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I think the leaked letter is simply more evidence of the arrogant, contemptuous, passive-aggressive attitude of the Westminster/Whitehall bubble towards the EU institutions. 1/…

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In my 26 years of first-hand experience, it’s always felt as if Westminster/Whitehall has seen the Commission as both its subordinate and as its rival, never as an equal and trusted partner. The Davis letter is a classic example. 2/
They see ‘Brussels’ as the servant of the Member States, rather than the guardian of the Treaties and the servant of EU citizens. When Brussels doesn’t subordinate itself to an intergovernmentalist role, W/W feels challenged. 3/
This is an inevitable outcome of W/W’s exceptionalism. As long as W/W remains unable to concede the principle of subsidiarity and the moral equivalence of other tiers of government, conflict is inevitable. It won’t go away with Brexit. Watch out Scotland. 4/
This is why we waste time in our national political conversation on absurd non-issues like the West Lothian Question. 5/…
And so we find ourselves gasping in disbelief at this cakeist Davis letter which threatens to sue the Commission for preparing for No Deal while simultaneously threatening the Commission with No Deal. 6/
…because Davis & the W/W bubble think the Commission should confine itself to serving a member state government’s interests, even where those interests present a clear threat to EU citizens & businesses. 7/
They scorn the Commission as a bureaucracy while refusing to acknowledge the reality that it’s political, insisting on treating it as a kind of technical secretariat for the member states. (They have that btw. The Council Secretariat.) 8/ 🙈🙉
“Sod off, Brussels. No, not yet, not until I give the signal. Now while I wait, polish my brass neck. Stop sodding off prematurely! Don’t you know who I am?? I’m suing! Er, have you got the ECJ’s phone number?” 9/9
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