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1. Astonishing revelations are now emerging about how Obama & Clinton used a dossier they knew was full of lies, to spy on the Trump campaign and the transition team of President-elect. However, if possible the true crime is on an order or magnitude even greater.

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2. Just a reminder about who we know funded this Fusion GPS project : the DNC & Clinton campaign. What is yet to emerge is a third source - Obama's political campaign organization, Obama for America.
3. Remember, OFA paid almost $1 million to the law firm used to connect Clinton with Fusion GPS at exactly the same time the Fusion GPS project was going down:…
4. You can be reasonably confident that when the truth emerges, you will see OFA money being channelled to Fusion GPS. Trump has already indicated that this happened, so I suspect as POTUS that he already has these details:

5. Trump translation : 'Nobody knows who OKd' means 'I know who OKd'.

And that's what we all need to keep in mind. Trump and his key people KNOW EVERYTHING. And such is the enormity, scale and gravity of what they know, it's important to prepare the population with sensitivity.
6. Reminder : what's about to emerge will render the Mueller SC and @GenFlynn indictment null and void. It will explode the Trump-Russia lie into smithereens, removing the root cause for its existence and legitimacy.

However, that will be only the beginning.
7. This will be just the start of a much broader investigation into Obama's weaponization of the US state, into his own fiefdom. The beginning of a true dictatorship, where every department could be used to destroy innocent citizens at will.
8. As some of us have been saying for some time now, Obama and his team were illegally spying on MANY innocent domestic opponents (and then targeting them) for years. Obama was also using powerful departments (eg the IRS) to target domestic opponents.
9. This was happening on an unprecedented scale and involved not just the IC and DOJ, but I'm predicting it also involved the secret help of powerful & private tech companies, in particular one whose chair just left under mysterious circumstances.
10. It also involved the willing assistance of a cadre of media outlets and reporters who were secretly PAID to spread misinformation & propaganda, as well as to go after Obama's targets.

The ID of those reporters and outlets, as well as how they worked, will emerge soon.
11. In this environment, major crime was permitted to be carried out, so long as omerta & loyalty remained in place. Exhibit #1 - the Clinton crime family. What we know about their criminality is already eye watering. What we DONT know, but soon will, worries me more.
12. Simply put, this is uncharted territory. The Fusion GPS scandal is in itself the worst scandal in American history, but the wider corruption and abuse of power is of a far greater magnitude.

These people were about to destroy the American Republic.
13. What happens next needs to be managed with extreme care. Handled badly, it could have a major impact on public order, the markets & the economy. What we are seeing now is a pre-planned campaign to get everyone ready to accept disturbing truths.
14. I'm sure that it's the greatest challenge Trump's ever had to deal with. And that he will do it brilliantly.

Buckle up.

The end.
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