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Go for it I am alone in an unfamiliar place, give my brain some work lmao
242. A retelling of "Rebecca" IN SPACE and ALSO GAY VERY GAY
243. A jealous government decrees that all the small household gods residing in the populace's homes and fields must be banished, sending out terrifying agents to slay the little gods. But a young soldier and their friends put up resistance
244. A gothic-style story of castles, storms, the undead, family secrets, and strange monsters that takes place on a dwarf planet in the Kuiper Belt
245. After an unexplained destructive event, a planet is cut off from its colony moons. With civilization collapsing around them, the moons have to figure out a way to keep their people safe and rebuild upon what remains
246. Genetically-modified terraformers are sent out to new planets to make them habitable. But when a rogue terraformer creates a world filled with horrors, it's up to their old partner and a special ops team to stop the rogue before they can do more damage
247. If you can earn your wings in aerial battles you can expect a promotion...bioengineered wings of your own that give you an immense power. But when an pilot is gifted with experimental wings without their consent, the consequences of the modifications become known
248. An immense land is divided into kingdoms of dogs--various types of dogs and the people who connect with them. Every few years an exposition takes place, in an attempt to encourage unity but the vision of a magic long-since dead & a conspiracy taint the event
249. The new planet recently claimed by the galactic government is a strange wreck of diverse palaces and elaborate tombs. Mercenary thieves contend with university archaeologists and government hazard assessors to unravel the mystery and deal w/a long-sleeping threat
250. The current human embodiment of Aphrodite runs a shady hotel on the outskirts of Las Vegas where they attempt to help other troubled souls taken over by long-dead gods
260. Nothing is more important than for a teen to be in the exact same spot, at the exact time where her grandfather was murdered. On her cross-country trek she meets up w/alien abduction returnees, urban witches, and strange prophets
261. A retrofuturistic astropunk Indiana Jones type story, where an archaeologist, a former soldier, and a secretive government experiment attempt to unearth the remains of a long-lost civilization on Mercury
262. An outsider arrives in an enchanted forest where those "chosen" by the gods are forged into a magic stag. The outsider joins with the sibling of a chosen stag to try and break the curse
263. A naturalist stows away on a ship heading to an unexplored planet and its strange moon system. Enlightenment!punk aesthetic
264. In a small seaside town in a fantasy land of snow and freezing cold, hunting selkies is a sport for the fisherman. But some of the wives were selkies themselves, and try to find a way to regain the powers to stop the men from harming their sisters
265. Architects can build "impossible" structures (like an Escher drawing) and wealthy people hire them but when an architect finally understands the awful nature of their power, conflict is imminent
267. The story of Balto but in space with bio-engineered cybog sleddogs
268. residents of a small, remote island pretty much ignore the rest of the world, taking care of their own local gods. But when a shipwrecked sailor brings news of an imminent war between human saints and the inhuman divine, the island becomes extremely important
269. When monsters exist, someone's gotta clean up after the destruction they cause. When the world is already fantastic, how do you keep your own sense of wonder alive? A story about the behind-the-scenes workers in a world of monsters and magic
270. A team of sanctioned officials travel around a modernized Anglo-Saxon inspired country to perform "reburials;" dig up the dead who refuse to die and rebury them safely. But in a small town near the border, the dead aren't the only monsters afoot
271. It takes luck, skill, and magic to train the powerful and dangerous guard dogs that keep settlements safe from marauders. A teen has been secretly studying to become a trainer, although their family is involved in trying to create illegal robotic beasts to replace the dogs
272. A stranger catches one of the Space Rail trains to the Capital of the system from an outer rim dwarf planet with a weapon of immense power hidden in their pocket. They don't know why they were chosen for this dangerous job but it's their only hope of freeing their family
273. A rebel group in a cursed forest uses cyborg foxes to attack government settlements. During a raid a teen is taken in, desperate to get back at the government for destroying their family. But life in the rebel camp isn't easy and the forest is a living dangerous entity
274. A former medic is forced to go to galactic sporting events to scout out betting opportunities thanks to their illegal powers of precognition. At an event, a strangely familiar person passes the medic a package that contains information about an underground sporting world
