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I have a Doug Jones story that is particularly relevant in light of Roy Moore's sexual assault allegations.

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This is a story about my mom.

Remember the show 'To Catch a Predator?' probably 10 years before that show aired, it was my mom's LIFE.

AOL had a pedophile problem - men would enter chatrooms ISO underage kids/teens and sometimes just do profile searches to seek teens out

My mom, in cooperation with the FBI, would pose as a teenager (usually a teen boy because my sister and I were tweens at the time), set up stings, and then let the law run its course.

It was during this time she met Doug Jones as a prosecutor.

This was my mom's first case.

Doug Jones has been attempting to rid the world of men like Roy Moore for a very, very long time.

Louis Dean Powell was the assistant principal at the most moneyed high school in Birmingham, by the way (Mountain Brook, if you're local).

Men in power are garbage.

Here is what my mom says about @GDouglasJones:

He was honorable, completely disgusted; seeing what they had to see only further drove him to seek judgment for these complete and utter reptiles of men. He was, and is, committed to the safety of children.


Doug Jones prosecuted men like Roy Moore. He put men like him behind bars for a long, long time.

Jones protected our family, too. He did everything he could to keep my mom's identity anonymous -- and to keep her from having to testify in the presence of the perpetrator -- because he knew it put all of us in danger.

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