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1) James Comey admitted *under oath* the 'counter intelligence' investigation of PDJT & his campaign started in July of 16.

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2) a month before, in June, they were rejected by FISA court. They were successful in getting the first FISA warrant against Carter Page based on info from the dossier in July, and a warrant for PDJT @ trump tower granted in Oct.…
3) the lie that the CI investigation was as a result of a hearsay convo w an Aussie diplomat is nothing more than a deflection/denial to convince never trump & the Left that docs that come out proving the coup are meaningless.…
4) remember, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying this. It's an obvious lie: the Steele Dossier was the basis for *all* FISAs aimed at PDJT, per Steele/Page texts, & docs proving James Baker, Page, & Perkins Coie were heavily involved w FISA committee meets.
5) @GOPPollAnalyst found the White House logs proving Strzok, Page, Baker, Ohr, Yates & Perkins Coie involvement in FISA process on dates that match a dossier activities those players are connected to.
6) this is an attempt to downplay and minimize the Dossier, and it's use to stage a coup to overthrow a lawfully elected president using falsified faked evidence. Be certain, Yates, Rice, Lynch, Powers, Obama, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Baker, Strzok, Page, Preistap...
7) were involved in a year long conspiracy (the LEGAL definition) to engage in a Seditious plot to overthrow an elected Government, using the dossier, from their Govt offices/positions.
8) Reject, and debunk and and ALL claims that try to hide or discredit these PROVEN facts.
Let's make 2 things EXPLICITLY CLEAR: 1. The Dossier led to FISAs that were mean to give the coup legitimacy on its face. Nothing more. 2. This effort to lie & say it was a convo w the Aussie diplomat is to MINIMIZE the impact of the coming DOJ IG report!
10. MSM & Team Obama KNOW what's coming. They're SCARED. They KNOW it's going to lead to indictments and trials of Team Obama. This effort is to try to win the public relations sphere & make that harder. DEBUNK the LIES.
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