275. Hellhounds scour a post-apocalyptic wasteland of cruelty to rid it of its last dangerous inhabitants so a new world can grow. The hellhounds are overseen by demon-human hybrids but when one finds another demon/human in hiding among the remaining ppl all hell breaks loose
276. A magic, living ship is attacked in treacherous volcanic waters and on-board, an undercover passenger is murdered w/magic long thought to be extinct. While fighting for their lives a group of disparate detectives attempt to solve the murder before the ship goes under
277. The angel-like inhabitants of an alternate reality are faced with a strange and devastating plague. The answer may lie in our dimension, with a lost angelic being who has been raised as a human
278. A fantasy world where the wealthy dead are kept in magic, gravity-defying tombs so their possessions and bodies will remain untouched. An underground grave-robbing group challenges the magic and human guardians to try and loot the graves
279. A teen, a former soldier, a disgraced priestess, and a rebellious writer are sent to herd AI-powered drones that can sometimes disobey orders and are prone to being picked off by competing powers. Using cyborg herding eagles, the team discovers a conspiracy
280. Travel agencies compete to guide tourists through newly-discovered planets and moons, some going too far and using destructive tactics
281. Noir-styled story that takes place in a retrofuturistic neon!punk solar system. Two illegal detectives help the runaway scion of a powerful corporate family search for their sibling, who everyone thought was dead
282. 80s New Wave aesthetic world of massive cities who compete to be patrons of famous entertainers/magicians who can shift reality with a song or cause immense destruction with an outfit
283. A riff on the Sarah Winchester and the house she built to confuse the angry spirits of those killed by her family's guns except it takes place in space, where the daughter of a weapons producer builds a twisting strange immense manor across the remains of a destroyed planet
284. Hotel People, a family of human-alien hybrids who travel from hotel to hotel in the American southwest/California to try and find the lost pieces of a message left behind by their alien ancestors
285. The Cassandras are a punk band of magical girls cursed with the gift of prophecy and knowledge of an upcoming supernatural attack. Music is the only way they can discover to warn their town about the evil lurking ever closer
286. The dowager empress of a fallen kingdom sets out on a galactic journey with her companion/lover, a trio of unconventional bodyguards and an untrustworthy navigator to find her granddaughters who are rumored to be trapped in suspended animation on a dangerous war-torn planet
287. A fantasy world where the most popular sport is played by shapeshifters who can turn into powerful beasts at will. Agents, sports media, protesters, and a shadowy underground organization all try and profit off the players, whose transformations make them unstable
288. An underground trade in magically shrunken dangerous animals (including extinct megafauna) is challenged by an international team of magicians determined to keep deadly living weapons out of the hands of the rich and cruel
289. War breaks out between a galaxy-wide government-sanctioned policing force and a group of vigilantes who vow to protect their planets from the cruel state-sanctioned practices.
290. for @premeesaurus

Space ships take the form of giant, sentient beetles. Commanders who make runs between dangerous outposts must control their occasionally-mutinous vessels but when unmanned beetle-ships appear, the beetle-ships begin to go completely wild---and dangerous
291. A fantasy world with southern gothic aesthetics and terrors but also dragons...and the only way to tame them is to fight through the deadly cypress swamp green to challenge dragon-human hybrids to prove your abilities
292. An asteroid serves as a senior development for retired space pilots, mercenaries and other participants in a decades-long war between systems but when a plot to aid the rich and powerful group supplying weapons is discovered, it's up the old folks to foil it
293. Placed in a constant state of terror that engages their magical abilities, young guardians are meant to stop unpredictable weather and war. But when one escapes from their post, the city may be toppled...or a great evil may finally be rectified
294. Midwives (magic interdimensional beings that traverse realities)carry human children born as otherworldly monsters to a place where they will be safe. But when a midwife falls in love with the mother of a monster, xie has to decide if xie will be able to sacrifice everything
295. A dog show but for the immense variety of pets from a solar system of weird and wonderful planets. Intrigue, bribery, and maybe even murder dog the event [pun intended]
