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This thread is for active Democratic candidates for office. You know who you are. This is a supportive message: I'm not bitching at you. 1/X
2. Taxes are good. Stand up and say so. Tell them the truth. Taxes are good. A person would consider it an honor to pay taxes to a country he or she loved.
3. The Republicans have convinced the suckers that the choices are to 1: pay taxes, or 2: keep the money. This is a lie.
4. The choice is 1: pay taxes for services that you can get when you need them, or 2: pay your money to organized billionaires for services that, well, if you look at paragraph 357 part C ii actually that's not covered, sorry.
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5. Pay taxes for single payer health care like every developed nation on earth (we're not one anymore) or pay for health insurance that you can't use where you get sick for the the thing you need without paying out of your own pocket.
Screw Romneycare / Obamacare. Do Health Care.
6. If people want to buy insurance and deal with for profit medicine let them. But *everybody* pays taxes. Don't hide from it.
7. Here's that plan in moderate detail.…
8. I say Americans ought to be proud to pay taxes. Here's an example.
I don't have to pay taxes on my home. I'm 100% disabled veteran, and in Missouri that's the law.
I pay taxes on my home. Voluntarily. Why?
9. Because property taxes pay for public education. Public education is a positive good FOR EVERYONE.
Every American benefits from an educated populace.
When we had a better educated populace we benefitted more.
10. In a civilized nation, twelve years in school is sufficient to teach children to read, figure, and reason. College is for specialties. College is not where you learn to think.
11. In fact, I would submit that if a person hasn't learned to think before she or he gets to college it's too late. It's like language. If you don't learn to think before your 18th birthday you're never going to get good at it.
12. Someone may be thinking, "Yeah, that's OK for you to say, but I don't have any kids."
Funny about that.
Me neither.
I don't want to live in a stupid, illiterate, unthinking society. Nobody else does either, but some don't realize it.
Taxes educate children.
13. I heard somebody on @NPR today say, in some context where there own words didn't get their attention, "Global warming is taboo. You can't talk about it."
S/he was right. Think about that for a minute.
14. By every factual measure - EVERY FACTUAL MEASURE - we are a poorly educated nation. Talk about that on the campaign trail. And remind people that EDUCATION COSTS MONEY and only taxes will pay for it.
And uneducation costs vastly more, even if it's not a line item on taxes.
15. Once again, this isn't about Paying taxes or keeping the money.
Talk about high speed rail. "👃How will you pay for it?👃"
Taxes. You're paying more than that now. In car payments and insurance and gasoline and parking fees and tires and oil changes and
16. Ask people if they want to live in a great country. If they want to #MAGA
And don't give me that "America *is* a great country*" crap.
We were a lot closer once. We did things. We thought things. We accomplished things. Before the Republicans said, "Government is the Problem
17. Greatness costs money. You can't be a great country on the cheap. And you can't be a great country when you pay all your taxes to a thousand billionaires. Because they don't do great stuff for the country, they do great stuff for themselves.
18. And make no mistake: The billionaires are taxing us.
Throughout history, every nation's rulers have taxed the people.
The billionaires are our rulers. They run the country. The billionaires told McConman, "Cut our taxes or else."
He did.
End of story.
19. The Republicans just blatantly said, "Here, America, we're borrowing
One thousand, five hundred, billion dollars - 1.5 trillion dollars - in YOUR NAME - and we're giving it to the billionaires.
20. Paying taxes to a great nation, or a nation struggling to be great, is an honor.
Paying taxes to a handful of millionaires and billionaires sucks. It's a rip-off.
21. I was reading about one of the peaceful, happy, and prosperous Republics of NW Europe the other day, and it mentioned in passing that the people were happily paying 60% taxes for all their benefits. Americans would lose their minds.
22. Because Americans have been conned.
It doesn't matter some imaginary percentage of some imaginary income - what matters is, can you afford what you want and need?
NW Europeans can.
23. We Democrats have to quit hiding from the facts of who we are and what we believe. Because what we believe is EXACTLY WHAT THE PREAMBLE TO OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS.
24. Let's do a little nostalgia for the mythic, lost, Great America.
Why, by God, we won World War II. The greatest generation! Do you think the Gub'mint done that?
Well, actually, yes. That's exactly who did it. The Government of the United States.
24. Before you start telling me about Brave American Soldiers standing up to <this derogatory name> and <that derogatory name>, think for a minute.
Several million Americans didn't just buy tickets and travel over to Europe and Africa and the Pacific.
25. Several million Americans didn't rush, unarmed, untrained, unled and unfed, into battles. American paratroopers didn't flap their wings to get up in the sky over Europe on D-Day.
26. What happened was, President Roosevelt asked Congress for a Declaration of war. No, not some mealy-mouthed, poorly defined 👃 authorisation to use force👃
Declare War.
Congress did it, and damn quick, too.
27. B right back.
28. Then after Congress (our government) passed the Declaration of War they passed a bunch of other bills.
Right off the bat they raised taxes.
