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THREAD: Stop Following @Wendys; Stop Eating Their Food.
So there’s a good chance you’ve seen the Twitter antics of @Wendys official account. Over this past week, I’ve seen quite a few of my left-wing friends RT stuff from @Wendys and talking about how they like this quirky corporate account.
But let me tell you why @Wendys sucks.
If you bought a hamburger from a major fast food in the past ten years, the tomato almost certainly came from Immokalee, Florida.
Working as a migrant in Immokalee is a hard life. A federal prosecutor called the situation in Immokalee “ground-zero for modern slavery.”
But in 2015, the Coalition for Immokalee Workers succeeded in securing agreement to the Fair Food Program with eleven multibillion-dollar food retailers.
The retailers agree to purchase only from growers who participate in the program. The program provides a code of labor conduct for growers and third-party auditing with enforcement mechanisms.
The retailers also agree to pay an additional penny per pound of produce, all of which is then given directly to the workers as a bonus.
It has been called “one of the great human rights success stories of our day.”…
McDonald’s joined. So did Burger King. So did Subway. Chipotle. Taco Bell. The list goes on. Even WalMart joined the FFP after a boycott.
However, one major tomato-dependent company, @Wendys, still stands in the way of assuring the elimination of slavery in the tomato industry’s supply chain.
Apparently the real deal-breaker for @Wendys was the idea of a multi-billion dollar corporation paying an extra penny per pound directly to the farm workers.
The chief communications officer for @Wendys, Liliana Esposito, said:

“That would be like us asking our customers to pay for their food, and then adding another fee to go to our employees.”
So rather than joining the Fair Food Agreement and help protect migrant Florida farm workers, it appears @Wendys simply stopped buying tomatoes from Florida in 2016.
And started buying them from Mexico:…
In March of 2016, Harpers reported that the @Wendys supplier in Mexico was a company called Bioparques de Occidente.…
And the labor record of Bioparque de Occidente is…not good.
The LA Times found workers forced to work without pay, trapped for months at a time in scorpion-infested camps, often without beds, fed on scraps, and beaten when they tried to quit.…
In October 2016, @Wendys highly trained PR specialist Liliana Esposito responded to the bad press by saying:

“We are quite happy with the quality and taste of the tomatoes we are sourcing from Mexico.”
As of today, @Wendys still refuses to join the Fair Food Program.
So basically what I’m saying here is that if you’re on the left or consider yourself pro-labor, stop eating at @Wendys and unfollow their dumbass twitter account.
PS – @Wendys this is what happens when you disrespect a family operated meat processing company in Pennsylvania who provides a couple hundred good factory jobs pressing meat into frozen strips so the working class can make cheesesteaks at home for an affordable price.
Yeah that’s right @Wendys. I’m burning you to 40,000 people over your labor practices because you acted like a punk in your little “Hey Fellow Kids” roast war with @steak_umm.

I could have picked any multibillion conglomerate and found repugnant dirty laundry because you’re all trash, but you just happen to annoy me @Wendys.
So it was your turn. But don’t take it personally @Wendys. Instead, maybe just stop being a sleazy pack of anti-labor gargoyles.
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