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- 10/12
- Was trained for years by previous winners
- Weapons: knife + machete
- Sponsors: Yes
- N. of victims: 2

- 10/12
- Initially trained as a peacekeeper
- Weapons: knife + sword
- Sponsors: Yes
- N. of victims: 2

- 9/12
- Highly intelligent, he built a mine by himself
- Weapons: knife + mine + throwing knife
- Sponsors: A few
- N. of victims: 1

- 8/12
- Knows how to fish, make traps and hold his breath underwater for 4 minutes. Best aim.
- Weapons: knife + spear
- Sponsors: A few
- N. of victims: 1

- 8/12
- Fast and good at camouflaging + deep knowledge of electricity
- Weapons: knife + bow and arrow
- Sponsors: None
- N. of victims: 0

- 9/12
- Has been cutting down trees since he was 11. Very strong.
- Weapons: knife + axe
- Sponsors: A few
- N. of victims: 1

- 8/12
- Strong knowledge of poisonous plants and good at hiding and building traps. Not to be underestimated.
- Weapons: knife + sickle
- Sponsors: None
- N. of victims. 0

A tropical forest with genetically modified mosquitoes whose bite leads to high fever and death. The highest and lowest temperature are 40°C/104°F and 10°C/50°F. Average humidity between 80% and 85%. Full of poisonous plants and clean water is hard to find.
It started. The Cornucopia is right in front of them, set on an open space, but they know better than go there: it would be a bloodbath. The humidity is suffocating and everyone is thinking the same thing: they must find clean water first.
Namjoon takes the first thing he sees and runs off into the forest. He finds a safe spot and checks what he got: a backpack with a blanket, one long rope and an empty water bottle. He chuckles to himself: he’s content. He hides his stuff and heads towards the hidden sun.
Jin and Jungkook made it to the Cornucopia and got most of the stuff, then went into separate ways. Jin wanted to get rid of Jungkook right away but he wanted to keep the Capitol entertained and decided against it: whatever Jungkook did, he could easily take him down.
Yoongi, being the fastest, gets a backpack that seems full of stuff but Taehyung wants to take him down immediately. He throws a knife at him which Yoongi sees: he uses his backpack as a shield and runs away with Taehyung’s knife stuck in it and a huge grin on his face.
Jimin and Hoseok are facing each other, both armed. Both are eyeing the same item. Hoseok holds his spear, Jimin takes steps back while holding his sickle. The other tributes are gone. There is silence. Not even a bird is singing.
Mercy hits them as they both notice a glimpse of fear in each other's eyes. Hoseok takes a step back and sees another item that might be useful. Jimin takes the backpack and runs away. No cannons are heard and birds start singing.
After running for what seemed like hours Yoongi finally stops. He hides behind a huge tree and hides Taehyung's present in his jacket as he checks the inside of his backpack: a water bottle full of water and a blanket. He grins even harder.
Jungkook can't focus on where he's going. He thinks that the Cornucopia not being the scene of a massacre is too weird. He knows someone is going to die soon and if none of the tributes do it, the Capitol will. He shakes his head and decides to mind his surroundings.
Taehyung is pissed. He is furious. He can hear the people from District 1 laughing at him and he's furious. He punches a tree and his eyes are bloodshot. The boy from District 5 is his. Only his. His grip on the machete tightens.
Jin is trying to understand where the water is located. He can't figure out whether he's going North or South but then realizes he's inside an arena and they could be messing with him just for fun. He doesn't mind though. He would die for the Capitol and that's why he volunteered
Jimin knows forests. He knows what a poisonous plant looks like. He knows where the water is. He just doesn't know how to be careful and cuts himself as he trips from running too fast. It's a little cut but there is blood. He curses: he has no sponsors.
Namjoon found a place where he could stay unbothered for a while. He managed to build a little hammock and keep it from touching the ground. He's doing fine except he doesn't have water and there is a little river but it's on the other side of the arena.