296. a city has quite a few superheroes, more than required to take out villains. But what can the heroes do about it? They all pledged to fight for the city. But when a small child begins exhibiting immensely strong and strange powers, the heroes suddenly have their hands full
297. A young person finds out their grandfather accidentally dreamed a town to life...and monsters to terrify the residents. Going through their grandfather's books, the person must find the town and destroy the monsters their grandpa created
298. A space-set sport requires pilots to control giant, sentient salamander-type biogeneered creatures. But when a reporter and a pilot realize the interplanetary security forces want to weaponize the peaceful salamanders, they will do anything to thwart the plan
299. A story about cats whose job it is to eat nightmares spawned by humans with unknown yet powerful connections to a dimension of absolute horror
300. The world of Prophecy is run by corporations comprised of prophets, seers, oracles and others. Prophecy outside the corporate system can be punished by death but an underground group wants the world to know that even those gifted with precognitive powers can, and do, lie
301. A weaponize plague turns people into stone. Most of the immune consider the victims dead and place the stones in massive cemeteries. But an underground group working to reverse the plague's effects brings a Stone back---with shocking and dangerous results
302. Conflict between two resource-rich empires is often smoothed over by Falconry Trials where birds hunt terrifying beast. Follows a young first-time competitor
303. A teen can make hummingbirds appear out of thin air. Another is followed everywhere by butterflies. They are students at the illustrious School of Familiars, a boarding school for kids born with the ability to acquire familiars. Lots of scandal. Gay as hell
304. Sleeping gods wake up causing flood, fire and chaos. Only one with the piper’s blood can play them back to sleep but finding someone with piper’s blood is a dangerous difficult challenge
305. Hotly contested Olympic-style series of games in a world with dinosaurs
306. At the biggest festival of the year a bored duchess trades places with a traveling acrobat but trouble dogs both of them as they try to survive their new lives
307. Highly stylized version of the disappearance of the Roanoke colony except in space on a huge terraformed asteroid
302. Wealthy people hire Reality Guides who can take them on tours through different realities, some w/dinosaurs, or magic clouds, or sentient forests. A three-person team of guides is one of the best but when a team member is lost in a strange reality, the others must find them
303. A painter accidentally taps into an alien intelligence and begins to paint impossible scenes. Meanwhile a group of galactic detectives appear on earth to attempt to sever the connection--violently, if necessary.
304. In a fantasy world overrun by a past climactic crisis, wealthy rulers build "castles"--fortified synthetic islands that are as heavily defended as they are beautiful. But revolution is brewing among the floating cities and an architect is caught in the middle
305. Gardenkeepers are magicians taken from their families by noble families to create wondrous, magical gardens. But when the sibling of a taken Gardenkeeper begins a search for their missing sibling, the secret behind the Gardens is revealed
306. The palace of Versailles under Louis XIV BUT IN SPACE IT IS SPACE VERSAILLES and there are Secret Intrigues and War
307. To be of royal blood in a fantasy country is to be destined for godhood--a terrifying prospect. Your humanity is stripped away and you are forever strange and separate. The youngest child the of the current monarch desperately searches for a way out of their fate
308. An elite group of soldiers defend a planetary system like 18th century European polities against strange, inexplicable monsters called solar demons. When the leader of one planet recruits a group of soldiers for a secret mission, the secret of the solar demons may be exposed
309. In a run-down tourist town on the rim of a republic, an underground ring of hybrid fights draw big cash. Hybrids-humans w/animal features-are often drafted to fight in the Republic's armies but fighting keeps them free. A fight manager goes against a powerful crime syndicate
310. A teen who can speak to birds is swept up in an art heist of immense complexity when a sacred painting is stolen by an imperial art collector.
311. A society of magpies decides to break the divine law prohibiting animal-human contact to save a small child who is in danger from a deadly spirit that humans cannot see
312. The oldest pup of the dog star dynasty's current king is lost--somewhere on earth. Now members of the dog start king's pack must fight through the dangerous magic of an exiled star-eater who is willing to extinguish the cosmos in order to control it all themselves
313. Only special, genetically altered teens can stand the toxic mix of elements and the dangerous venom of the inhabitants of an inland sea but the precious magic gemstones lodged in the sea's bed are necessary to power the republic.
