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Thread by @robynkanner: "if anyone at vice wants to anonymously send me the things they wish they could tweet right now i'll just fire 'em off for ya “I worked at vi […]"

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if anyone at vice wants to anonymously send me the things they wish they could tweet right now i'll just fire 'em off for ya
“I worked at vice and an exec said that if he had the chance he’d "totally fuck" a certain employee and encouraged my coworker to pursue her”
a former Vice employee told me this NYT story barely skims the surface:

“Rumor is that there are more settlements and allegations against Shane Smith and other founders, personally.”
“The Global Editor at Vice is a creep. God i just wanna air all the fuckin dirty laundry i have on so many dudes in our industry.”
“There's a staffer nicknamed the "P*ss Man" and I think that pretty much says it all. Morale is a joke. Employees are spending more time on resumes than on stories, and I don't blame them.”
“A week before I was fired, Nancy Ashbrook, the villainous HR director mentioned in the article, told me that my experiences with racism at VICE News were just "a part of working in media" and that I, as a black news producer, should just get used to it.”
“I was really disappointed that one dude didn’t get named in anything after he assaulted two writers and a cleaning lady. He was able to ‘leave’ the company without a scratch because our then terrible HR gossiped to everyone about it and the dude filed a complaint.”
“Male hires were offered higher salaries for the same work I was doing. I raised the issue and was suddenly accused of having an "attitude." When I was receiving demeaning emails from my supervisor I asked for it to stop. I was promptly fired. It was retaliation for speaking up.”
"While there I experienced racism from many of my coworkers. I was confused with another black coworker and when I corrected them I was told 'you do have a different black guy vibe'. Another time a black coworker and I were told to eat food off the floor which had fell."
"I was an intern at vice and got repeatedly groped by a dude who is still there & works with tons of prominent twitter people. He told me it was the only way to do anything other than transcribing."
"In April of 2016 i sat in Nancy Ashbrooke's office and told her I felt like as a woman at Vice I wouldn't be given the same opportunities as my male colleagues. She looked me in the eye, and said "You're right. You aren't afforded the same opportunities."
"After I had just started doing on camera work for Vice, I would receive emails from a high level executive at the company in the middle of the night, telling me he liked the sound of my voice."
“I was told after I was hired that Jason Mojica had a thing for middle eastern girls. And he made jokes alluding to hooking up with me in his office in front of a female colleague, and if that would make her jealous.”
“I went into Nancy Ashbrooke’s office to ask for a long overdue raise. She told me my dress was too low cut & stared at me for a few minutes while I used the double-sided tape she handed me to ‘make it less revealing.’ My dress was completely appropriate. I didn’t get the raise.”
“I’ve known the crew since they began. The NYT piece is very light on the bad stuff. People also forget one of the founders is Gavin McInnes who is a sexist racist Islamphobic rightwing freak now. He used to wear swastikas and the co-founders and employees just laughed along."
“After two years of being broken down by daily sexism, the editor in chief of Vice News forced me to work an early morning shift by myself because they had fired the whole staff. He then hired 23 year old guys making $20k more than me and then he fired me.”
“I'm a former intern at Vice. When I was there, interns were expected to help out at events without pay. One employee told me "Girls are expected to do the bitch work, sorry.’ “
"The Art Director at Vice used to maintain a public blog where he posted photos of passed out drunk women. Mostly in public settings. The implicit tone was 'I could have done anything I wanted.' Editors at other publications told me explicitly to avoid him for my own safety."
"Most female editors hired in the London office leave within a year. Some resign, some get pushed - very few last longer. Vice hires women but prefers not to retain them."
"I worked as an associate producer at Vice and was fired shortly after asking to be reassigned to a new producer, as the one I was paired with regularly sexually harassed me, including requiring me to meet him for meetings at his apartment and discussing his semen."
"Former intern at VICE. Was asked to buy cocaine for the co-founders at a party I worked at."
"Nancy Ashbrooke walked by our desk and grabbed a soda plus a bag of chips and said, 'time for my Harlem lunch' — referring to the lunch of poor people in Harlem. My two friends who are both African American just looked at me stunned."
"I ended up having to resign, for my own mental health."
"The head of PR at Vice has a tattoo that reads 'Snitches get stitches.' "
"Currently at Vice. Upper management is a mess. I can confirm the piss man thing and have heard multiple accounts that Shane Smith sexually assaulted an employee."
"I currently work at Vice. I have over 13 years of experience in my field and have worked here for three years but the only time I’ve ever gotten a raise is through our union. All my male coworkers have less experience but make more money than me."
"I used to work at Vice. The head of Vice HBO lied to employees that their jobs were safe before firing them and then enjoyed bragging about his reputation for firing people."
"Nancy and Alyssa degraded and gossiped about female employees to others in the office. After every interaction I had with those two women, I felt alone, helpless, and cried in the bathroom."
"I was sought out by Vice to write an essay about my experiences as a disabled person. They published my story with insulting paragraphs added in my voice using ableist language *about myself*. I raised it with the editor and she just blamed copy editors and that was that."
"In a Slack, we weren't allowed to pitch an idea if it included people who were fat or had hairy armpits because that wasn't the direction Vice & Broadly wanted to go in."
"I am seeking to free myself from a confidentiality agreement preventing me from talking about the horrific things I suffered and witnessed at the company for many years. The 'investigation' the company launched after women came forward is a sham. They are protecting criminals."
"I just left senior management after another senior manager told me he wouldn't be interviewing any 30+ women w boyfriends because they would 'get married & pop a baby out soon'. He didn't want to have to rehire."
"The current Art Director at Vice once described all the women in a certain portrait artist's work (including women he hit on in person) as 'stupid bitches trying to look smart.' "
"A producer at Vice Digital asked me to do a screen test. After talking with her she called me another Asian woman's name, then made it clear she couldn't tell us apart, then asked me for my actual name, then started laughing."
"The Global Creative Director at Vice propositioned me for sex anytime I'd pitch story ideas or send him my new work. He would ask me to video chat with him while he masturbated, ask me out on dates under the guise of talking about potential work. I eventually stopped pitching."
“An Executive Producer for Viceland told me I had to dress sexy for my pitch meeting with the Heads of TV in order for them to green-light my show.”
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