Hoseok stares at the void. He's sitting next to a tree and he's just... staring. The Gamemakers are attracted by his peculiar behaviour and zoom in on him. He's not staring at nothing... He's staring at a pretty flower. They decide to kill it. Hoseok sighs and starts walking.
As the sun goes down Jungkook notices he still hasn't found a place to sleep. He decides sleeping on a tree is the safest option so he starts climbing but, not being used to the slippery tropical trees, he falls and hits his head against a rock: he's bleeding a lot.
Both Jimin and Jungkook are injured and their open cuts leave them exposed to infections. Only one can receive medicines from sponsors.
The Head Gamemaker is getting bored. He needs more action and so do the people from the Capitol. Unless he wants his head on a plate, he has to satisfy the President. The tributes are far from each other so he decides they have to meet. Oh, and a forest is no fun without animals.
It's nightime. The only sound that fills the silence is the cicadas' singing. The temperature dropped to 5°C/41°F and the light of the moon shines brightly. Namjoon stares at it from his hammock. For a second he forgets he's in a game... till something growls behind him.
He only sees its eyes at first. Big, red and non-human. He grabs his knife and stays still, trying to get as far as possible. As he takes a step back, it takes a step forward, coming out of the darkness. Its teeth are shining and Namjoon is shocked: it's a Smilodon.
Smilodonts are prehistoric predators, also knows as saber-toothed tigers. The Capitol tried to recreate the modern version of this historical creature adding a few elements: a tough skin hard to harm and a speed like no others. Only fire can kill it.
Namjoon wasn't stupid. He had a very dangerous weapon with him and did what he had to do. The Head Gamemaker is ready to press the cannon that symbolizes the death of a tribute. The creature jumps at Namjoon as he runs away but as soon as it lands, an explosion is heard.
All the tributes, even Jungkook who fainted after the hit, hear it. Jin grins and follows the fire: he located his first victim. Yoongi ignores it and keeps looking for any source of shelter as the cold is getting unbearable. He finds a cave and reluctantly goes inside.
Jungkook wakes up dizzy. A strong smell of blood hits him but he can't quite figure out where it's coming from. A loud beeping catches its attention and he sees something fall from the sky and get stuck in the lianas above his head. He gets up and takes the item: it's a box.
The box contains an ointment that smells like oranges and cinnamon. Is he... supposed to eat it? What is it for? Jungkook is confused. He realizes something is wrong with him when drops of blood fall into the ointment. The contrast between white and red is almost hypnotizing.
It then hits him: he fell from a tree and hit his head. He touches his hair and hisses at the sharp pain. He mouths a "thank you" to his sponsors and applies the ointment to his head, feeling an immediate relief that makes him moan. After that he decides to climb the tree again.
After several attempts he finally reaches the perfect branch and sighs, satisfied with himself. He opens his backpack to reveal what his tools are: a pair of night vision glasses, a spile and a blanket. He holds on to the blanket almost in tears: the cold temperature was deadly.
In the meantime Jimin covered his cut by ripping his shirt and is now freezing. He only has one blanket but its not enough despite his small figure. His backpack contained a cooking pot and a rope too, but they seem useless now. He keeps walking to prevent his body from freezing.
He uncovers his leg and analyzes the cut: he thought it wasn't anything serious but the rock he fell on went deep inside his skin. An annoying buzzing keeps distracting him so he tries his best to ignore it and focus on his leg but he stars to feel nauseous and covers it again.
He has to disinfect it but he needs boiling water and specific plants. There's no way he can make a fire now, unless he wants to show the other tributes where he is. He sighs and keeps walking till he reaches what looks like a river. There's a cave on the other side.
He thinks that he can start a little fire inside the cave as it will not be seen that much. He can get his cut healed. He takes a deep breath and set foot in the water, allowing his body to be a shivering mess due to the freezing temperature of the river. He walks forward.
He's almost there when he hears it. Almost inaudible. Like a drop in the ocean. A simple sound that breaks the apparent serenity of the forest. Then he sees it: the tail of a crocodile. The Gamemakers are laughing at his gullibility.
