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I strongly, strongly advise all armchair Brexit pundits to start studying what happened to the EU-Armenia DCFTA in 2013 and where things went after that.

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In 2013, the EU & Armenia had negotiated and signed an Association Agreement with Deep & Comprehensive Free Trade Area. Then Armenia's leadership opted to join the Eurasian Economic Union. It thought it could have its cake and eat it. 2/
At least, that was how it looked - while their negotiators understood the implications, it seemed that their leadership was under the impression that they could still have their DCFTA with the EU while being part of the Moscow-led EEU. 3/
This was not possible because as a member of the EEU Armenia outsources control over key aspects of economic & trade policy to the EEU's secretariat, meaning it would not have been able to implement the DCFTA with the EU. 4/
The EU took the position - reasonably enough - that it had negotiated the AA and DCFTA together as a package and if one part of the package fell then the whole package fell. So despite signing the AA/DCFTA it was shelved. 5/
Right now, looking at the language in the agreement between the EU and UK this morning, my sense is that we're heading for some kind of DCFTA of the kind we have with the Eastern Partners. 6/
So time spent researching those and how they work and how we achieved them would be time well spent. 7/7
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