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I was 5 years old in an IFB church. At a recommended xian bookstore, sitting by the register was a postcard of the rapture happening. This one if memory serves. Planes crashing, cars wrecking, destruction everywhere. Let me tell you about my #RaptureAnxiety /1

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I had nightmares about the rapture. I was a child. Despite saying the sinners prayer at 4, getting baptized at 6, I constantly worried that I would be left behind. #RaptureAnxiety /2
One New Years Eve, we went to another IFB church and they showed The Thief in the Night film, which is Rapture/End Times porn. I was in lower elementary school and I watched a movie with people beheaded in it. Scare ya straight crap. Yet it just increased my #RaptureAnxiety /3
Once we got a dog, I wondered, "When the rapture happens, who will take care of my dog? He'll starve to death in the house alone." My parents told me looters would break in during the aftermath, so he'd be ok. God would make sure of it. 🙄#RaptureAnxiety /4
In high school, my IFB school insisted on chapel sermons that induced guilt and shame. Was I really a good Christian? Perhaps not. #RaptureAnxiety was really bad during this time. /5
Teenager now. Home alone waiting for mom to get home from running errands. If she was too late, #RaptureAnxiety. (Before everyone had a cell phone, folks. I'm old).

If I were in my room and the house was too quiet, #RaptureAnxiety. /6
The only thing that gave me peace in those teen #RaptureAnxiety moments was I didn't hear planes crashing and cars wrecking as believers evacuated the earth.

Rational thought slowly began to win the day, I suppose. /7
In lighter moments of #RaptureAnxiety as a teen and young adult living also in #purityculture, I didn't want the rapture to happen until I had sex. /8
My church lady aunt joked with me the morning of my wedding, "Guess the rapture can happen tomorrow." Wink, wink. #RaptureAnxiety was a weird joke in these circles.

She had no clue, I was no longer worried about having sex before the rapture because oops, we didn't wait. 😘 /9
Even as an adult, really quiet moments at home invoked #RaptureAnxiety. Cell phones becoming ubiquitous items helped relieve this. Call and get an answer! Whew, Rapture hadn't happened yet. /10
But #RaptureAnxiety also affected voting decisions, influenced how you interpreted news stories, and led you to conspiracy theory living. A cabal of wealthy obviously were arranging for an antiChrist to arise, somewhere /11
So, it's no wonder #YouDontKnowEvangelicals if you can't understand why they aren't more bothered by 45 reading Alex Jones, World Net Daily, etc. #RaptureAnxiety leads to combing conspiracy theories for signs of the antichrist to come. /12
Sermon series on the End Times are big deals in Evangelical world. At a SBC church I attended, the pastor spent 11 months preaching on the book of Revelation. I knew people who quit attending during the time due to #RaptureAnxiety. It was insane. /13
When I finally let go of dispensational end times beliefs, the freedom to live without constant #RaptureAnxiety... it led to me finally leaving Baptist churches that teach this SciFi ending to the world. It really is such a toxic, abusive belief. /end
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