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If you had the opportunity to watch Trump during bipartisan meeting to discuss immigration and border security, you'd see that he was a consummate businessman and negotiator. Watch his body language and see him begin to work the room.
He even offers to take the Heat for immigration reform both off Dems and repubs. That's not a mentally ill individual, that's a guy in his element negotiating the hell out of an agreement. Of course MSM will never report this angle.
As I have stated before he will push border security and tie it to DACA forcing dems to clear the hurdle before midterms and he will do it at Peril to his popularity. A skilled negotiator takes a calculated gamble towards exponential gains risking complete failure
Of course the fact that he is putting everything on the line to help a bunch of illegals who hate him enough to give him the middle finger on camera whilst jeopardizing his popularity with his base, will be completely ignored by libtards.
If this is not proof that he cares about everyone, is not a racist, actually has kindness in his heart and is not mentally ill, there's nothing anybody can say to convince you. You must go to the leader of your spaceship Dr Bandy Lee, and find who you can trust.

And so it begins.... Border security, chain migration, diversity lottery, voter ID, border patrol in exchange for DACA. Look for Dems to be schooled in the art of the deal. Non stop drama till midterms.
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