Jimin runs towards the end of the river but the crocodile follows him, jumping out of water and grabbing his backpack. Jimin falls into the water but manages to get rid of the backpack. Seeing as the crocodile is too busy destroying the item he runs towards the cave, shaking hard
He reaches the cave and falls on the ground, exhausted. He looks at his cut: it's somehow bigger than before. Not having anything with him he looks up and mouths a "Please sponsors", but no one sends him anything. Birds keep singing and the moon keeps shining bright.
An arrow lands between his legs. Jimin doesn't move. He doesn't say anything. A body comes out of the shadows. "Don't move. Move and you're dead."
It's the boy from District 5.
"I'm dead anyway."
"I know."
Yoongi approaches Jimin and keeps staring at his leg.
"How did you get that?"
"I fell."
"You're pale. Are you feeling nauseous?"
Jimin nods.
Jimin nods again, confused. Yoongi sighs and puts down his weapons.
He feels sorry.
"Aren't you going to kill me?"
Yoongi ignores his question and takes Jimin's hand to help him get back on his feet. He guides him inside the cave and brings him to where he was staying. Jimin is shocked: there's a fire. There's food. There's water. He wants to cry.
"I can... cure your infection. But it's not going to be nice and you need to bite on something." Yoongi's expression is serious. Jimin really doesn't trust him but he has no weapons to fight and he's injuried. He has no choice.
"What is it?"
Yoongi looks at the fire.
Jimin closes his eyes and bites on Yoongi's blanket as the other boy heats up his knife. It takes a few minutes to get it ready. Yoongi looks at Jimin.
"Please don't scream. They will find us."
He doesn't let him answer and puts the burning blade on his leg.
On the other side of the arena Taehyung cant sleep. He can't bring himself to stop thinking about his failure. He's always been the best. If he wanted to kill someone, they'd be dead in a matter of seconds. He cant calm down. The cold doesn't affect him. The Capitol is impressed.
He has everything he needs to be a winner: a machete, a body armor, a sleeping bag and matches. He even found a way to get clean water using the high humidity of the forest. He can kill them all. He would leave the boy from District 5 for last.
He wants him to know he's coming.
As he walks down the forest he smells something... weird. Like burnt meat. He follows the smell and realizes he's getting closer to the point of the misterious explosion. The smell becomes even stronger now but he quickly forgets about it when he sees the remains of a weird tiger
He gets closer to get a better look and makes a disgusted face. Then he sees an hammock. Or what was left of that. He surpasses the tiger and checks if there are other items left behind. The moon is covered by a big cloud. He hears footsteps.
"Well, hello there"
It's behind him.
It's the boy from District 2. He's grinning.
"Are you lost?"
Taehyung's eyes are red. He's uncontrollable. He doesn't say anything and runs towards Jin, his machete high in the air.
Jin doesn't move: he has a sword, an awl and a blowtorch. He grins harder.
As Taehyung's machete touches Jin's sword something happens. It's the sound of someone running towards them.
"Run!!!!" the voice says.
They both turn towards the voice and then they see it.
Every dispute is quickly forgotten when they see the boy from District 3 followed by fire.
The Head Gamemaker commands to stop the fire. The people of Capitol don't want to see death by natural causes: it's incredibly boring and obvious. He's curious to know what's going to happen now that the tributes are together.
The fire dies out & Namjoon realizes the two in front of him are District 1 and 2. He takes a step back. He was hoping he didn't have to face any of them anytime soon as they're close to being psychopaths.
Jin and Taehyung move forward, as they make a silent agreement.
But Namjoon... He's smart. Hell. He's really smart. He looks behind him and notices the fire destroyed everything so he takes another way: the one at his right. He starts running and gets deeper in the forest as they both follow him, hysterically laughing. The Capitol is cheering
Namjoon follows the signs he left before as he starts to feel out of breath. He's been running for a while but at least he's not cold.
"You're just making it funnier to us!" says one of the tributes.
Namjoon's expression doesn't change.
The cicadas aren't singing anymore.
