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(1) "Round 'em all up! Deport 'em all!"

We DID that. And it didn't work.

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(2) Operation Wetback, from 1954 to 1962.

All in all, about 2 million illegal Mexicans were apprehended or self-deported.
(3) Yet the operation was a failure.

It didn't stop illegal immigration.

(4) We had the Bracero Program (1942 to 1964) that allowed Mexican migrant workers into the US.

But the paperwork was a nightmare.
(5) Illegals worked for lower wages, and you didn't have to fill out any paperwork.

So illegal immigration into the US continued DESPITE mass deportations.
(6) Everyone talking about deportation NOW is wasting their breath.

We would need to build the border wall FIRST, or else it's a huge waste of money and manpower.
(7) Therefore STOP wasting your breath.

Use your heads.
(8) We need a wall NO MATTER WHAT.

Demanding the deportation of DACA recipients NOW--before a wall is built--is stupid.
(9) We need total immigration reform FIRST.

We deport people daily. And they come right back.
(10) So enough with the calls for MORE futility.

It's embarrassing...
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