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A friend of mine posted on Facebook inquiring if others felt as she did about the #orangedickturd (my name, not hers) putting us in danger and being worried by him antagonizing nuclear war... Every person replying is worried and wanting action to remove him. There wasn't a 1/17
single reply thinking he was sane or good for us.

Me being me, the calls to action got me juiced... But I realized I hadn't seen many of the posters from my local area at meetings for dems, resistance, environmental protection or Indivisible activism.

I decided that I 2/17
had to share a rambling post because I was wondering if others felt like I do and question... No... Want to challenge folks to get actually get involved in creating and making those actions happen...

So, I'm sharing here to alsi hear from others who may hope what I hope 3/17
for in uniting action to oppose the #orangeregime:

"Fair warning... I'm gonna ramble here a bit and I honestly hope it offends no one... I just have to share this though...

The only thing we can do IMHO is not give up and find the time to help work with others to oppose 4/17
the changes that hurt us, fight for the protection of what helps us and unite our energies on every level possible to block and vote out those who are complicit in stopping him or are in cahoots with him.

I'm not talking about making a career outta fighting this orange 5/17
monster... Just a couple 1, 2 or 3 hours a week to do something... Anything... Whatever your able to do with others who feel like you... that can and will help... And right now... We need to help to help each other.

Seriously, for the next 11 months - if you don't want to 6/17
see our country continuing down this path that is shredding us to bits... Please... I beg you... Speak out... Use your voices... Get involved... Get out to your local Democrat's meeting and work with others who feel like you do. Go to a resistance or activist group's 7/17
meeting... These are all groups where people who feel like you do are working together against this orange regime...

No not everyone feels the same about or agrees with everything that you may... But enough so to know and agree this man in office is dangerous.

We can't 8/17
be afraid... We have to take action to effect changes, as we heal and nurture our country and people, doing whatever we can to protect us.

Even if you are not or don't want to be a Democrat - that's not an issue... Or maybe you don't want to protest, March or rally... You 9/17
don't have to...

You can still help rid us of this orange regime and most likely help build a new shade of blue the way you'd like it to be in the process by helping in ways you are most comfortable.

Just please join in with others somewhere to do something that somehow 10/17
helps others like you who are enoigh like you and doing the same...

Together... We are the majority... And we have made positive impacts when we joined together in the past... We will continue doing more good as more get involved.

Honestly, being multiracial, I've 11/17
dabbled in social and civil/human rights issues in the past, but I never wanted to be this involved in a politics or a political party before... In 2015 I had a physical reaction to hearing about the orange running and I felt I didn't have a choice because our future was 12/17
at risk. So I do what I can, as much as possible - for my loved ones, my kids, my friends, my neighbors, our environment, our country, our future and so much more...

None of what we love most can be protected without all of us speaking out in ways that do something to 13/17
slow, stop and eliminate the threats to us, as well as set in motion and bring to fruition positive change and new opportunities that help our planet and people.

I also have a very personal reason to oppose drumpf... My parents passed away with him still owing them for 14/17
outstanding invoices from the late 1970s...he was an abuser and crook then and he has only gotten worse over the decades. He was demeaning to my mother and disrespectful to my father, costing them a lot to fight for what was rightly due them. I don't want our citizens to 15/17
be ripped off like my parents were.

OK... Ramble done... My apologies if my share here was not appreciated... And my gratitude for your tolerance... My hope is that others will join in to act and help work towards stopping this madman... #ResistForGOOD #PersistForGOOD 16/17
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