They don't see him jumping at some point. Especially Taehyung: rage is blinding him. He runs faster, eager to get his hands on his first prey but as he's getting closer to Namjoon, he steps on what looks like a blanket of leaves and suddenly falls into a hole in the grond.
Jin suddenly stops and looks down: the hole isn't even that deep and he could take this opportunity to kill the boy from District 1. As if Taehyung read his mind he lifts his hands up.
"Don't! I want the boy from District 5. I want to be the one who takes his life."
Jin sees the desperate look on the boy and he's impressed. He really could kill him right there and get the other guy but what would the Capitol think? He has to make it fun for them and the District 1 guy looks crazy enought to do it.
He nods and lends his hand.
Jin gets him out of the hole.
"You're from District 1 right? You guys are trained very hard there but you still managed to fall into a stupid trap. What does that say about you?"
He laughs and leaves him there, running after Namjoon.
Taehyung's fury only increases.
Namjoon disappeared. He found a little hiding spot between the trees and the darkness is helping him. He smiles when Jin runs right past him and stops, looking lost and frustrated. He kicks a plant and walks away, giving up.
Namjoon makes himself comfortable and calls it a night.
Hoseok's night is going smoothly. He's almost bored. His tools consist in a blowgun, a sleeping bag and a mosquitoes spray. He's content with them and used the sleeping bag as a blanket to keep himself warm. He's right next to a river and he sees fireflies.
The rest of the unfinished fish he caught is laying next to him. He doesn't even know if that was an actual fish or not. Either way, it helped him stay on his feet and he's grateful.
The fireflies disappear as he hears footsteps coming from the other side of the river.
He gets up and hides, keeping his eyes on a small figure that rushes to get water. It's the boy from District 5.
Hoseok lifts his spear up and aims it at him: he's waiting for the moment the boy's chest is facing him.
He can hardly see but Hoseok's aiming skills never failed him.
The Head Gamemaker points at a Gamemaker.
"Prepare the cannon."
He's shaking with anticipation: the first level didn't even last a week as the majority of tributes got killed the first night.
"If no one dies tonight, the following days will be hell."
Hoseok is about to throw it when an eagle-owl distracts him by flying from a tree to another. He removes his gaze from the tribute but as soon as he looks back to check on him, he's gone.
Hoseok sighs annoyed and sits down.
He throws the spear anyway.
The eagle-owl falls, dead.



"Tributes. The Capitol is amazed by your strenght and fortitude. Thanks to you, Panem has known only peace and prosperity. Therefore it's my duty to reward your efforts. Alliances shall be allowed now.
Panem today, Panem tomorrow. Panem forever."
It's morning when they hear this. Namjoon doesn't care: he doesn't want an ally. He really doesn't need one. Neither does Jungkook who spent the whole night on the branch. He wakes up to the sound of birds singing as the sun shines through the lianas and smiles.
Yoongi didn't sleep at all. Jimin fell into a deep sleep due to the high pain and is still unconscious. Before letting him sleep Yoongi forced him to drink and eat something, despite the fact he himself didn't eat anything.
He touches Jimin's forehead: his ally has a fever.
Jimin wakes up to the strange feeling of something cold touching him.
"What are you doing?"
Yoongi looks offended.
"You're hot. Are you sick?"
Jimin shakes his head.
"A fever means nothing."
"Yeah but... You kept losing blood from your nose too. Listen, I'm not a doctor but..."
"Oh. I see."
"You know what's going on right? You come from District 11. You guys know everything about plants, viruses and stuff like that..."
Jimin shrugs.
"I do but there's nothing you can do to heal me. Only a sponsor can and I have none."
Yoongi nods.
"I'll help you."
Jimin wipes away the blood that is coming out of his nose.
"I told you, you can't help me! I'm doomed!"
Yoongi is growing frustrated and annoyed at the boy.
"Can you just tell me what's going on?"
Jimin looks away.
"I think I have yellow fever. Mosquitoes must have bit my cut."

Genetically modified by the Capitol. They carry multiple diseases, one of them being the yellow fever. The symptoms usually take days to show but in this case it only takes a few hours.
