfleet
Star Fraction was a capital-L Libertarian alliance, with all that that ideology entails. They made a lot of RP posts about Pernicious Philosophies Of Self-Enslavement, the Evils of Monopolistic Statism, Enlightened Self-Interest, and various other four-dollar words. #tweetfleet
They also declared themselves sworn enemies of all four major NPC empires: the Gallente Federation, the Minmatar Republic, the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire. To Star Fraction, all of these imperialist entities had to go. #tweetfleet
Now I should note that such a declaration is an utterly fruitless endeavour. For all the freedom you have in EVE, those empires cannot be destroyed or even hurt in any meaningful way.

But Star Fraction knew this. That wasn't the purpose of their declaration. #tweetfleet
Star Fraction didn't want to fight the empires. They wanted to fight roleplayers who'd chosen to align with those empires.

Specifically, they wanted to fight groups MUCH weaker than themselves, turkey slap them and then declare victory against the imperialist dogs. #tweefleet
See, The Star Fraction was an alliance consisting not just of Jade's corporation, Jericho Fraction, but of a significant number of other corporations. They had the numbers, and they weren't actually bad at fighting. #tweetfleet
They were VERY bad at roleplaying anything other than sneering, elitist bullies, which was fortunate for them since that's pretty much the only persona they ever adopted. #tweetfleet
They started what was essentially a grand tour of the four empires, smashing their loyalist roleplay groups for lulz and tears. This started with the Caldari group, the Kimotoro Directive.

KD was pretty big in Caldari roleplay at the time but had to sue for peace. #tweetfleet
The Kimotoro Directive pretty much fell apart after Star Fraction was done with it, since the endless, petty bullying and mockery from SF had a demoralizing effect and led to several key members quitting the game outright. #tweetfleet
The second campaign was against Cyrene Initiative, a Gallente Federation alliance - I myself pledged loyalty to the Federation, but wasn't a member of Cyrene.

Star Fraction brutally smashed them as well. I did not hear of Cyrene again after that, in any fashion. #tweetfleet
The third campaign was aimed against PIE Inc., a hardline Amarr crusader group. This was SF's first major mistake. PIE Inc. was staffed by some of the game's most veteran roleplayers, none of whom were bad at fighting either.

They also had a whole bunch of allies. #tweetfleet
This was (and if you play EVE, you'll get this pun) the golden age of Amarr RP. Groups like Curatores Veritas Alliance were flourishing, and the Amarr RP community was VERY tight-knit. Gondor didn't even need to call for aid - Rohan offered it gladly. #tweetfleet
In the leadership of PIE was one of my oldest frenemies in EVE, Rodj Blake, a tremendous fellow - an Englishman of unquestionable merit and wit.

I make no bones about this - Jade DESPISED Rodj, because Rodj was popular in all the ways Jade tried to be but wasn't. #tweetfleet
This showed in the sheer level of in-character calumny and disrespect from Star Fraction, and also in the subtle OOC shade that its members would throw at PIE and other Amarr roleplayers. It was VERY ugly. #tweetfleet
The Amarr campaign kind of trailed off in an awkward ellipsis, and Star Fraction prepared for its next forray - somewhere out in deep nullsec space.

Now you may have notice they only did three of the four empires. There is indeed a story behind that, too. #tweetfleet
Everyone knew who their target in the Minmatar Republic WOULD be - Electus Matari.

But Electus Matari was like the PIE of Minmatar. Strong industrial base, veteran roleplayers and an extremely popular, well-liked roleplay figure in its leadership. And many allies. #tweetfleet
Now, one of Electus Matari's allies was Ushra'Khan. EM and UK had their differences, and sometimes even feuded. But if you EVER seriously threatened one of them, the other one would come running to back them up.

Nobody picked on their brother but them. #tweetfleet
Ushra'Khan were also allies with... Star Fraction.

It was determinedly an alliance of convenience - nobody in UK really liked SF, even though SF desperately wanted UK to like them.

SF knew UK liked EM more than it liked them, and so quietly never started a war. #tweetfleet
Now, throughout all of this, Star Fraction had been posting on the RP forums.

A lot.

Jade's nickname was "Ms. Wall-Of-Text." Like I said, Jade never used a sentence when he could use a paragraph.

And all of it was recrimination, polemic or insults. #tweetfleet
I would describe Jade and Revan aspeople with exceptionally large but also exceptionally fragile egos. It was not difficult to make either of them post walls of text just by making an off-hand comment questioning their beliefs or combat prowess. #tweetfleet
Jade, for all his faults, was at least a competent PvP pilot. Revan was not.

Revan, however, had a vast amount of IRL money which she could turn into EVE money and hire mercenaries to do her work for her. She did this on a regular basis. #tweetfleet
And since she never undocked herself, and all her wealth came from out of game and thus couldn't be interrupted by, say, blowing up industrial equipment or blockading trade routes, there was basically nothing you could do about it. #tweetfleet
This was the core of Star Fraction's operations - pick on someone ill-equipped to fight back, roflstomp them, retreat to a position where retribution was either impractical or outright impossible and ceaselessly mock them for cowardice and weakness. #tweetfleet
Every forum post about anything that could even theoretically be twisted to the purposes of a discussion about how States Are Bad would find itself ramraided by Star Fraction members. It was very difficult to have meaningful discussions on the IGS at that time. #tweetfleet
There was a dry period in EVE RP around '08-'09 because SF had caused a whole lot of major players in the scene to completely lose interest. #tweetfleet
Ultimately it was probably Jade himself that did the project in. The first cracks appeared when the Rote Kapelle alliance splintered off from SF. They were basically indistinguishable in mannerism and behaviour from SF, but credited Jade as the reason they left. #tweetfleet
Jade had a brief daliance with the CSM, the player-elected council that advises the devs, but after his term ended, he and SF were basically never heard from again.

And about two years after that, EVE RP entered a second golden age. #tweetfleet
And then a few years ago it collapsed again, due to a new infusion of characters who basically turned every roleplay interaction into a vehicle for attention-seeking.

I guess, as is often the case in EVE, people didn't learn anything from history. #tweetfleet
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