314. A pilgrimage is turned into a sort of hunger games competition when zombie saints and cyborg priests wait to attack pilgrims and steal their souls to power secret demon machines. If someone DOES complete the pilgrimage, they are guaranteed access to the holy city
315. Archaeologists in a fantasy world unearth the skeletons of great creatures/structures designed by a long-gone race. The "cathedrals" contain immense power but when one team finds out the power's source, they become locked in a deadly game of secrets and sacrifices
316. huge floating whales are used as ships. weapons, and living chapels in a world built atop solid cloud. When a young pilot is tested by a strange new enemy, it will take a ragtag team to save their skies
317. Young pilots bond with space ships that are bioengineered to share characteristics with different animals. When war breaks out between what appears to be a lost colony system, the pilots & their ships are thrown into deadly combat with a strange, mysterious enemy
318. In a fantasy world cathedrals aren't built, they're sung into being by chosen children half-possessed by jealous gods. When one of the choir is able to break the hold of the god's possession they attempt to turn their powers on the gods, building not a cathedral but a weapon
319. In an alternate reality the Dead Prom Queen is the cruel goddess of the Realm of Dead Teenagers and in order to break her power a group of Dead Teens must cross into our world to find the Dead Prom Queen's body and destroy it
320. 1950s era atompunk retrofuturistic space romance, where the wife of a high-ranking space officer falls in love with a (femme) military doctor who is a secret agent for a competing space empire.
321. Retrofuturistic atompunk space noir about a real estate agent trying to sell lunar property but gets caught up in an interplanetary hunt for a serial killer who is much, much more than human
322. Competing naturalists race to explore a sudden and mysterious continent that began floating in the atmosphere but when they find more than they bargained for, they have to outrun dangerous government operatives willing to kill to protect their secrets
323. Every year a teen is left as a sacrifice for the sacred magical vultures that patrol the borders of a desert republic and ostensibly keep desert monsters from destroying the civilization. But when one teen is selected, the truth of the vultures & their purpose is revealed
324. Spring is the cruelest season in a world beset by war and sweeping change. When monstrous flowers bloom, sucking the land dry a small group of broken soldiers have to find a mythic king who may hold the answer--for recovery, or for total destruction
325. The disembodied voice and intelligence of a beloved television presenter has been fueling humanity through the cosmos. But when a strange cult manage to force the presenter into a cybernetic body mean to be a god, a power struggle ensues
326. On a former colony planet left to its own devices after a far-away catastrophe, a team of teen sleuths and their sentient, speaking alien "dog" solve the complex mysteries of a lawless, dangerous world (SCOOBY DOO IN SPACE)
327. A teen hunter, favorite of the king, is sent to kill the god-stag, a mysterious and powerful creature in the Wood, a place between the kingdom and the Beyond. But when the teen and the stag meet, they find they have more in common than the teen could ever imagine
328. Alien invaders steal priceless works of human art to create a virtual reality labyrinth based on human aesthetics. When a private detective is hired by a wealthy art collector to find a painting, the PD gets caught up in the aliens' simulation & learns their strange purpose
329. Terrifying "portrait artists" chase down a seemingly random collection of people all over the world in order to capture their images as part of a secret occult ritual meant to open a portal for unimaginable monsters to cross through
330. The Italian unification movement but instead of Italy, it's a solar system, fractious and divided but facing external pressure from the nearby Habsburg-esque empire of systems
331. When the greatest dragoncrafter in the republic dies mysteriously, their teenaged kid has to figure out well as learn the difficult task of dragoncrafting as a dangerous conflict looms on the republic's borders
332. In an atompunk retrofuturist alt-world, people are endowed w/powers relating to their astrological \sign while weapons makers attempt to capture the zodiacs to distill their essences into experimental rockets and weapons. But when the zodiac gods return, everything changes
333. Life in an occupied city is difficult, especially for a university professor who has just found out they me the embodiment of an ancient demigod king rumored to rise when they were again needed. Staying under the radar is hard for a superhero
334. On a generation ship where people are bioengineered not to age while within the ship's confines, a sport has developed--one of great violence and one that may destroy the ship entirely...or uncover a strange and dangerous secret about their destination
335. The apocalypse came when machines gained sentience. But a new era was forged, where humanity made peace w/machinery, creating a world free from environmental/humanitarian crises. But when a violent cult arises, the humans & machines are forced to make difficult choices
336. Trainers mindlinked with dangerous predators compete in gladiatorial combat for the pleasure of the empress, but a mystery cult claiming to strengthen the mindlink offers hope, trainers are recruited into a revolutionary movement against a terrifying despot
337. In a world where gods can inhabit the bodies of the freshly dead, deathkillers are assigned to make certain no god is reborn in a world ruled by a cruel half-human tyrant. But when a deathkiller allows their recently dead partner to be "reborn," everything changes
338. Sort of steampunk but instead it's like...dragonpunk? Dragon-generated magic, power, and tech keeps the world running but when the mythical core dragon--said to be sleeping beneath a deadly volcano--is woken, the world is in great danger
339. Merpeople live at the edge of remote fishing village. Many of the village women go the merpeople for magical help and protection but pay a price...they must carry a merperson's child and give birth to it in the sea. But one mother hides their child away.