The last symptom is organs failure and the only cure comes from the Capitol.
Yoongi sighs and gets up.
"Listen... I'll go get some food, try to catch some fish. You stay here. You're my ally now."
"Ally? Isn't it... Forbidden?"
"Not anymore."
"But if you know I'm going to die soon, why are you helping me?"
"Can't I do something nice before I get killed?"
Jimin is shocked.
"How are you giving up like this? Don't you have someone to come home to?"
Yoongi shrugs.
"Well... I do but don't laugh please."
Jimin nods and Yoongi looks away.
"It's my dog. I only have my dog."
He says as he leaves the cave, breaking a bit of Jimin's heart.
Yoongi goes back to where he went the night before, hoping he could catch some food with his arrow. He doesn't know how to hunt and he has to learn quickly.
He sets his eyes on a fish that seems big enough and gets ready.
He shoots the arrow but misses the fish.
Someone laughs.
"What good is your District if you can't even catch a fish?"
Yoongi recognizes him: it's the boy from District 4. The one who spared his life during the first level.
"Are you looking for an alliance or are you here to mock my fishing skills, mermaid boy?"
"Actually I am... Are you?"
Hoseok gets closer to him as he enters the water.
Yoongi stays silent. He thinks it through: Jimin is weak. Very weak. The following days will be harder.
Hoseok kills a fish with his spear, his eyes still set on Yoongi, who rolls his.
"Fine. Follow me"
He takes him to the cave. Hoseok lets out a whistle.
"That's clever."
"That's for cowards."
Yoongi approaches Jimin but he doesn't look good. He's pale, there's vomit beside him and he's shaking.
Hoseok looks shocked.
"What the fuck? Sorry but I didn't make an alliance for this!"
He grabs Yoongi and steps away from Jimin.
"What are you doing?"
Yoongi almost growls.
"I'm not leaving him."
Hoseok points at the poor boy.
"He's dead!"
"I know! But I will never forgive myself if he dies alone!"
"What about sponsors?"
Yoongi stares at Hoseok.
"We have none."
Hoseok doesn't say anything. He sighs and gets closer to Jimin.
"What happened to you, my buddy?"
Jimin's voice is weak.
"Bad luck."
Yoongi takes his backpack and weapons.
"I'm getting whatever fruits I can find and then you'll throw away the poisonous ones, okay?"
Jimin nods.
The forest looks beautiful. Hes grateful for being able to witness some beauty despite the circumstances. The birds are singing, the river is blue and the sky looks endless.
Even the air smells nice, like freshly cut grass.
Yoongi suddenly stops: he sees someone bathing from afar
He quickly hides. He's grateful he got far from the cave, he doesnt want someone to die because of him again.
Hes not ready to fight against two tributes, who seem to be allies now.
And.. Oh.
Realization finally hits him: its the boy from District 2.
With the boy from District 1.
His heart is pounding against his chest. He's never killed anyone. He could easily take at least one of them down as he's facing their backs but... He's never killed anyone. He doesn't want to.
He doesn't even kill bugs.
Fuck the Capitol.
Life is precious.
The Head Gamemaker wants to expose Yoongi's location. He needs some deaths.
But he has time and the Capitol will be shocked by what he's thinking.
Blood is nice yes, but why not have some fun with the tributes?
"You know what to do."
He promised it: Hell is breaking loose.
Yoongi takes a bunch of rocks and throws them to the opposite way.
The tributes hear something and rush towards the source, disappearing into the forest.
He sighs, relieved. He goes back on his feet and walks away, desperate to find something for Jimin.
In the meantime Jungkook is looking for food. He has a spile, which allows him to get water from trees and now all he needs is food.
He knows how to hunt, the problem is he only has an axe and a knife. Unless he throws it at his prey, there's no way he can kill something.
His head has completely healed. Its like nothing happened and he's shocked at how efficient Capitol's medicines are.
He starts thinking about his District.
Many people hurt themselves to cut down trees and provide them to the Capitol. Many died too.
They have no proper medicines.
