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Remember that fascism--in its original iteration--was a union between the corporate and the governing bodies.

After the #taxscam, it pays to review the historical definition of fascism to understand where we are now.
This is one description of the original Italian Fascism:
This was the rule under Fascism:
If you want to know what a Blackshirt looks like, look no further than Erik Prince of Blackwater fame, who as we speak is still at Trump's side with no official title.
And a merc army.
There was an article stating how the current admin was seeking to privatize the current battles being waged around the world.
This has been the case since 2001, after 9/11, but is ramping into naked observable ambition under the Trump admin.
And fascist ideologies benefit the pacification of the masses--either by threatening and silencing dissidents, or encouraging the self-styled enforcers.
We're in a dangerous moment. We know that the GOP no longer adheres to a "conservative" agenda.
It's willing to go against every single doctrine of their heroes that came before. Reagan would turn over in his tomb.
There is no adherence to fiscal responsibility--the tax bill makes this abundantly clear.
So WHAT EXACTLY is it that the GOP wants?
Who wrote the tax bill? Lobbyists. Corporations.

In tandem with the government.
No one on the Dem or Independent side had been allowed to see what was in it. To say that it was composed under "regular order" is to engage in magical thinking.
But it does exactly what an Italian fascist would aspire to do: take the means of self-reliance and independence away from the populace and put everything into the hands of the corporate bodies.
Net neutrality:

If that goes away, me ranting like this on Twitter goes away, the sharing of the Resistance, the basic exchange of ideas--it all goes away.
Which is ultimately the goal. If we can't share ideas, we can't coordinate. If we can't coordinate, we can't resist.
Sinclair is GOBBLING UP small local stations with a voracious appetite. And in their bylaws and mandates, certain programming has to exist.
The Mercers are still acting like independent governing bodies because they have the money to do so.
And GOP money is absolutely FLOODING the 2018 election, though we have yet to see any true candidates stake a viable claim.
If the Koch brothers get their way with the tax bill, they've already ponied up just a ridiculous amount of money toward their GOP chosen ones.
Trump is a problem, but not THE problem.
The problem is many people still think we're living in a democracy.
We are not.
We are living in a failing democracy, or a banana republic, or a kakistocracy, or developing into outright totalitarianism.
Everyone needs to get cozy with our reality: this is not an America of democratic norms.
Even if Mueller comes swooping like a great American eagle to wipe out Trump, the GOP has willed it to be this corrupt.
And they're not all getting taken down.
And the oligarchs--both our American Koch's and Mercers, but also the Putins and Agalorovs--are waiting with endless cash to fill that void.
This doesn't end with Flynn, or Kushner, or even Trump being taken out.
Because they have shown their hand:

Win at any cost.
Right now that cost is to us unconscionable, immoral, unthinkable: they're backing a pedophile for one of the highest offices in the government.
But what if that cost is their version of a bloodless option?
Back the pedo, and get a few more weeks of pacification under the illusion of "regular order." He'll win under the auspices of a "fair and free election," despite the fact that Sessions himself has been called the Voter Suppression King before he went to the DOJ.
You see how it works: keep order regular until you can no longer maintain the artifice. And then switch gears.
We've already had multiple Muslim bans. ICE raids. Every reproductive health care issue is under assault.
But the one thing that is NOT under assault: the corporate body.
And they have power.

We--the citizens, the individuals, the families--do not.
Get comfortable with your inner radical.
The only thing that will thwart them is you.
And you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you and you
"Fascism walks in through bureaucratic channels masquerading as governance."

I swear to whatever the equivalent of God would be as an atheist, if we get through this mess: it'll be my epitaph.
It's one of the simplest things I've ever written, and the truest.
And the longer this charade continues, the more it's revealed as truth.
Re: privatizing and corporatizing the intelligence services. Bad, bad, bad idea.
More on privatized IC.
This should make everyone sweat bullets.
Sound like anyone you know?
knows the score: [Thread]
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