Wars are expensive. A great country knows that and legislates accordingly.
29. Our government found an inexpensive, reliable airplane and they had about a zillion of them built. C-47s. DC-3s.
Zillions of them.
30. They are still flying. Because the priority was: works. Great nations think like that.
We don't.
We're a mile wide and an inch deep.
31. I think we should just slap the Trumpers back in the alleys and honky-tonks where they used to hide, and take #MAGA away from them.
Before you go out to campaign, read the Preamble to the Constitution.
Have it tattooed backwards on your forehead so you'll see it in the mirror
32. Take the Constitution back away from them too.
But don't talk *about* it.
Quote it.
Our founders wrote this thing, and then they wrote this foreword. Preamble.
Our government was specifically designed to Insure Domestic Tranquility.
33. Republicans think "Insure Domestic Tranquility" means "The beatings will continue until morale improves."
Jim Crow.
Take it away from them. They're not fit to talk about it.
34. But all this costs money. We can't hide from it.
Back to that war I was telling you about.
So our government took all this tax money, and they built all this stuff, and they trained all these guys and fewer but still many women to operate it.
34. And they told people, "We're having this war, so you can only buy a little bit of gasoline. And we'd really like for you to grow some of your own food, too. And you can only buy so much sugar."
35. And the people said, "OK. We're a great nation. We're worth this."
And now sniveling Donald Fucking Trump says, "We don't win wars anymore waaa waaa."
Yeah. No shit, Herschel.
We sho' do give a lot of money to billionaires for expensive weapons, though.
36. And we were lucky. We had a public education system that taught every child (well, most of them. OK, most of the white ones.) to read, figure, and think. So we had a bunch of smart officers, and a bunch of smart soldiers, and they thought. And fought.
37. And one of those really smart officers was a guy from the middle of nowhere in Kansas. He thought up D-Day, which was a giant crapshoot, but he figured a great nation with a bunch of dedicated loyal citizen soldiers could pull it off. We won the war.
38. And Ike came home, and resigned his commission, and ran for and became President.
He resigned his commission because a great nation is governed by civilians, by the way.
39. And Ike **knew** - he ABSOLUTELY KNEW - that a great nation does great things.
And he knew that great things cost money.
Under Ike a lot of Americans got really, really rich, so - SO - he asked for, and got, a tax rate ABOVE 90% just before the "obscene" level of earnings.
40. In case anyone isn't clear on this, that doesn't mean the government TOOK 90 PERCENT OF SOME POOR RICH GUY'S MONEY. That's not how this works.
Stay with me here.
41. The first money the rich guy earned in a year wasn't taxed. The next hunk of money was taxed at, oh say (estimating here) 10%.
After you earned your free money and your ten percent money, your next wad of money cost you, say, 20% in taxes.
42. The more "brackets" there are in a tax code, the more different rates you'll pay on the next money above all the other money, til finally the bell goes off at
🔔 Ridiculous Amount of Money 🔔
And everything above that is taxed at 90%
So he's still plenty rich.
42. And Ike said, "What this country needs is a system of four lane, divided, limited access, high speed highways that goes from coast to coast, border to border, and serves every single state.
It's not his fault. Nobody knew about global warming yet.
43. And Ike used high taxes on the rich to fund what may have been the largest GOVERNMENT OWNED AND OPERATED PROJECT IN WORLD HISTORY.
Ike was a Republican
Ike had a vision of a great nation - not "again" but "continuing."
44. Taxes. Are. Good.
Government. Can. Do. Stuff.
This pretty much worked up until Ronald Reagan said, "Government is the Problem" and Democrats were so gobsmacked that they couldn't think of what to say back.
45. And Reagan cut the taxes, or more accurately he asked the Republican Congress to cut taxes for him and they did.
Reagan invented horrible deficits.
Reagan invented Republicans whining, "👃We can't do thaaaat. We're broke.👃"
Poof. No more great country.
46. Only it took a long time to show up. This great nation had a lot of assets. It took the Republicans a long time to piss them all away.
Eisenhower's highways are disintegrating.
Eisenhower had the vision to ask Congress to build and pay for the Interstate System.
47. McConman, Lyan, and Slump don't even have the vision to borrow money to *fix* the Interstate System.
Taxes are good.
Stand up. Own this.
Remember that Preamble I was talking about?
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union
establish Justice
insure domestic Tranquility
provide for the common defence
promote the general Welfare
Didja notice that one?
Promote the general Welfare.
Every President before Reagan knew that was his charge.
To Promote. The General. Welfare.
To make people's lives better.
It is a designed purpose of our government.
and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity
do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
Not "of the United States of America..."
"FOR the United States of America."
We own this.
The Republicans talk *about* it.
We've got to *quote* it. About ain't cutting it.
Taxes. Are. Good.
Taxes are how a notion achieves greatness.
They're lying. We can do this.
Maybe we need #AMAGA
*Actually* make America great again.
--jeff out.
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