He's angry but he decides to turn his anger into willingness to make it out alive. He hates the Capitol. He wants to piss them off.
But how? If he does anything, they will get his family. He knows it. It happened before.
He shakes his head and keeps walking fast.
He sees a bird. It's on the ground and it's just staying still... It's the perfect occasion.
He gets his knife and silently gets closer to it, his mouth watering and his stomach growling.
As he gets ready to throw his knife, a box made of lianas falls on the bird.
"What the...."
He sees the boy from District 3.
"Hey! That was my prey!"
Namjoon gasped scared. He didn't notice he wasn't alone.
He starts to panic: he has no weapons, except a knife. He lost his throwing knife the other night.
"Y-Your what?"
Jungkook approaches him.
"My prey!"
"No, you listen! You will give it to me right now before I cut your throat!"
"I was going to ask you if you knew how to cook it."
Jungkook looks at him suspiciously.
"I'm not interested in an alliance."
"Neither am I but you don't know how to make traps. I do."
Jungkook relaxes his muscles.
"I see you have no weapons. I do."
Namjoon nods.
"Even if we don't want each other, we need each other. Believe me, I'm not happy with alliances either but either we both die or cooperate."
Jungkook huffs.
"Do you know these are the Hunger Games?"
Namjoon doesn't answer. Of course he knows, who does he think he is?
"Sorry to break it to you but only one will make it out alive. It could be you, me or someone else."
"And? What are you implying?"
Jungkook laughs and shakes his head.
"Nothing. I just want to eat that bird."
In the cave Hoseok is sitting in front of Jimin, who's looking at his trembling hands.
He could kill him right there, wait for Yoongi to come back and kill him off too.
He could do that.
He really could.
But he won't.
"You're from District 11?"
Jimin nods. He doesn't trust someone with a spear.
"How do you know you're sick?"
"It's pretty obvious. Plus I have all the symptoms."
"Is there a cure?"
"Ask the Capitol."
Jimin wipes the blood coming out of his nose for the hundredth time.
"Oh. I see"
Jimin doesnt say anything. Hoseok wouldn't understand how it feels like to be the underdog.
He wants to say something but he can't.
"Listen... You stay hidden okay? I still don't know why Yoongi thinks you need protection... I'll come back soon."
He leaves.
Jimin closes his eyes.
Its been a few minutes since Hoseok left the cave. His excuse for walking away is looking for some deadwood to make a fire but in reality he couldnt bear to see the boy suffer.
It makes him furious knowing that the Capitol is enjoying this with a full stomach and a glass of wine.
He has no problems killing someone if it comes to his safety but the fact hes taking lives to entertain those sick bastards disgusts him.
He hates the Capitol.
Hes crossing the river when he sees them.
The boys from District 1 & 2.
And they see him.
They're right in front of him.
Hoseok turns around and starts running, not getting out of the water as he notices the two tributes have trouble being as fast as him.
"Hey! Don't run away, we want to be your friends!"
They both start laughing.
Jin and Taehyung embody what the Capitol is.
And Hoseok hates them.
The cave in which Jimin is hiding is right at his left and even though he hopes they dont see it, a little part of him does: a rapid death would be better for the poor boy.
He runs faster as they're catching up but then he feels a sharp pain hitting his cheek: Jin threw his knife
He hears Taehyung cuss at Jin.
"I'll throw my fucking machete!"
Hoseok looks behind him as he keeps running, blood coming out of his cut.
He sees Taehyung getting ready to throw his machete at him: if that thing hits him, hes dead.
Hes not ready.
An arrow hits Taehyung's shoulder
He groans in pain and looks up to where the arrow came from but he sees only trees: Yoongi is hiding on one and Hoseok knows it.
He keeps running and gets out of the river, heading towards the cave.
Taehyung breaks the arrow stuck in his shoulder and grunts.
"I will find you!"
Jin watches his ally with worried eyes. He looks like he has lost all his sanity and he doesnt know how to feel about that. Sure, it could be useful to have a killing machine beside him, but... A killing machine gets things done. Taehyung hasnt and now hes injuried.
