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1. Reminder : Obama's administration was sharing unmasked intelligence obtained from the illegal FISA warrant with Hillary Clinton, who was a private citizen. Clinton, assuming the Presidency was hers, was foolish enough to use it in her campaign announcements.

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2. The second FISA warrant was granted in October, permitting spying to start on Trump's campaign team and transition team, both HQd in Trump Tower. IMO the spying had probably started earlier than this, but whatever : that's where the Alfa bank server was located.
3. The scam is pretty straightforward : Obama's administration shares unmasked intelligence with the Clinton campaign & media slaves - in this case Franklin Foer of Slate:…
4. Now check this out. You can see that the Slate article was published on 31 October 2016 at 5.36 pm. Clinton's tweet? Exactly the same time.
5. Fusion GPS, of course, seems to have been the conduit for the Slate piece. Wait for Slate/Foer to be IDd as payees from the bank records.…
6. We will see many more connections between Obama's administration, the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, the corrupt FBI/DOJ cabal who got the raw intel, as well as paid reporters/outlets in the coming weeks, as the greatest scandal in American history comes into sharper focus.
7. It's an orchestrated and planned scheme by a corrupt sitting administration, working with a partisan campaign team and paid media to destroy a rival campaign and innocent American citizen.

After Nov 8, it became a coup d'etat. Sedition and treason. Simple as that.

The end.
The deranged liberal responses to my thread, which contained facts (dates, times) aka credible evidence, tells you all you need to know about liberals. Pathetic.
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