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1. 'There is a proper season for making attacks with fire, and special days for starting a conflagration.' Sun Tzu

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2. A storm doesn't have to involve rain. It can also be a storm of FIRE. Has anyone noticed the conflagration that's risen over the last month alone?

3. Two senators, thirty-three incumbent senate members and three others are 'retiring' or not seeking re-election in 2018:…

4. Hollywood has been nuked - Weinstein's downfall has started a torrent that will not stop.

5. The flames are starting to catch in what was once the media, but is now a group of leftist propagandists. Today Olbermann gone, Scarborough muzzled & the Fusion GPS names will be dropped soon.

6. Every leftist citadel & fortress is being engulfed, while everyone is being distracted by Trump's tweets & stories about Pocahontas.

7. Remember, every intel agency is now led by American patriots dedicated to the rule of law, as is the judiciary & key government agencies, such as the IRS. Obama's legacy is being removed, 24/7.

8. 'The proper season for waging war with fire is when the weather is very dry; the special days are those when the moon is in the constellations of the Sieve, the Wall, the Wing or the Cross-bar, for these four are all days of rising wind.' Sun Tzu

9. As each day passes, Trump is reducing the resistance of America's enemies to fight. But he will want this war over before the mid-terms. As his master Sun Tzu says, 'there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.'

10. We can expect things to start moving fast now. Momentum has gathered rapidly in recent weeks & the terrain is being prepared for American restoration. Part of this will be the return of the rule of law.

11. Today's news - the first powerful insider, an Obama appointee, revealing how the Clintons intimidated & threatened him & his family - is incredibly important:…

12. Soon we will hear from the FBI informant, William Campbell, about how the Clinton machine made money in return for government access & favors. It won't be reported by the MSM, but that won't matter. It will shock the nation.

13. In the background, Tony Podesta is singing like a canary. This testimony will bring down the entire Clinton cabal, I'm sure of it. The scope of their crimes will be difficult for many to accept, as will her indictment & imprisonment. But it will have to happen.

14. Not only does Trump's base demand it, but more importantly - the rule of law demands it.


The end.

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