He's a burden
Hoseok goes back to the cave and makes sure he didn't leave any traces behind him. He covers the entrance of it with some bushes and lianas and falls back, panting.
"What happened?"
Jimin's voice is weaker, barely audible.
"Nothing. It got a bit intense out there."
"Oh. Okay."
Hoseok sighs. He gets closer to the boy and sees he threw up again.
"It's bad huh?"
Jimin smiles sadly.
Hoseok stays silent.
"I should've known better... I made a stupid mistake by not being more careful with my injury. I thought it wasn't anything serious. It's too late"
Hoseok nods and wipes the blood off his cheek. The knife only touched him but he's bleeding.
Jimin takes a look at it.
"Speaking off... You should let me take care of your cut. I need a papaya for it but Yoongi might be coming with it so in the meantime I can clean it for you."
Yoongi actually does come back with a papaya. After Jimin showed him which fruits were poisonous, he prepared a mixture of papaya and aloe vera to heal Hoseok's cut.
As he's applying it to his skin, Hoseok stays silent but his mind is racing.
He doesn't know what to do.
In the meantime Jungkook and Namjoon are working on making hammocks and traps. They make a good team.
"Did you volunteer?"
Namjoon raises his eyebrows at the question.
"No? Why would I?"
"You're from District 3... I thought your people was eager to participate or something."
As Jungkook ties a knot around a tree, Namjoon lets out a giggle.
"We're not all like that. Even in District 1 and 2 there are people who aren't okay with this and want a change."
He sharpens the bones of the bird they ate to make weapons out of them.
"Joon, they're watching us."
"You don't mess with the Capitol... Remember what happened last year? You shouldn't say these kind of things."
Namjoon shrugs.
"The tribute threatened the President's life, of course they killed him and his family. I didn't say anything wrong. Take it easy."
Jungkook isnt sure about that. But he lets it go.
Namjoon doesnt.
"I wouldn't mind a revolution. A riot. Something like that. I think it would be interesting to see how it goes, don't you think?"
Jungkook doesn't answer: Namjoon laughs.
"Oh man... you're such a coward, Jungkook."
"I'm not a coward!"
"Are you sure? You threatened to cut my throat moments ago and that's what cowards do. They don't get things done, they just talk."
Jungkook is offended. He really wants to cut his throat now.
"Okay, you know wha-"
"Don't. Move."
Shock crosses Namjoon's face.
"What is it?"
Jungkook is sweating. He feels something behind him but only Namjoon can see it.
"I said don't move. Trust me."
Namjoon grabs his axe but Jungkook really doesn't trust him.
Then he hears something hissing.
He sees something green.
He turns pale: he hates snakes.
"I think you just found ourselves dinner, Jungkook. And breakfast."
Jungkook is paralyzed as he feels the snake go down on his head.
"Kill it. Kill it now before I start freaking out."
Namjoon laughs and gets closer.
The snake sees him and hisses as he throws the axe at it.
Its head falls on his feet and the snake still tries to bite on something despite being dead.
Jungkook kicks it away.
"It's fucking moving! Disgusting!"
Namjoon throws his head back, laughing.
"This is priceless... Aren't you from District 7? I thought you were used to snakes."
"You know what you're not funny. And I want to make it clear: we're not friends."
Jungkook takes the snake and throws it at Namjoon's face.
"We could take the Capitol down, me and you. Dont you think?"
"Ah, fuck off. I have a family, you know?"
"Well I dont. Who cares. Fuck them"
Jungkook goes back to make traps just like Namjoon taught him and makes a surprised face.
"Why are you saying this?"
Namjoon shrugs.
"They kept using me to get more tesserae. My name was on the reaping 58 times."
A butterfly flies past him.
"I thought you were rich?"
"We are."
The sun is high in the sky: it's noon.
"Hey, I just realised you saved my life."
Namjoon chuckles softly.
"Yeah and now you owe me."
Jungkook nods: he's right.
"Hey, look at me Joon!"
Namjoon looks at Jungkook raising his middle fingers at the camera and joins him.
