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(1) I know it's the Huffington Post, but this is the most thorough analysis of Iranian unrest that's been published.…
(2) This may--MAY--be the beginning.

It's simply not possible for me to say.

(3) The mullahs are trying to HIDE the fact that they're cracking down.

That shows weakness.
(4) Here's a another point:

The escalating crackdown on Iranian citizens parallels the declining fortunes of Iran abroad.
(5) Iran totally pulled out of Syria.…
(6) Iran's Yemeni proxies are being demolished.…
(7) Hamas is pretending that the late Qassem Suleimani called them and expressed support.

(8) Hezbollah makes deals instead of fighting.…
(9) I've written a lot about the soldiers and weaponry of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Here's what you need to know:
(10) They've already used the plan that they'll use to overthrow the mullahs.

They'll hack into the Iranian communications systems and issue bogus orders.
(11) They'll also take over all Iranian civil communications systems.

I'm sure that the GCC has weaponry that can temporarily incapacitate soldiers on a large scale.
(12) All you have to do in a dictatorship is convince the dictators' forces that nobody is loyal or willing to fight.
(13) Everything the GCC has done has led it to this moment.

They are prepared.
(14) So we may see history in the making VERY soon.

By this time, everyone knows that the Saudis are not the enemy.
(15) The GCC knows best how to resolve this seemingly endless problem.

We will help.

This MAY be the start. We'll see...
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