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In which Cory tells the story of how he tried to talk about injustices in the world and in the tech industry while working at Google...and was silenced and retaliated against as a result.…

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This is the last time I will say anything about James Damore: his story that conservatives/republicans/nazis (his lawyers words)/etc were silenced at Google is a false one.
His narrative that people who believe in bigotry and misogyny have to hide their beliefs at Google is demonstrably untrue, and he won’t win his case because of this.
Had he gone with “Google fired me but didn’t fire all the other people who said the same things as I did” he would have been better off, perhaps even winning his case. But that case doesn’t further his agenda.
What will happen is that Google will have to produce all the emails, the Google+ posts, and the mailing list archives Cory mentioned in discovery...and then the real tale will be told.
Racism and sexism were tolerated at Google under the auspices of “having a debate” or “just asking questions” or just straight up saying what they believed.
I will never forget being reprimanded for saying “fuck you” to someone being openly racist on internal G+ at Google. Because at Google, being uncivil was a worse offense than being a racist.
At Google, a person will get reprimanded by an executive for being “divisive” when they try to speak up about racism and sexism, like Cory did.
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