340. Magical girl pilots of of cyborg butterflies face threats from a city of evil automatons built underground by a scientist-turned-tyrant who is searching for the World Heart, an object that will present them complete control
341. When a deserter in a world at war is found in supposedly neutral territory, they're taken to a prison in an immense desert city. The deserter meets a mapmaker who supposedly died years ago and a priest of a forbidden order & becomes involved in a secret plan to end the war
342. Woolly rhinos are a source of wealth and food for a magic world. Herding them is an elite position and when poachers using forbidden magic begin attacking the ranches herders are forced to fight back. Meanwhile an ancient threat has woken in the wastes
343. An exo-planet archaeologist works in a system that seems to have been abandoned long ago. On a small moon the archaeologist is stranded with a cyborg historian and an ex-security officer with a checkered past; meanwhile, in the strange mountains something very old is waking
344. An interstellar gang of girls who have both alien and human parents cruises between planets owned by a religious corporation/missionary system, rescuing so-called "demons" from the corps' terrifying prisons
345. In a world of strange ruins and wild techno-magic, competing teams of mystery-solvers are forced to figure out answers to almost impossible crimes all the while knowing if they fail, they may be resigned to a fate worse than death.
346. A plant-translator works to interpret the electric signals sent out by sentient plants in order to keep the peace accord between plants and humans. But when an underground group attempts to use technology to destroy the plants' sentience, the translator must stop them
347. In an undersea kingdom that resembles 1920s-era Paris, a private detective is hired by the disgraced daughter of a deposed king to find her missing sibling. Meanwhile the undersea military plots a coup while religious cults spar with artists and magicians
348. Dragon noir. Competing dragon crime families try to take control of the dragon city while a socialite dragon takes on a dangerous mission to a rival city where humans are tolerated.
349. Two very different people are connected by strange occult visions across space and time. When they finally meet, a doorway to a strange dimension opens up and punk rock angels recruit them to stop an otherworldly serial killer with a plan to spark the apocalypse
350. Magical girl shapeshifters who take on the forms of the twelve signs of the zodiac fight the army of a queen made of dark matter who swallows stars to gain their power and attempts to remake the universe into a kingdom of chaos
351. In a seismically active world charged by magic, certain people are born with the ability to enter volcanoes without injury. They are sent as diplomats to the volcano kings but when one goes missing, their colleagues uncover a dangerous conspiracy
352. Rat-catchers hunt the derelict tunnels of an abandoned underground city to catch and tame giant intelligent rats that their new, above-ground society uses for work and transportation. But when one finds a rat that can speak, everything changes
353. Selling used starships on an asteroid void of any charm or interest, a disabled former pilot is bored and hungry for adventure. But when a wanted criminal appears with proof that they are actually innocent, the salesperson gets much more adventure than they bargained for
354. Humans are trained by divine cat-beings to fight faceless monsters that attach like invisible lampreys to sentient creatures and feed for their monstrous queen that lives in the dark between realities
355. Unholy corpses buried outside holy ground have become powerful ingredients in illegal magic. A team of graverobbers steals the bodies for an underground network of wizards but when one of the bodies comes back to life, the graverobbers are caught in a terrifying mystery
356. In a world where technology is powered by the blood of angelic beings, hunting them has become both a necessary activity and a glamorous sport undertaken by the rich. But an underground network of scientists attempt to rebel, save the angels, & uncover a conspiracy
357. A competitive magic riding school where dressage is turned into a precise magic art that can have disastrous consequences if done wrong. Competition is fierce and when students start dying, an instructor must work to unravel the mystery
356. The Surface World is a gleaming chrome-and-glass scape of engineered habitats and technological wonders. The Inner World is a dangerous wilderness of dinosaur-like beasts and criminals.

