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This video is important on different levels.
1. Microcephalic George Costanza and Micheal Wolff seem to disagree on the Trump presidency. Brian Stelter talks about this being "an emergency" while Wolff explains why media is losing to Trump. Pay close attention to "emergency"

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Here is the video:
2. This is how Micheal Wolff ingratiated himself to the White House, he is asked "Are you sucking up to get access to the White House"
Of course he is: this is how he got unfettered access, writing a book that was paradoxically the very fake news Wolff decried in this interview.
3. Now note here Dr. Bandy Lee's use of the word emergency. Why does the MSM, Wolff and Bandy Lee use the word emergency?
4. Bandy Lee's normally sedate character is awoken from its stupor when she claims someone else is writing speculative pieces about her: coming from someone who asked the president needs to be restrained, thats pretty amazing.
5. Remember this?
6. To which I surmised:
7. Turns out Bandy Lee is upset at reporter who wrote this article about the meeting outlined in #5, "more than dozen lawmakerr all Democrats, except one unnamed Republican senator, attended private briefings in early December with Bandy Lee to discuss Trump’s mental health.
8. The most interesting detail of the story: one rebel Republican senator met with Dr. Bandy Lee to discuss her belief that Trump is unfit to serve as President. Politico reported Lee refused to name the GOP lawmaker she claimed to have had a meeting…
9. Weekly Standard reached out to every Republican Senate office to figure out which senator met with Dr. Lee, and was unable to confirm that any Republican Senator actually met with the Yale professor.
10. Arizona Republican Jeff Flake’s spokesperson said office received a meeting request from Lee, but Flake did not attend. Senator Bob Corker’s office said it was not Corker. Offices of other GOP senators who criticized Trump in the past denied such a meeting took place as well.
11. There’s a reason for that
In an on-the-record phone call with TWS, Lee admitted her “meeting” with a Republican senator was not actually scheduled, that it was, in her own words, “accidental”
12. “The meeting happened—it wasn’t arranged in advance,” she said. “It was accidental. It was incidental, I will say. It was incidental.”
Asked whether her “meeting” with a Republican senator happened in an office hallway, where visitors get a chance to see lawmakers in transit,
13. Lee paused. “I won’t comment. I’m sorry,” she answered. Then TWS asked whether the nameless Republican senator was sympathetic to her view of Trump’s mental health, Lee was quick to admit they were not. “No,” she answered. “I mean, they engaged us, but that’s about it.”
14. Politico declined to comment when contacted about Lee’s comments Saturday afternoon. (Of course) You can go back to reading the politico article if you like. And I'll even post the link so you don't have to go back to #5.…
15. To recap: Unlicensed shrink Bandy Lee advocated restraining Trump to evaluate him because "emergency" whilst almost simultaneously Wolff's book labels him incompetent. The same Wolff who was interviewed by Brian Stelter claiming Trumps behavior was an emergency"
16. Then Politico seems to suggest that even republicans are concerned enough about Trumps health that they met with Bandy Lee. Turns out that may be a falsehood as well. A coordinated smear campaign is underway.
This is what I want to know: who is pulling their strings?
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