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Based on the events/revelations of the past week, here's my latest theory about what might be going on:…
The BEST cover story for your intelligence operation for people trying to sabotage you is one they would NEVER question because they end up being convinced the cover story is HELPING them sabotage you.
Early on, you provided very good evidence for a theory that Trump during the campaign was being advised by a very solid group of military intel people highly trained in the art of MILDEC, "military deception".
So groundwork for a very sophisticated MILDEC-style operation was set while the Trump campaign was still in it's early stages.
Trump's military spook advisors knew that the Obama/DNC/HRC nexus was using & abusing Law Enforcement Org. [LEO] & Intelligence Community [IC] apparatus in the federal government to legally & illegally spy on them.
According to Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War', the first principle of winning any battle is knowing the enemy and knowing yourself. Battles & wars are lost due to not accurately seeing/understanding either the enemy or your own forces.
IF you know your enemy, how he operates, his methods, his strategies for pursuing his goals, you can formulate a plan for his defeat that will work.
Trump's military spook advisors carefully assessed the 'enemy' in the forthcoming 'war' that was already underway and would intensify should Trump actually win the election.
When you know how the enemy will attack, you can set traps for him and 'guide' him into those traps.
Not long after he declared his candidacy, advisors in the know sat Trump down & filled him in about just how badly Obama & Holder had corrupted the federal LEO's and IC agencies.
To get his Iran Deal, and then protect and preserve it, Obama & Co. used the IC to spy on the deal's critics & then used the info gathered from the IC agencies for their own political ends.

So Trump's advisors had observed this method in action, likely up close.
So, there was little doubt during the campaign the Obama/DNC/HRC nexus now firmly entrenched in the LEO/IC agencies were going to turn their intel-gathering capabilities onto the Trump campaign.

It was expected and actually PLANNED for.
"So they are going to come after us using the intelligence apparatus of the FBI, the NSA, the FISA courts, etc.

Let's HELP them then. Let's give them the targets they need and guide them into a trap."
Having formed a plan, Trump & his team then begin implementing it.

First, remember what all these politically motivated fixers in the Obama/DNC/HRC in these fed. agencies had just spent the last 8 years doing: covering up Obama/HRC/Holder criminal activity.
I don't mean to SHOCK you, but Obama & Holder & Hillary engaged in PLENTY of illegal activity during Obama's 8 years in office. This included blatantly illegal exposure of classified intelligence.
These LEO/IC political fixers had just been kept busy the previous 8 years making sure their top political people skated if any of their illegal activities were exposed.
While these people were making sure their top political heroes were skating, they turned around and nailed every Republican/political opponent they could.

Which is what happened with CIA Director Petraeus, who was fired, charged and convicted of mishandling class. info.
Trump's advisors - very smart military and LEO & IC people who were forced to watch this stuff unfold for 8 years & while being powerless to stop it - devised a plan to 'guide' these fixers in how they came after Trump & his team.
Political fixers in the IC/LEO agencies knew that Obama/Holder/Hillary were extremely corrupt. They know this because they spent 8 years covering for them.

And these fixers actually LIKED Obama/Holder/Hillary.

Now they turn their attention to the 'Trump threat'.
How do these politically motivated fixers look at Trump? Well Peter Strzok's text messages that have been made public - so far - give us a window into that.

They actually think Trump is EVEN MORE CORRUPT than Obama & Hillary.
Remember, they just spent 8 years making sure none of Obama or Hillary's pay for play schemes got exposed, or if they did - as which happened with #UraniumOne, that the damage was controlled & didn't cause any real fallout.
How would these political enablers/fixers look at Trump during the campaign? Well they'd think Trump is UNBELIEVABLY corrupt also.

He's GOT to be promising extensive pay for play in exchange for significant bribes if he wins the election, right?
So what do Trump & his military spook advisors know very early on in the campaign?

1) they're going to use the FBI/LEO/IC intel apparatus to spy on us


2) it'll be try to find evidence of pay for play with foreign powers like Hillary did extensively.
Now, having foreseen that this is what would happen, Trump and his advisors are able to formulate a plan to SET UP the people that are trying to SET THEM UP.
In The Art of War, you draw your enemy in by giving him an appearance of what he expects/hopes to see.

