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The thing about the simulation hypothesis is that it's boring. Nerds lack the imagination to do more than reinvent, crudely, what people who read books already knew about.
The interesting thing is *why* they are so unimaginative and boring. Why don't they actually try to think of something that's new?
Suppose you're a woman and you mention you are depressed, or sad. Countless men will instantly offer to solve your problem, without needing any time to learn more information.
They'll barge in, babble the first thing that came to mind, and then get shocked that it wasn't so dazzlingly insightful that you reward them with sex instantly.
One of the reasons for this, is that their mental model of you is so simple, they simply don't think more thought was needed.
Tell the internet your health problems, and a billion men will be utterly *convinced* that the very first thing that popped into their heads, is the solution. Same thing.
Not even 30 seconds of thought. Try it. Set a timer for 30 seconds, and think about something. 30 seconds of concentrated thought is a long time. Most people never do it.
Obviously, these men should realize that the first thing that popped into their head, given a single tweet about something not their field of expertise, is likely not a novel or even useful thing.
So: why doesn't that occur? Bear in mind, there is literally no time for this to happen, they're already furiously typing that first thing that popped into their minds
On the one hand, that's how simple they think you are, how simple your problems are. Their mental model is shit.
On the other hand, they see no reason to introspect on whether their own model is absurdly simple. That'd take time and effort away from asking a woman if she's ever heard of menstrual cups or whatever.
On the gripping hand, to even consider that the very first thing that pops into their mind may be absolutely fucking useless, would cast every other thing they spew at the world into question.
After all: odds are that they've *never* devoted 30 solid seconds of thought to something before speaking.
Cognitive apathy, basically. It seems perfectly normal that the first thing that pops into their heads is not only useful and not garbage, but also the correct response.
And, there's no apparent reason to ever doubt this. Certainly few women interrupt them to tell them "shut the fuck up, people are talking here"
In places where sexual harassment is corporate culture, you'd expect there to be a whole buncha guys who never, ever see the need to think past the first thing that comes to mind.
All day long, they're interacting with people by spamming the first thing that pops into their heads, and no one is telling them "jesus dude, that wasn't useful at all. Go away."
That's gotta bleed over when these nerd boys put on their thinking caps after watching a TED talk too many.
So they log on, and just go wild babbling the first thing that occurred to them, with no interest to reflect at all whether they're saying anything useful.
And so you get a bunch of nerdmen crudely and unimaginatively recreating an ad-hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of religion and philosophy
They're all talking to each other, so none of them can identify whether a given thing was a useless, half-baked brainfart a few seconds of further thought would dispel.
They're all talking to each other, none of them's gonna spend 30 seconds thinking then go "jesus dude that's a fucking useless thing to say. Think about it."
At some point, it leaks out of their insulated nerd community, where people can *instantly* identify it as the usual product of 3 seconds of half-assed thought.
And when it does leak, it leaks after several nerdmen spent up to 5 seconds of thought on it, and saw nothing obviously wrong with it. They're gonna get defensive if you poke holes in it or just call it garbage.
Basically: tell nerds to shut the fuck up more often, and think before they contribute next time.
That'll have a ripple effect, denormalizing the idea that the very first thing that pops into their head is useful. And it may make their Big Ideas less stultifyingly boring and derivative.
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