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#TheStorm #TheStormIsHere #TheStormIsUponUs

Literally the next day after Sessions ordered the public reopening of the #UraniumOne investigation, we get this:…
Within 2 weeks of Strzok, Lisa Page, Bruce & Nellie Ohr & McCabe getting dragged into the daylight, leading to the exposure of a DOJ/FBI plot to use a fake dossier to manufacture a scandal around an incoming Presidential administration....
....we also get the BEGINNING of the reopening of ALL the compromised/sabotaged FBI investigations/programs under Obama/Holder/Comey.

1) #HillaryEmailServer
2) #UraniumOne
3) #ProjectCassandra
This dropping late on a Friday before CHRISTMAS is just perfect. The long weekend is coming up.

The entire gov't is out of town for the next 4-5 days.
Almost the entire 1st year was spent gathering the evidence - quietly - behind the scenes through DOJ IG Horowitz. Now the 2nd year is going to spent going PUBLIC with the evidence.
The actual *investigation* into all of this stuff has been going on already since January. But what's changing is that Sessions/Horowitz are now ready to begin going PUBLIC with what they've found.
This is all theater. Sessions is PRETENDING new investigations are being launched right now because he literally COULDN'T announce this stuff was being looked into back in February.
If Trump & Sessions had done what everybody expected & demanded, turned around 10 minutes after the inauguration & dramatically declared "And now we're reopening #UraniumOne & the Hillary Email server investigations!" how'd you think THAT would have gone?
Instead, they were SMART about it. They spent the better part of a year having the IG of the DOJ very carefully and very QUIETLY investigating the investigators inside his own department who did all the political fixing during Obama's 2 terms.
Why the *HELL* would you immediately launch new investigations/reopen old investigations until you've identified/removed all the POLITICAL FIXERS inside your own agency who facilitated/sabotaged previous investigations due to their political partisanship? 🤔
Do you think Trump & Sessions are STUPID or something?

News flash: They are NOT stupid.

As Strzok, Page, Bruce/Nellie Ohr, McCabe and a whole boatload of others have spent the past couple of weeks suddenly discovering for themselves.
DOJ IG Michael Horowitz's investigation is almost over, his report is coming, and when Congress just got a SMALL TASTE of what he found we got Congressional hearings featuring top DOJ/FBI people all sweating bullets.
The big thing is the DOJ/FBI using that dossier they KNEW was fake and that they KNEW was political opposition research PAID FOR by the Hillary Clinton campaign to help bolster a case for FISA warrant so they could SPY on Trump's campaign team.
And then when the warrant was approved & they spent MONTHS listening in on Trump campaign comms listening for evidence of Trump/Russia collusion and getting nothing, they decided to FRAME an American hero, @GenFlynn & manufacture a collusion scandal around him.
So in just the last 3 weeks we get:

1) The #InsurancePolicy scandal re. #FusionGPS & #MichaelFlynn
2) The reopening of #UraniumOne & #HillaryEmailServer investigations
3) A new investigation of Obama's sabotaging #ProjectCassandra to help his Iran Deal
BTW, don't be surprised if it turns out somebody already investigating the sabotaging of #ProjectCassandra during the last year pointed @politico investigative journalist @JoshMeyerDC in the right direction for that fantastic article that debuted a few days ago.
The 1st year was spent investigating behind the scenes, not tipping off the targets, building an airtight case.

2nd year: rolling out the evidence found by this investigation to the public AFTER removing/isolating all the political fixers/saboteurs inside the department.
Surprisingly enough, this yearlong rolling out of the evidence found/removal of the political fixers/saboteurs will coincide to the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections.

Imagine that. 🤔
It's almost as if......

Nah, couldn't be. Sessions is useless and Trump is an impulsive macho swaggering jerk.

This is just luck. Yeah, that's it! They're just amazingly lucky, that's all! 😉
Anyhoo, my prediction is it's mostly in year 3 we see the actual prosecutions begin.

This is how it's done in the real world, folks.

Not Fantasy Island, as I've been explaining for months to those insisting I explain why nobody's been charged yet.
This is not #TheStorm that materializes in a few minutes, blows itself out in a day and then quickly becomes a distant memory.

The buildup to this point took 11 months. #TheStorm is STILL not fully here yet, not by a long shot.
Once #TheStorm arrives in it's *full force* it's not going anywhere for YEARS. Like a typhoon that makes landfall and sits for DAYS on the same spot, this storm shall stay over Washington DC for years. YEARS.
When Trump gets reelected in 2020 we'll all look back to this time during the 1st year of his 1st term and regard with wonder how so many thought nothing was happening and all these people were going to get away with it.

DM unroll for me wouldja?!
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