And this is exactly what Trump and his advisors did.
So here's the plan Trump & his advisors came up with: Trump began incessantly bragging on the campaign trail about all the sweet, sweet deals he would do with Putin once he won the election.
It became a campaign standard, a running joke, how Trump simply could not seem to SHUT UP about what BFF's he was going to be with Russia Russia Russia's Vladimir Putin.
The Democrats & the DNC Media pounced on this, of course, how truly awful it was for Trump to blatantly hint at all the cool pay for play stuff he planned to do, maybe drop sanctions in exchange for favors and so on.
So after a few weeks of THIS, Trump suddenly announces he's hiring PAUL MANAFORT as his campaign manager.

A guy known to be up to his EYEBALLS in dirty foreign pay for play lobbying.

He may as well have staked a goat out in his front yard for the wolves.
Publicly, the Democrats, Obama, Hillary, the media, they all lost their minds screaming about this blatant example of Trump campaign corruption.


At least Hillary *tried* to be subtle about this kind of stuff, right?! 🤔
Well that was publicly. BEHIND THE SCENES, the political fixers in the DOJ/IC squealed in absolute glee.


Trump is so f**king stupid, he's doing all this out in the open. It's amazing, but hey, if he wants to make our job taking him down easy.....
And so all these political fixers then focused all their attention and all their scheming on getting surveillance of the Trump campaign team - especially Manafort - to begin collecting evidence of all that cool pay for play that they just knew was going on.
Trump's enemies not only do not see him accurately, it never occurs to them that he's smart enough to give them only what he WANTS them to see so he can manipulate them into coming after him exactly how he wants them to.
As we all know now, the political fixers got their surveillance of the Trump campaign team.

Manafort sits there, staked out in Trump's yard for 3 months, and then having served his purpose, is discarded.
And guess what comes out after the election is over?


JARED KUSHNER was the real campaign manager working deep in the background, coming up with the real campaign strategies for the election.…
After Manafort was ditched, and Kushner kept working in the background, Trump hired brilliant media/PR specialist Kellyanne Conway to the campaign front person.
Having bought the cover story, the political fixers never question it. They spend the next months leading up to and after the election frantically listening in/surveilling Trump's team, searching hard to find those pay for play deals with Russia.
In other words, they spend those crucial months of the campaign and then the transition period frantically looking for something that WASN'T HAPPENING.
Now, it's not until the election is over and he's the President-elect that Trump learns about the Trump Dossier compiled by Christopher Steele when then-FBI Director James Comey briefs him and Obama about it.
Having guided his enemies into futility for months by having them vainly track/surveil him & Manafort & a few others looking for collusion, what did Trump & his team know would their enemies next step?
Trump & his advisors knew that when the political fixers in the DOJ/IC couldn't find any REAL collusion with Russia to use against him, they'd try to MANUFACTURE it.
When Trump & his advisors learn about the Steele dossier, they instantly grasp what it is and what it means.
It isn't until later that Trump & his team learn that this fake dossier full of Russian disinformation was actually USED by these political fixers to get that expected surveillance of the Trump campaign team.
So even at the time these political fixers thought they were going to find real collusion once they could listen in on Trump campaign comms, to get that surveillance they'd gone and used a dossier they KNEW was fake/unverified.
And then it comes out that the fake dossier was actually opposition research from #FusionGPS that was paid for the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC.
Trump & his advisors now fully see how their plan worked: they 'guided' the political fixers to Manafort, & to get the surveillance they wanted of the Trump team, they misrepresented the Steele dossier to the FISA court, a serious legal breach.
And then having gotten their surveillance of the Trump team approved by the FISA court, the fixers eagerly listened in for months and found.....

So now the political fixers want to move on to step 2. Their insurance policy of getting surveillance to collect evidence of Trump pay for play/collusion with Russia didn't turn up anything.

They need to MANUFACTURE a case against Trump.
And Trump's team quickly realizes that the guy the political fixers have targeted for their manufactured case is Trump's incoming National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.
During the course of the transition, claiming the Russians had interfered in the 2016 Presidential election, Obama levied harsh new sanctions on Russia at the 11th hour before leaving office.
Flynn, a 33 year veteran spook and a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA] who'd been fired by Obama for not playing along with his false narratives about the growing world terrorism threats, was tasked with reaching out to the Russians.
Now 2 facts to consider:

1) the NSA of incoming new administration is SUPPOSED to reach out to foreign officials, it's his job


2) Flynn is well aware all phone calls on unsecured lines to top Russian officials are monitored, recorded & often transcribed.
Flynn calls up the then-Russian Ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak on unsecured phones multiple times to discuss the sanctions that Obama just imposed.

