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1. What the "anon" poster said in this thread below has sparked me in many ways to write my own thread in response. Take a read through and I will share my thoughts below.
2. How many people agree that there is a whole shit ton of #fakenews floating around within our circles, being created by well meaning or NOT so well meaning people, and then SPREAD LIKE WILD FIRE as true all over the internet????
3. It happens in all circles. It happens in the MSM, it happens on the left (think RUSSIAGATE), it happens on the right. Let's talk quickly about WHY it happens, in my humble opinion
4. My thoughts about this, are that in large part, people on BOTH sides of the aisle and in between, have been the victims of SO MUCH deceit, control, and propaganda, that it leads to several different segments of reaction. I will detail them below
5. (A) The people who were walking around completely oblivious of all of this were suddenly jolted "awake" this election cycle, and they haven't had the time to learn to discern the truth from the REAL conspiracy yet. (cont)
6. (cont) New to the game, they latch on to most "news" that counters what they have been told before, because if what they had been told before was false, anything that counters that falsehood could plausibly be true (cont)
7. (cont) Because they are just starting out in their quest for knowledge, they fall victim as they begin to learn, desperate to trust SOMEONE, ANYONE who tells them something that can make them feel better about their new worldview. It's akin to searching for a savior
8. (B) This group of people just continue to trust the MSM because it is like the parents they have always wanted. They lash out at anyone who counters the narrative from the MSM "gods" even if they are presented with real evidence that it is bull. (cont)
9. (cont) They want to (in some cases) literally JAIL or HARM anyone who disagrees with the view implanted in their heads by the MSM-- very, very dangerous, and exactly what the PTB wanted when they began propagandizing and programming.
10. There are more, but you get the point. Now I am going to delve into how I personally feel all of this gets perpetrated, and what the harm is in my opinion.
11. There are people out there, who do nothing but push unconfirmed conspiracy about things PURELY because it makes them feel "important" and garners them more clicks/views/donations, etc.
12. It can be VERY hard to identify these people, because they will pepper in truth with their deceit. They hook in the people from group A above, and those people turn into their cult fakenews army, unwittingly and thinking they are doing the right thing.
13. However, for the people who do this-- their ONLY goal is to control YOU. They do not care about the truth, or the consequences in pushing fake news all over the internet and what consequences it has (I will detail those in a moment)
14. Then there are people who are pushing fake news, but do it unwittingly. They feel they are correct, and they don't believe things really need to be sourced. They think they are doing a service and they honestly are well intentioned. They are as pissed off as we all are
15. They want to help end the corruption, and they know that things are screwed up. They rise to the top of the group because they are more outspoken than others and people naturally believe them because they believe themselves. They do not use facts to back their work up.
16. They *Trust* that the people that told them the information in the first place are telling the truth, and they don't realize that they may be being used to push a false narrative on purpose by bad actors. This isn't done maliciously on their part- again. quite the contrary
17. What are the consequences of this #fakenews for our movement? They are many, and they all play back into the hands of the very power structure who are trying to control us in the first place, because, lets face it, they hold the power of the platforms we use.
18. For ex: Let's take a look at what happened with the shooter at Comet Pizza. In that circumstance, we are fairly certain he was a paid actor put there to accomplish an objective (destroy the hard drive) while at the same time discrediting the story and calling us VIOLENT
19. In that case, the story WAS NOT #fakenews. See how easily they can use our own words to perpetrate THEIR narrative? So in cases where things being pushed are actually FALSE, they can turn around and attempt to silence us for pushing what they call (cont)
20. (cont) "Dangerous conspiracy theories" And, in many cases a large part of these "theories" are TRUE. But, in many cases, they are not. How many of you shared the story that they had exhumed Vince Fosters body? The Ptb use things liket hat, and lump them in with TRUE work
21. So they are seeking ANY EXCUSE to grab us by the balls and shut us down. When we share things that can't be confirmed or are proven to be false, we start a wild fire that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to put out. It's a consequence of us yearning so badly for JUSTICE
22. People who write blatantly false stories that are 80% true and 20% false do so because they are taking advantage. They are getting ad revenue or they are making themselves feel powerful, but they are harming what our goal is. It's just true. I am sorry.
23. I have taken an oath to MYSELF to do EVERYTHING I possibly can to avoid falling into the trap of not vetting a story myself to see it's validity. I have made these mistakes in the past. Ie: Chelsea Clinton Boot, and the death of the Dutch banker
24. Each time I have FAILED to vet a story FULLY on my own, I have been duped into accidentally spreading a fake news story that contributes to the ammo that the PTB can use to shut us down.
25. Sometimes, there is just no way to vet something. I usually won't share it if I can't confirm it is true. I have 17K (OMG CRAZY) people coming to me every day for information, and I take that responsibility VERY seriously. I personally can not share wild speculation
26. With no basis for proof/facts, wild speculation does not serve us. It must be discussed to form conclusions, it must be investigated, but it should not be spread as truth until it is done.
27. Blame the PTBfor lying to us so methodically and consistently for so many years, that we literally can not believe a WORD that comes out of their mouths. We wouldn't need to investigate atrocities like 9/11 and LV if they were good and honest people.
28. In any case, this is why I am such a stickler for always doing my own research and always trying to vet things. Rarely will I say "sources have told me" because I hold myself to the same standard I would hold others to. People get that enough from the MSM. (just my opinion)
29. In any case, this meandering thread was just a response to what happens when a small bit of disinfo can LITERALLY poison an ENTIRE WELL of people who are trying to do the right thing
30. It is unavoidable. I have made the same mistakes myself-- even recently. What is important is checking EVERYTHING yourself- you can do it! And also, if you make a mistake, issue a retraction or take responsibility to correct it.
31. We are only human and this is a MASSIVE undertaking-- but we all have a responsibility to work hard to find the truth-- whether it makes us feel good or bad, it is the TRUTH. Only believing what makes us feel good is what got us into this mess in the first place.
32. So anyway, I think I am done. We should all (myself included) try to do a little more to be sure that we feel comfortable with the information we are sharing online with one another. What is happening is AMAZING, but it can also go south really quickly. I love all of you. <3
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