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DOJ lawyers say voter data will be destroyed, not transferred to DHS. Kobach had spent days claiming the data would be.

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This is striking. Kobach’s claims in the media led to two emergency actions in federal court by separate groups - was he blustering all along? I’ve asked his office three times. No response.
Here is the filing. Read it for yourself. There are no findings. The data collected by the commission will be destroyed, and DHS won't get anything. How do we square this with WH and Kobach statements for the last week? Who knows!…
For example, compare today's DOJ statements with the statements from Kobach in Breitbart last week. Today: "the Commission was terminated without issuing... preliminary findings." Kobach in Breitbart a week ago: They were "uncomfortable" with what we were finding!
That Kobach can write a Breitbart article claiming the commission has "found" multiple cases of fraud and the DOJ can claim under penalty of perjury that the commission found literally nothing is a fascinating thing.
Hard to overstate the concern Kobach's statements caused. Passing on voter data meant for the commission to DHS meant, for even conservative states, a massive fed overreach. 2 emergency motions in federal court. A lot of bipartisan concern. DOJ, here, says none of it was true.
It's worth noting that I've been asking Kobach for an interview since June. I've never received a response.
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