Flynn is VERY WELL AWARE people are listening in on these phone calls.
As January arrives, and Trump prepares to take office, all of a sudden a story breaks in DNC Media that his new NSA, Gen. Flynn, has been caught doing A Very Bad Thing.
The narrative that's quickly launched with brilliant coordination in the DNC Media is this:

Trump & Flynn tried to set up a SECRET pay for play deal with the Russians to get these new sanctions lifted.
However, according to the narrative, Flynn stupidly DIDN'T KNOW that his phone calls to the Russians were being monitored, and it took the Obama administration about 10 minutes to learn he & Trump were violating the Logan Act!
So now Trump & his advisors could see the next step the political fixers had taken.

They couldn't find any real collusion, so they'd coordinated with the media to launch a false narrative about Flynn to manufacture a scandal for the incoming administration.
Well guess what? Trump and his team had a response waiting for this. Now that they knew what exact form it was taking & who the target was, they could move on to the next phase of this MILDEC operation.
Now that Trump was going to be taking office, 1 of the FIRST THINGS that had to happen was that all these political fixers in the DOJ/IC needed to be ISOLATED so that they couldn't cause any further damage to the federal institutions.
The next step after ISOLATING these political fixers in the fed. agencies was to THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATE their political fixing activities from the previous years.
And the third step after these fixers had been isolated & investigated was to PROSECUTE them and make examples of them so this kind of stuff never happened again.
On January 12th the DOJ IG, a man named Michael Horowitz, who'd watched in disgust all the corruption of Obama/Holder/Lynch unfold around him while he fought to do something about it, begins a new investigation.
Horowitz QUIETLY announces he's launching this new investigation to look into charges of corruption & political fixing inside the DOJ - particularly the FBI - in regards to the Hillary email scandal among other things.
While this is going on, these same political fixers in the FBI/DOJ that Horowitz is targeting are hot on the trail of @GenFlynn.
That false narrative about Flynn doing 'secret' pay for play collusion negotiations with the Russian ambassador was rolled out on...JANUARY 12TH. The same day Horowitz announces his investigation.
On January 24th, FBI agents - led by- SURPRISE! - Peter Strzok - interview Flynn about these nefarious phone calls he made to Kislyak.
Strzok is a counter intelligence agent at the FBI, one of the top agents there.

But he doesn't have 33 years experience in the spook business the way Flynn does.

Watch how this trap unfolds:
Flynn deliberately gives some vague, contradictory answers to Strzok about the Kislyak phone calls. Strzok leaves convinced he's got a solid perjury case here.
Meanwhile, DNC Media is playing it's role in the political fixers plan, incessantly and LOUDLY calling for Flynn to be investigated/prosecuted for his blatantly illegal act of,...uh...doing his job.
Now Trump and his team can use this exposure of the political fixer's plan to launch their own COUNTER PLAN.

The first step of which is: ISOLATION.

HOW do we put most of these political fixers in the FBI/DOJ where they can't cause any further trouble?
And the answer is: you have to create a believable COVER STORY that they will leap to accept.
What was the most fervent fever dream wish of the political fixers that would make all their dreams come true?
It would be the FBI going public with it's investigation of Flynn and then having Trump 'ask/order' the then FBI Director James Comey to 'go easy' on his good buddy.
Trump then fires Comey, who embarks on - get this! - a VERY public campaign of open leaking and loud crying that a SPECIAL COUNSEL be appointed and a VERY SPECIAL TEAM be assembled to investigate this President!
Well, technically, the SC is supposed to look into 'Russian interference in the 2016 election, but hey, everybody really knows who that guy and his special team would be after, right? 😉
All the political fixers, all the Democrats, all the news orgs in the DNC Media, they ALL cry with one smothering voice in joining the intrepid James Comey in DEMANDING that a special counsel be appointed IMMEDIATELY!

Bob Mueller, a guy who can't become the new FBI Director because he's already served 12 years in that role, meets with Trump privately & then is appointed as the new Special Counsel.

He begins assembling a team.
And wouldn't you know it, the team Mueller assembles is so blatantly partisan it's immediately obvious.

