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1. Remember this? The dossier
2. Of course there is the IG report that is coming out real soon, maybe even next week.
3. As you can see, I am liberally quoting myself, I think this thread somewhat says a little bit of everything.
4. Most of what I thought was going to happen with DACA and border security happened today.
5. If you didn't watch it, I can assert it was awesome.
6. There's the "Fake news awards" that were postponed to next week.…
7. Trump's lawyer just announced that Trump filed a pair of lawsuits on Tuesday, one in state court against the popular website BuzzFeed and the other in federal court against the private investigative firm Fusion GPS. Yes read it again.…
8. See there are no accidents with Trumps timing. This is a carefully crafted plan to decimate those who have so corrupted branches that are charged with protecting the people. IG report-Fake news Awards-Two lawsuits.
When you attack, it is to be so gruesome that others cower.
9. When you don't see what is coming, you think nothing is there.The next few months are guaranteed to be a bloodbath. Expect many unexpected facts to be unearthed and people to be unmasked.
10. When evil falls, it does so with great noise, fire and destruction.
Things will unravel, revealing their true nature. But remember time takes time.
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