Or so everyone thinks. Until a student learns the horrifying secret of their worlds
357. Preparing the ice-plains is a job undertaken by highly-trained winter witches, part of a treaty with intelligent and dead polar bear-people hybrids. A young witch, however, fails and causes a they are on the run from the only home they've ever known
358. The Olympics are now a galaxy-wide athletic competition taking place in stadiums built on asteroids. But political conflict, threats of war, and murder make the events incredibly dangerous to all involved
359. City birds are keepers of liminal spaces between the real cities and the Underneath Cities, where monsters hunt and humans sometimes get lost...forever. But the monsters require sacrifices and the birds must tempt humans to the hidden openings
360. Families must sacrifice one of their kids to the Portrait Artists, powerful magicians who turn those they paint into deadly soldiers for the Emperor. A teen takes her twin's place as one of the Subjects and learns of a revolution, an ancient evil, and the power of painting
361. A nation of ice and snow, where people are matched to magic, powerful sled dogs in order to travel. A teen and their dog get lost after running from an old enemy and find themselves in a forbidden wilderness with dangerous magic and secrets that change the teen's life
362. In a run-down beach town in a world where magic and tech both confer power on a few and run rampant through the streets, a group of teens compete in an illegal drag racing club with cars enhanced by magic. They spend their time avoiding cops and dreaming of winning big
363. Flower clans exist across a wide and dangerous plain, drawing their abilities from the patron saints of their flowers--saints that were one flowers themselves until the clans brought them to life. But when two rival saints fall in love, it may lead to war
364. Each tide-cycle, the priests and holy people of kingdoms around an unpredictable, monster-filled sea each sacrifice a young woman--as part of an ancient treaty. But when a sacrifice meets with one the leviathans, she realizes it might not be death that awaits her
365. In a small shoretown, fishing is a dangerous prospect but also the only way the townspeople can eat and resist the trading empires. A nanny for children whose parents spend their time on the sea begins to notice something very strange about the children

something monstrous
366. A network of magic dogs in an average suburb fight nightly to keep bears made out of fire and dark from attacking the town
367. In a world sorta based on Rome, magic gladiators with animal features fight one another at the pleasure of the emperor but when an internal conspiracy pushes for a coup, the powerful warriors must decide which side they're on
368. Space-faring saints take strange and difficult journeys to outposts where they attempt to defeat each planet's own personal god, but a resistance has formed against them, and with the gods' help, the resistance battles the saints with holy power and super technology
369. A world where everything must be Named by special priest-witches or else it can be claimed by the dangerous and powerful demons that reside Below. When a new volcanic mountain chain is discovered, a group of priestess go out for Naming but find trouble along the way
370. The Prince of hell wants to take a break. A lower-level seraph warrior is disillusioned with his Heavenly Empire. When the two meet and switch places, a destructive and all-encompassing sequence of events begin
371. A race between smugglers, a dangerous religious cult, a devoted scientist, and a former military pilot kicks off when radio signals discover one of the rarest creatures in the galaxy--once thought extinct--may still exist on an isolated moon
372. Floating cities protect the pristine surface of a forested world, powered by strange and magnificent winged creatures. But when one of the creatures disappears, one city turns to its best investigator--a disgraced former scientist--to find the creature
373. An elite company of advertisers work to convince people to settle different planets in order to expand the labor force in a dangerous, atompunk solar system but when spies and rebels infiltrate the company, conspiracies emerge
374. Terraformers are forced to attend a rigorous academy to develop the art of terraforming--creating conditions for life on inhospitable planets in sustainable ways. But a rebellion might just be in the works as a planet that defies all previous knowledge is discovered
375. The Desert Games determine the most powerful Greenwitch in the united republics but winning may just lead to death--or worse.
376. An astronaut is kidnapped by a bandit on the run from their former space biker gang to pilot an old junk ship but a strange alliance forms between them when the astronaut discovers the bandit may hold the key to a centuries-old mystery
377. Galactic hunters trail radiant and dangerous star bears across space on orders from a repressive system government but conflict arises when an old religious order sends one of its novitiates undercover with the hunters to try and uncover and ancient, powerful secret
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