Next up is @randyshoup, on Moving Fast at Scale. #DevOpsDays
Currently @stitchfix, previously doing CTO consulting as a service, and before that director of GAE at Google & eng lead at Ebay. #DevOpsDays
Is there a dichotomy between speed and stability? High-performing orgs can do multiple deploys per day. Time to release is 1 hour vs. 1 week, failure recovery is 1 hour instead of a day, <15% of changes fail. #DevOpsDays
High performing orgs combine both high speed *and* high stability. cue obligatory Gartner quadrant joke. #DevOpsDays
Same things that let us go fast also let us be stable. Also 2.5 times as likely to exceed business goals. 4 critical aspects to doing this: organizing for speed, deciding what to build, when to build, and how to build. #DevOpsDays
Remember Conway's Law that you ship your org chart. Need modular organization to get a modular set of infrastructure. #DevOpsDays
Not just a descriptive law, but also a normative law; "we can engineer the system we want by engineering the organization first". #devopsdays
[ed: this is why you sometimes see VPs reorging their directors, or directors reorging managers, because they want this effect.] #devopsdays
And the thing we've heard repeated to death: full-stack, "2 pizza" teams that have 4-6 people with all the skillsets needed to get job done. #devopsdays
and give the team a clear area of responsibility that corresponds clearly to the business. #DevOpsDays
Sometimes we need to perform cellular mitosis and split teams into two [ed: and John T. Reese at Google has proposed that you should split into *threes* to cover the gap between the two] #DevOpsDays
Ideally, 80% of project work should fall within a team boundary, so pick the boundaries carefully. #devopsdays
point 2. Figure out what to (not) build. Reread _Lean Software Development_. 100% of what we put into building the wrong thing is waste. "What problem are you trying to solve?" #devopsdays
Don't let people dictate *how* you solve the problem before you ask them the problem they're trying to solve. It might not need to be solved with technology. See as well. #devopsdays
[ed: sorry, should have note that that's me, the editor of the livetweets, plugging my talk, rather than the speaker shouting me out] #devopsdays
e.g. get people to *try* doing a process once before you write any code to automate it. "a problem half stated is a problem half solved" -- ??? from general motors #devopsdays
Buy, not build. Use cloud infrastructure. Prefer (re)using existing open source. It's often better than the commercial alternatives. #devopsdays
Stitch Fix uses >50 third party services: logging, monitoring, alerting, project management, bug tracking, payments, billing, fraud, etc. -- anything that isn't a core competency. #devopsdays
"soon it'll be as common to run your own datacenter as to generate your own power". #devopsdays
Finally: (3) iterate towards solutions through experimentation. Front-load the learning so we get on the right path quickly. State a hypothesis. Have measurements. What metrics will move, and why. Have a baseline. #devopsdays
Do real A/B tests. Obsessively log and measure. Write down what worked and didn't work to get insights for next time. #devopsdays
Two examples from Ebay: goal was to change ranking function for search results away from hand-tuned functions. Did incremental experimentation with predictive models and hundreds of parallel A/B tests. Took a year. #devopsdays
2% increase in eBay's revenue = $120M a year, at end of first year. in parallel, increased speed of site. Monitored metrics: time to first byte, time to click, click/purchase rates. Another 2% increase from that. #devopsdays
~20 people improved eBay's bottom line by 0.25B. [ed: and how much of that profit did *they* see?] #devopsdays
Prioritization: scarce resources mean we have opportunity costs and tradeoffs.
Few things, more done. [ed: Google's infamous "more wood behind fewer arrows"]

Clapback to @yesthattom's talk yesterday: deliver full value earlier. value now larger than value in future. #devopsdays
and deliver incremental value earlier. solving problem 1 promotes problem 2 #devopsdays
Finally, how to build: have discipline about quality. don't incur technical debt. Quality and reliability are a prerequisite to any pretty feature. Developers are responsible for everything: features, quality, performance, reliability, and operability. #devopsdays
Make sure people are incentivized to produce high quality from the beginning, and that they can fail-fast. Use TDD, so that we can be faster -- because you can be more sure about making changes [e.g. running on solid ground, not quicksand] #devopsdays
Without tests, you can't be confident things will continue to work, and can't be confident enough to refactor courageously. #devopsdays
Microsoft study: 75% of time spent reading code, 20% of time spent modifying code, 5% of time spent writing new code. #devopsdays
Investing in TDD makes 95% of your effort better. They're documentation as code of how things are supposed to work. #devopsdays
What if people say "we don't have time to do it right!" -- say "do you have time to do it twice?" -- the more constrained you are, the more important it is to build it right the first time. You'll never go back and finish. #devopsdays
"Build one right thing rather than two shitty things". Right = minimum viable product, not perfect. #devopsdays
Having a bug tracking system results in bugs lingering around; make sure there's time to just fix them on the fly, instead of having them build up and build up. Backlog is a list of *features* and *debt cleanup*, not a list of *defects*. #DevOpsDays
Finally, faster is better. [fin] #DevOpsDays
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