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Something happened just before Christmas that isn't getting a lot of notice. @tracybeanz asked me about this just this morning. Who out there knows who Robert Storch is?

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Some thoughts on the NSA OIG confirmed with no fanfare and little notice..…
Robert Storch was confirmed by the Senate after more than a year and nominations from two presidents.
He's the now former Deputy to DOJ OIG Horowitz, so this guy is a *legit* protector of whistleblowers. Mind you, this guy has a reputation as far as i know as a straight arrow.
Whats interesting is that Obama waged a years long fight to STOP horowitz at DOJ from becoming a truly independant IG and this man is his deputy, yet, he nominated him to over see privacy concerns and protect NSA whistleblowers. Let's unpack that for a moment-
Why would obama do that, and why would trump keep his nomination for doing that? Go back to Vault 7 and other publishes from Wikileaks (WL). Remember the HAMR and the 7 dwarfs? one of which was outed in a reddit post by a former contractor for Amazon as being at their data center
Who ran/owns the HAMR to replicate NSA's capabilities secretly? Clapper as ODNI, and Brennan as DCI. Rogers would have known about it and known it was being used against all political enemies of Team Obama and Team Clinton.
Thats what he would have been warning about. This was set up because Obama lost control of NSA. They werent doing the spying. Go back to the open committee hearing with ODNI Coats, NSA Dir Rogers, and #2 DOJ Rod Rosenstein (RR).
What did Rogers and Coats say?
that NSA knew who all 31 employees at NSA including Rogers who could unmask were, have the docs to ensure it was approved and tracked, and he could produce those records.
Remember, why was Bill Binney drummed out of NSA? who did it?…
Hayden, his Dep Dir, and NSA IG George Ellar who was removed for not protecting but prosecuting NSA whistleblowers.…
This is likely one of the reasons that Bill Binney asked to speak to POTUS. Im certain this was a topic of conversation between him and PDJT. Im also certain that Adm Rogers wanted this as well. Look for something very similar to come at State Dept.
In short, this guy is a mirror of Horowitz who is going to ensure and gaurantee that 1) whistleblowers will stop NSA abuse and fully bring the agency under control and back into bounds of law, and
2) what ELSE does an OIG do? what didnt state dept have during the entire time of Hillary Clinton? investigate CRIMES. This is setting up any leaker or deep state operative abusing powers at NSA to be dealt with.
Now you understand why Brennan and Gen Mike Hayden are apoplectic, and losing their minds on twitter starting two weeks ago.
The NSA is ours. That swamp is being drained, it will return to the Rule of Law and the weaponization of NSA led by Clapper, Brennan &Hayden will not only be ended, it will be PROSECUTED.
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