"Uh hey, why isn't this guy even trying to at least give the APPEARANCE his team won't be rabid Democratic partisans?"
Mueller can't do that because guess what? The team he's assembled IS MADE UP ENTIRELY OF RABID DEMOCRATIC PARTISANS. That's the PLAN.

He's gathered most of the most dangerous political fixers in the DOJ/FBI and he's ISOLATED them in a unit that will now chase the Holy Grail
Remember this one bedrock fact: Trump only talked about collusion with Russia during the campaign to lure the suckers in to a counter trap.

He & his team never actually did any REAL collusion.

There has never been anything REAL for Mueller & his team to find.
People who watched all the blatant political fixing in the DOJ/FBI that happened under Obama/Holder/Lynch but who DON'T know the secret watched all those fixers being recruited for Mueller's team and sounded the alarm loudly.

Well good. That actually helps.
The COVER STORY is airtight. The most troublesome people engaged in political fixing in the DOJ are now isolated on a team that....won't find anything of real consequence.

And those not actually on the team are FIXATED on the team that they hope will bring Trump down.
How many seconds do you think it took Peter Strzok to ponder if he wanted to join Bob Mueller's cool new investigative team that was going to prosecute Trump's people for Russian collusion? 🤔
The best cover story is one the enemy desperately hopes is true to the very bottom of their hearts.

I don't think ANY of Mueller's recruits for his team ever suspected anything.
So, the first step in the counter plan Trump & his advisors formulated has been accomplished by May: Isolation.


Each team member, while they are kept busy & distracted, are surveilled & their histories thoroughly examined.
Not only do Strzok & his other political fixer buddies have their CURRENT activities investigated, everything they worked on in the DOJ for the past several years is exhaustively examined & evidence is collected.
So a fake unit is assembled of suspected/known leakers & political fixers who think they are investigating Trump.

Instead, they are held in isolation while the DOJ IG Horowitz and others are INVESTIGATING THEM.
So eight months go by, with Mueller's team inside what's actually a holding cell frantically trying to manufacture collusion cases against Trump's people while Horowitz prepares to f**k these people in a way history will never forget.
How do we know Horowitz has the goods, all the evidence has been collected, the case against the corrupt FBI/DOJ fixers has been had all it's i's dotted and it's t's crossed?

Because the Strzok texts didn't leak. They were made public in a coordinated rollout.
The text messages were released to Congress then shown to the media.

Actually, since Congress leaks like a sieve and everybody in DC knows this, as soon as you show Congress something, it's almost as good as showing it to the media also.
Horowitz is preparing his final report. It's going to be over 1 million documents.

8 months and none of the targets ever figured it out until it was too late.
Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in that room with Mueller's team when the news about Strzok's texts hit.

The look on their faces as new vistas of understanding began to dawn upon them.
Strzok's reaction must have been priceless. There he is for the past 8 months, thinking he's about to help take Trump down.

And the entire time he had NO FREAKING IDEA he himself & others on that team were the targets of a deep background IG counter intelligence operation.
Imagine Muller presiding over this team for the past 8 months, watching them frantically subpoena records & pursue stuff having NOTHING to do with Trump or the election, desperately trying to find SOMETHING to nail Trump people with.
And privately laughing his ass off the entire time.

"Oh, you wanna go seize Manafort financials going back 12 years? Sure, go ahead." [Dumbass]

"You wanna pursue perjury against this Papadopolouswhatsis guy for lying about meetings that never happened?" Hey, why not?"
It's not an accident that news of the IG investigation surfaced immediately after Flynn copped a guilty plea to a process violation that everybody knew was BS.
See, it's not just crap these fixers did in making sure Obama & Hillary & others never suffered any consequences for their illegal acts that Horowitz has been investigating.

Ever notice Flynn doesn't look like a guy worried he's going to prison? I wonder what could account for that? 🤔
So what Horowitz has is both corruption of LEO procedures at the FBI to let Hillary & Co. skate while also turning around & trying to manufacture cases against Hillary & Obama's political enemies.
So now that the ISOLATION and INVESTIGATION phases of the counter intelligence operation are complete, we'll soon be moving to the third phase:

Examples are going to be made of these people to ensure NOBODY ever tries to abuse LEO/IC agencies & their intelligence/law enforcement powers ever again for their own partisan political purposes.
It's too late to stop what's coming. They can try to run, but they won't get far.

They'd only end up going to prison tired.

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