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1. Let's quickly clarify again why Flynn's process crime indictment is such a genius move.

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2. Firstly, it was important that @GenFlynn was indicted for something as a result of Strzok's illegal interview. Why? Because it allows Flynn to argue LATER that he was the victim of an illegal conspiracy, planned and executed by the Obama administration.
3. It would be no good if nothing happened to @GenFlynn, because that means the chain of evidence starting from Obama's targeting of Flynn (and Trump) to @GenFlynn's process crime indictment & plea deal would end with a closed file.
4. The indictment and plea means that @GenFlynn will have to appear in a court for questioning & sentencing. And that is where we will hear the 'story' he's been desperate to tell us for so long. He will tell it under oath, as well.
5. His attorneys will apply to have the indictment quashed, on the basis that @GenFlynn was illegally framed as part of a conspiracy conducted by corrupt officials within the FBI/DOJ, under a scheme concocted by the WH & Clinton campaign.
6. That opens the door to the evidence being presented about the whole conspiracy, under oath. From the beginning to the end - the complete chain of evidence that wraps up the entire gang of conspirators.
7. The beginning : the engagement of Fusion GPS by the DNC, Clinton Campaign & Obama for America to produce a dodgy dossier as part of a smear campaign, driven by the Clinton/DNC Trump-Russia LIE.
8. The cover-up of the source & funding of the dossier via payments made by a law firm, Perkins Coie. Remember, Clinton deliberately never disclosed her involvement until the evidence emerged in Nov.
8. She wasn't the only one being dishonest. Remember - the DNC - AND Obama for America were involved. Don't be surprised if Clinton Foundation money was also used. This was deliberately never disclosed, to give the dossier some credibility as an 'independent' document.
9. A dossier was then written using Russian FSB misinformation, as well as the creative imagination of Nellie Ohr, the wife of a DOJ official involved in the conspiracy - again, never disclosed.
10. They chose an MI6 agent (Steele) to be the nominal 'author'. Again this was to give the sham a false veneer of credibility. Steele was friendly with the FBI snakes involved in the conspiracy, I'm now almost certain that Steele barely wrote any of it.
11. Remember, the whole time this was being masterminded by Hillary Clinton and her key insiders, with Obama fully aware. Law firms only act on client instructions. Hillary was instructing Perkins Coie, who then took her instructions and relayed them to Fusion GPS.
12. The dossier was then shopped around Clinton/Obama media proxies with the intent of getting it published. A failure - even the NY Slimes and WaPo knew it was garbage (although that didn't stop them reporting about its existence).
13. That's when the dossier began its transformation into an insurance policy. This involved reviving the dossier's legitimacy, using bi-partisan assistance (Reid & McCain) in order to 'give' it to Comey's FBI - which already had it (and may have part-funded it).
14. Then it was used in the second FISA application, fraudulently disguised as FBI intel, as part of an illegal scheme involving collusion between corrupt FBI & DOJ officials, to bring down a rival Presidential candidate & then an elected POTUS.
15. The scheme that's being revealed daily involving corrupt FBI (Comey, Priestap, McCabe, Strzok & Page etc) & DOJ officials (Yates, Lynch, Ohr etc) working together to entrap Flynn & then take down Trump - with Obama & Clinton backing the whole operation.
16. The whole time in full knowledge that the dossier was a piece of fiction, based on what they knew was a lie created by Clinton & the DNC. Don't believe their nonsense tale of being 'genuinely concerned'. They are LYING.
17. They knew full well that Trump-Russia was a lie & that the dossier was a load of BS. These criminals made a CHOICE - a calculated risk that they'd all get away with what was going on.

They chose poorly. VERY poorly.
18. All this and much, much more will need to be presented to the court, to explain why the @GenFlynn indictment must be quashed. And of course, it would only be fair for @GenFlynn to give us his account. Don't you agree?
19. Oh another thing. Remember that plea deal? It permits Flynn to reveal everything he knows - about Obama's administration. All previous NDAs he signed when Obama dismissed him are now invalid.

And he knows EVERYTHING.
20. When & how @GenFlynn will tell THAT story is to be determined. Timing is important. I'd say it will be AFTER his indictment is thrown out. And while the conspirators are facing trial & jail time.
21. Oh, they thought they were so clever, didn't they? These arrogant crooks assumed that Clinton would win and it would all be swept away, while they were REWARDED for their crimes.
22. They thought Flynn was a dumb schmuck, a crazed deplorable who was allied with the evil buffoon Drumpf. They were in fact dealing with a master spy (Flynn) and strategic genius (Trump), both apex predators.
23. Predators who were leagues ahead in intelligence & cunning, as well as battle-hardened in environments these pampered liberals wouldn't last ten seconds in.

No contest.
24. What was it that the @GenFlynn attorney said, again, way back in February? Oh yeah, that's right :

'General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit.'
25. Those 'circumstances' are fast approaching, as is jailtime for the criminals @GenFlynn exposes. #MAGA

Well, well, well. The law of unintended consequences, eh? These arrogant Clinton & Obama partisans forgot that it may end up applying to THEM. BIGLY.

The end.
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