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Alright, that disappointing thread is coming through in 5,4,3,... If you tweet me shit before you understand my story, I'll block your ass immediately. Ain't nobody got time. Haya...
Shit, do I even know how to do a thread? Hahaha
First of all, I’m going to serve a large ass L to all those who went to my 2011 tweets to Chris. Let's just call him that. Or do you prefer Leo? Your pick. I hope you can tell from the tweets, that we were close. We had never met, but we became close online.
There are many of you that I haven’t met but I think we have a good online reship &that’s all it is. Maybe we’ll meet. Maybe not. Using those tweets 2say that I betrayed him is straight up stupid! I did not. He did. He knows it. So all you retweeters, grab your L on your way out.
I don’t know what kind of story you’re expecting, so I’ll make my stand very clear right now. THE REASON I am telling MY story is because I found people reprehending someone who wanted to know if Chris had lied about who he really was.
Some people defended Chris. Fair enough. You defend people (you think) you know because (you think) you know them. I usually watch Twitter fights quietly but I do not get involved. This one, I had to get involved because I knew that y’all were stoning the wrong guy.
I don’t know the guy you were stoning, so defending him does not benefit me. Keeping quiet meant that I was allowing it to continue. I saw the screenshot he posted and was astounded to see that Chris is still telling the lies he told me in 2011. I thought it was a phase.
A few years ago, I was bullied on twitter. The bully died, and that’s how it stopped. When he died, people posted wonderful tributes. I cried and cried - a mix of sadness and relief. I wondered how one person could have been so good to people yet so horrible to me.
Another person that bullied me in 2012, has been on my TL, wanting to me to call @Ngaruthi out. I’m saying all this to say, people are ready to attack whatever and whoever, at any time. This one wanting me to serve tea bullied me but forgot. SMH!
I don't even know if I'm doing this thread the way threads should be done, dammit! Smallwig problems.
If I keep quiet when I see people attacking the wrong person, I will be playing that awful game. I have also made bad decisions & I know that some might come to bite me in the ass. People will throw stones at me and I’ll probably go through what Chris is going through...
So yes, I know the repercussions, but will not sit and watch bullying happen, if I can help. Now that that is out of the way … ahem!
Throughout our online chats, Chris and I never met. In fact, I met him this year at a Pawa254 gig in Nairobi. He came to say hi. The conversation lasted a few seconds. I did not want to talk to him because he had deceived me, so I politely told him to walk away. He did. Good!
I probably would have met him many years ago, maybe even dated him, if someone didn’t straight up laugh SO LOUDLY in my face about how I had been fooled by Chris. He is smart and knows how to use words – you have to give him that.
Have you ever been laughed at so hard that you feel your heart shrink and crumble into a million little pieces? He had lied to me over and over, about everything, including his name! The deliverer of this news laughed at me so loudly, I can still hear it! It was hurtful.
Am I still hurt? No. I was disappointed that a few years later, he got my other online friend into the same mess. She reached out to me because apparently, my name had come up in their conversations. They dated. He lied. Same lies. I told her to forgive him and let it go.
She did. We both moved on. Then on Sunday, I woke up to a text from an online pal that something was blowing up on the TL and it reminded him of me. I dashed there and scrolled for a long time. I couldn’t find it. Until I saw Ngaruthi and... feck!
Oy, can you guys tell these people who are following me that sinanga story mob, ni leo tu? Don't want y'all to be disappointed later. Hehee
So anyway, discovering that he was lying to other people 6years later was disappointing. I wanted to mind my own business, but then I saw some people tearing the accusers up. A girl had to say sth. I laughed at you because you didn't know his name. Maybe I shouldn't have. Hahaha
To be clear, I was not dating Chris and we didn’t have the kind of relationship some of you were suggesting. Some said we f’kd that’s why I’m bitter. LOL. I didn’t know it was possible to do that in a few seconds in broad daylight at a PAWA event. Y’all are wild!
Chris is generous, like some of you said. While we were online friends - 2011, he sent money to Chizi to reserve a ticket for me, for his gig. Na kama hujui, I would pay anything for a Chizi gig! So no, I don’t doubt that he’s bought people drinks, fuel, nshit…
Does that change the fact that he has lied to people about so many things? No. He lied about his name, where he comes from, what he does, his family and a mil other things and he owes an apology to those he lied to. I know the truth because I'm a villager. Villagers know stuff 😆
On Sunday I asked y’all to tell him to come clean before I do. He did. We talked. He knows that I know him V well (because Villager) and that this could easily be blown out of proportion. I know that saying some things will ruin families, relationships and people’s livelihoods…
So if a man has said he will make amends, who am I to not believe him? I know what you're thinking, 'but he lied to you before.' He did, and boy that was bad! Hata sitaki kukumbuka juu chai ii yonthe yomba guitika riko my fren... #BefriendAMeru
…so I’ll let him do the damage control himself. He has said that he will. I’m the same person who felt sorry for him when he told me those stories about himself. The same heart forgives him. Plus I'm now more grown, so I understand that I cannot take back anything I say.
if I have lied about anything, speak now...or forever hold your hairpiece, like my ex used to say. Hahah! That man. Sijui one day nitawapigia story ingine. This life I live, weh!
Kudenki ni kufanya nini? Someone has said nilipost picha ya kudenki. Wacheni kunitafutia dhambi please... 😂
Don’t celebrate in people’s misery/downfall for your day might come. I’m calling out someone who lied, but also asking you who might feel the slightest tinge to celebrate. Don’t. Wachana nayo. Kila mtu na dhambi zake. I’ve been merciful to you @Ngaruthi, do what’s right.
Now church, turn to your neighbour and say, "hako kamama kalifanya tungoje siku tatu for this?" LOL. I would have served you the tea that you wanted, but he came clean, and that's what the condition was. I keep my word. NImesema kwaheri.
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