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1) The crimes go beyond the #UraniumOne mines in Wyoming. The entire US commercial nuclear industry involved in dealings with Russia is filled with corruption.
2) The problems started with the Russian Suspension Agreement & also the Russian HEU Agreement (aka Megatons to Megawatts). I wrote this thread about them.
3) ICYMI Putin suspended the HEU Agreement in October 2016.…
4) Article: "It emphasized that Moscow was suspending the deal and not annulling it altogether, adding it would be ready to restore the plutonium agreement if the U.S. takes Russian concerns into account."
5) "In a draft bill on suspending the plutonium agreement sent to parliament, Putin specified the document could be restored if the U.S. reverses its moves to deploy its forces near Russia’s borders and pulls them back to areas in Europe where they were in 2000."
6) "He added that the U.S. should also “renounce its unfriendly policies” by revoking anti-Russian sanctions and compensating Russia for the damage incurred by them and .."
7) "by “putting forward a clear plan for the irreversible disposal of the weapons-grade plutonium in line with the agreement.”
8) Obama was Putins' play toy. Took advantage of him whenever possible especially when it came to the nuclear industry.
9) In other words I'll honor agreements as long as you (Obama) give me everything I want. Sound familiar?
10) Article: "Russia said last year it had started up a plant that produces mixed-oxide commercial nuclear reactor fuel known as MOX from weapons-grade plutonium."
11) "Meanwhile, the construction of a similar U.S. plant in South Carolina has been years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget."
12) Guess what was happening at these MOX facilities they're talking about behind schedule & over budget?
13) If you guessed corruption then you'd be correct.…
14) Seems everything involving Putin & the Russians has corruption going on.
15) Begs the question who else is involved? Who actually was bribed? Who's making money?
16) I believe the conspiracy is across the entire nuclear industry, spans many years & involves many actors. I trust AG Sessions has put all the pieces of the puzzle together & indictments are coming.

The End
17) ADDENDUM: As far the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) with Russia, Putin was violating that as well...…
18) Correction: Meant to say the Plutonium Agreement in #3 which is different than the HEU (Uranium) agreement.
19) This is an agreement where plutonium from nuclear weapons is converted into mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel to be used in nuclear power plant reactors.
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