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(1) A Thread on #ZUMA |#SkyFortress| #QAnon (A) was the ZUMA mission a success or a failure? Did the satellite - or spacecraft - enter the low atmosphere orbit it was supposed to and is operational? and (B) What is the ZUMA payload?…
(2) (A) was the ZUMA mission a success or a failure? US Department of Defense: “I would have to refer you to SpaceX, who conducted the launch." SPACE X President: "You know I can’t talk about that. It’s not my story to tell."
(3) That's the nature of a top secret mission. None of the involved would confirm either way.
(4) In several articles in the MSM, "sources said" that the mission had been a failure, that #Zuma payload did not detach from the second stage of the FALCON 9 rocket and reentered the atmosphere in a ball of fire. BUT...
(5) "Adding to the mystery, the satellite, categorized as USA 280, was still listed as a payload on orbit by the U.S. space surveillance system as of Tuesday afternoon, said Laura Grego, a senior scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists."
(6) "That means something made it into orbit and went around [the planet] at least once, though it doesn’t necessarily mean the satellite is still there."…
(7) "If the satellite is no longer in orbit, (...) the listing will eventually be removed when the catalog is updated."
(8) today is Friday, the 12th, and USA 280 | NORAD ID: 43098 | Int'l Code: 2018 -001A is still showing as operational.
(9) The #QAnon community tends to think that #Zuma is operational, because Q stated that the #SkyFortress was up-and-running. "The patriots are in control."
(10) So (B) What is this ZUMA payload? The article, which is convinced the launch was a failure, states: "Already, rumors abound that #Zuma was a satellite intended to monitor or intercept nuclear activities by North Korea...
(11) ...and that the story about its failure is a matter of subterfuge. For the record, [we] would not knowingly report a falsehood, and we continue to have reliable sourcing that indicates the #ZUMA payload did, indeed, fail to reach orbit.
12) #QAnon people have a different take on the status of US280, and a very different theory about what it is:…
(13) "A kinetic bombardment or a kinetic orbital strike is (...) attacking a planetary surface with an inert projectile, where the destructive force comes from the kinetic energy of the projectile impacting at very high velocities.
(14) "(...) a satellite containing a magazine of tungsten rods and a directional thrust system. (...) the satellite would brake one of the rods out of its orbit and into a suborbital trajectory that intersects the target."
(15) "As the rod approaches (...) the target due to gravity, it picks up immense speed until it begins decelerating in the atmosphere and reaches terminal velocity shortly before impact."
(16) That would be MACH 10 or 7.612 MPH. "Kinetic bombardment has the advantage of being able to deliver projectiles from a very high angle at a very high speed."
(18) " The Outer Space Treaty is designed to prohibit weapons of mass destruction in orbit or outer space; however, its text only prohibits nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Since kinetic ammunition is inert tungsten rods, (it) is not prohibited by the treaty"
(19) #SkyFortress "Project Thor is an idea for a weapons system that launches telephone pole-sized kinetic projectiles made from tungsten from Earth's orbit to damage targets on the ground."
(20) "The time between deorbit and impact would only be a few minutes, and depending on the orbits and positions in the orbits, the system would have a worldwide range."
21) "Some systems are quoted as having the yield of a small tactical nuclear bomb." BUT - no radioactive fallout.
(22) "These designs are envisioned as a bunker buster. As the name suggests, the 'bunker buster' is powerful enough to destroy a nuclear bunker. With 6–8 satellites on a given orbit, a target could be hit within 12–15 minutes from any given time."
(23) " The weapon would be very hard to defend against. It has a very high closing velocity and small radar cross-section. Launch is difficult to detect. Any infrared launch signature occurs in orbit, at no fixed position. "
(24) " Although the SALT II (1979) prohibited the deployment of orbital weapons of mass destruction, it did not prohibit the deployment of conventional weapons. The system is not prohibited by either the Outer Space Treaty or the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty."
(25) Now THAT is a #SkyFortress. Not "a satellite intended to monitor or intercept nuclear activities by North Korea" like the ARS article suggested.
(26) THAT would rapidly put #NKO in talks with South Korea. #ZUMA
(27) Take a look at that again: "With 6–8 satellites on a given orbit, a target could be hit within 12–15 minutes from any given time" That means there'd have to be several launches. Would this one have been the first?
(28) THIS happened: a UNDERGROUND nuclear testing facility in NK "collapses" and the whole mountain may be compromised.…
(29) May I politely recall this: "These designs [Thor Project] are envisioned as a bunker buster. As the name suggests, the 'bunker buster' is powerful enough to destroy a nuclear bunker.
(30) #QAnon people will know that #QAnon have talked openly about this incident in #NKO . "There Are No Coincidences"
(31) THE END #QAnon | #TheStorm | #ZUMA | dedicated to the "black-belt", "white-hat" warriors @DestroyIllusion and @johnxdesouza. 👾✌🏻🔥⚡️
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