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Thread by @goodsamaratan_: "So let me tell y’all why Uber is trash real quick.... I get an email from Uber this morning talking about “Thanks for the trip. You’ve been […]" #Uberistrash

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So let me tell y’all why Uber is trash real quick....
I get an email from Uber this morning talking about “Thanks for the trip. You’ve been charged £xx”. Which I immediately find weird af since I’m lying in bed in the US.
THEN I get a call from a number in England — it’s some man with an accent asking me where I am.... So I’m immediately like huh? Don’t worry about where I am, who is this?
Turns out it’s an Uber driver so I’m like lol no sis, I didn’t send for you. I’ve never even been to England and my Uber app isn’t even open so it’s not a mistake on my end. Go head and cancel that
Sis calls me back again talmbout it’s three boys trying to say I called it for them. No sir, I didn’t call anything. Get their info, take a pic or something cause ion know them and ion play that. He tells me to contact Uber which I’m already on top of.
So I hang up with him and do the little uber support thingy. MIND YOU uber has no way to call them and get immediate support. You can only hit them up through email and the app which they take 5 years to answer.
So I wait, and the boys calling more ubers. I’m keeping ahead of them, canceling the rides, talking to the uber drivers trying to catch them in the act. (I really want a pic so I know who I’m bout to call the puhlice on but all the drivers too scared or whatever).
Uber replies an hour later talking about we sent you an email to reset your password. I go in my email, they sent me nothing and I got locked out of my account.
I figure out how to reset my password on my own, go back in to my account. These mfs still ordering ubers. I hit the support line again and go back to my canceling and telling the uber drivers to cancel. So I’m just getting charge after charge at this point.
I get another call from a woman this time taking about where am I. I tell her they hacked my account and to just cancel the ride. She’s like “Oh dear, okay got it.”....... why I go back in the app and she’s on the ride taking them where they wanna go. 😑
Now I’m pissed cause I’m getting charged for rides and the cancellation fees and I been doing this for like 2.5 hours. I contact Uber through another support line and they’re like “If you think you’ve been hacked, send us all the charges, ur credit card number, expiration date...
Now I’m still stuck on the “If you think you’ve been hacked”. IF. I’ve been talking to y’all for 3 hours while these mfs been on a tour du London and you talking about IF. And I’m supposed to send you each one of these 15+ charges individually? Bugging.
So while I been hitting Uber with all the receipts and using my passive aggressive soccer mom vernacular, I go back in the app and these negroes are ON another trip. So I call the driver and he picks up all confused.
And I can hear them in the background like “who is that”. I’m thinking they can hear me so now I got some words for them “I CAN PLAY THIS GAME ALL DAY, THE POPO IS COMING FOR YALL. I. GOT. TIME.” etc. etc.
Apparently they couldn’t hear me so the uber driver like ohhh okay. gotchu. understood. He tell the boys, “It’s the wrong number”. So I’m thinking we on the same page and he finna call the police or get buck with them or something. I’m quiet now putting my faith in the driver.
This man hangs up eventually, I’m thinking he about to call the police or something.
he completed the ride and WENT ABOUT HIS BUSINESS.
And by completed I mean he took them to their destination, dropped them off, and kept it pushing. Like whattttttt type of bs do you have to be on.
Uber still hasn’t contacted me after I done sent them 20+ messages. Again, there’s no one I can call them, so I’m just supposed to sit back and wait for them to hit me up. Meanwhile they on their like 20th trip which is all being charged to my account.
P.s. The first driver told me these heathens tryna go on a 2 hour trip somewhere. 😐
I changed my password three times, they still on my account. I tried to call my bank to stop them from accepting charges from uber but issa sunday and they closed. And I just know Uber about to hit me up later talmbout “Well IF this happened, send us proof.”
So here we are, 20 rides later. And to top it all off, I get a message from my phone company talking about I’ve incurred $30+ worth of international call time. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Y’all. I CANNOT delete my card from the account or I would have done that already lol. It forces you to keep an active payment method on there at all times. And I’m not even seeing a way to delete my uber account all together.
It’s just the fact that I haven’t been able to talk with a single real live person from @Uber this entire time and I’m supposed to just sit back and wait hours for a message that resolves nothing is blowing me.
@ All my tech/legal savvy followers : If I have the IP address of the phone that’s using my account, what can I do with that? Like can the police locate them with that? Can I sue? Etc.
Update: Got in touch with my bank. They literally can’t do anything until the charges post on my account which will be like tomorrow. So I’m assed out. Some english mfs bout to have the time of their life at my expense. I’m taking a nap. I’s tide.
LOLLLLLLL jk they overdrew my account so now ain’t nobody riding anymore. now I’m really taking a nap 😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️✌🏽
nother update: It’s been about 10 hours now (took a beautiful nap 😩) and I have yet to receive a response from Uber beyond “reset your password” and “send us receipts”. No call, no email, no attempt to respond to my 20+ messages, nada.
The amount of responses I’ve gotten today with other people’s #Uberistrash stories is actually ridiculous. @Uber How can y’all treat people this poorly and waste their time and money so carelessly? It’s disrespectful and your lack of integrity is embarrassing.
The responses I received from Uber Support...
They hit me up after 15 hours just to tell me they’d get back to me “soon”. And notice the near 12 hours between then and them hitting me just to tell me to reset my password again. No mention of reimbursement or how they’re dealing with the people who used my account.
I will reiterate that I’ve changed my password several times and they were still using my account. I even received an email with the information of the device that they signed in on that I didn’t notice earlier. So they clearly have all of this at their disposal...
YALL. Uber ENSURED me my account was “secured” yesterday and I changed my password again...
I will say Uber was much quicker in responding to me this time. They probably have me on some type of high-sensitivity list lol. But their response was, once again, to refund my money and change my password. Sixth-time’s the charm.
Plus, I keep getting the same cookie cutter response that they’re copying and pasting. “We want you to know that we absolutely take situations like this seriously...” Do you? I doubt they’re actually doing anything beyond resetting my password to stay ahead of this problem.
I wholeheartedly plan on deleting my account. I’m just trying to make sure I get allll of my money back first cause they still owe me for this phone bill and I can’t tell if they’re actually refunding me the correct amount yet.
And I’m really not trying to cancel my card this close to Christmas. I shouldn’t have to tbh.
But while we’re at it, can we just talk about how persistent these English mfs are?? Not only did they keep requesting several rides while I’m cutting them off at every turn and making it extremely difficult for them to get where they’re trying to go...
They overdraw my bank account, make it so that no one could take anymore rides on my uber account, and then just wait and give it a day. They actually checked back later to see if it would work and then they went right back on their bs
And they are STILLLLLL GOING. Uber is complete trash y’all I’m so done. I’m just trying to get my mf money.
IT HAS BEEN 3 DAYS and you are still allowing these criminals to use my account. I’ve been ensured several times that my account is secure but I’m still getting charge after charge and the only resolution you’ve given me is to reset my password over and over.
And I’m not even being refunded the correct amounts. I need to talk to a PERSON. @Uber_Support @Uber
I would like to speak to a legal representative because this is clearly above what you all can handle. They have phones right?
I can’t see the past trips on my phone so who knows how many of these they’ve done today. And the website is down or something because I can’t even get on it using my phone or computer. So I can’t access my account at all at this point and “Support” isn’t answering me.
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