The Head Gamemaker stays unperturbed.
He hasn't said a thing since the previous night and has been observing them all.
District 1 and 2 aren't important to him.
He's focused on someone else.
He finally speaks.
"Get me more informations about the boy from District 7."
It's afternoon.
Jin has been keeping an eye on Taehyung. His shoulder isnt bleeding since the other half of the arrow is still inside his skin.
"Would you stop doing that?"
Taehyung breaks the silence as they're walking inside the forest.
Jin looks away, embarrassed.
"Stop what?"
"Stop looking at me and focus on the game. What the fuck do they teach you in District 2? How to be stupid?"
Jin stops, offended.
"I was trained as a peacekeeper, watch it!"
Taehyung fakes his fear.
"Oh a peacekeeper! How scary! Look at me, shaking with fear."
He keeps walking.
"If it weren't for us Panem would be defenceless. You should respect us."
Taehyung stops and ignores him.
"We should stop here. Get some food and water. I have to take care of my shoulder. Hey, who had an arrow and a bow?"
Jin tries to remember.
"The one from District 5?"
Jin nods.
"Yes, I'm sure of it. I remember seeing him run away with those and thinking the bow was as big as him."
Taehyung's jaw is clenched.
"What do you have against him? What did he do?"
Jin asks carefully, trying not to alternate the boy.
"Why are you so damn curious?"
"Excuse me, do I have to remind you I didn't kill you? You're welcome by the way!"
Taehyung ignores him and sits down, focused on his shoulder.
He rips off a part of his shirt and takes a look at his injury.
He takes the rest of the arrow in his hand and quickly pulls it off.
"Seriously though... I want to know. Why do you hate him?"
Taehyung scoffs.
"I'm not here to gossip. Mind your own business."
Jin had enough. He grabs the boy from his neck and blocks him against a tree.
"You know I don't need an ally."
Taehyung smiles despite the sharp pain.
"I want him dead so that I can finally sleep."
Jin looks at him confused and lets him go as if he was touching something revolting.
"You're nuts, you know? You're fucking nuts."
Taehyung ignores him again.
Jin sees a lizard and throws his knife at it.
"Ah, I found dinner."
"Dinner? You call that dinner?"
The older boy rolls his eyes at him.
"Alright. Let me ask my sponsors for a chicken then."
Taehyung doesn't laugh.
"You know our sponsors send anything we want. Why make such a stupid request?"
Jin decides to stop talking.
He so wants to kill him.
The sun has gone.
Jimin is sleeping next to the fire as Hoseok and Yoongi are softly discussing.
Hoseok's cheek feels so much better thanks to the mixture Jimin made for him: his knowledge of plants is incredible.
Hoseok now understands why Yoongi is fighting that hard for him.
"Hey, listen... What if I asked my sponsors for the medicine?"
Yoongi's eyes light up.
"You would do that? Really?"
Hoseok nervously shrugs.
"I could. I mean... They probably won't help me again but... Yeah."
"Please. Let's make it another night without any victims."
Hoseok sighs. He looks at the camera and whispers a "Please, I'm begging you" as he tries to sound as desperate as possible.
Jimin keeps snoring, unaware of what's happening.
They wait a few minutes.
Nothing happens.
An owl fills the silence of the night.
"Why didn't you kill him? To like... You know, save him from any more pain."
Yoongi shifts uncomfortably.
"I've never killed anyone. I barely survived the first level and if you didn't spare me, I wouldn't be here. So thank you. I guess."
Hoseok smiles.
"Yeah. Dont mention it."
"Also, Jimin mentioned you have a dog. Thats cute."
Yoongi smiles.
"Yeah... He's my only family. I found him next to a power plant and he was pretty bad. His leg was broken so I took care of him and we've been inseparable ever since."
Hoseok pouts.
"You're making me miss my cat."
"Her name is Venus because she has this cute little star-shaped spot on her back. She hates me but I like her. She's warm."
"She probably hates you because you're always around water, mermaid boy."
Both start giggling.
"My dog is called Happy. Sappy huh?"
Hoseok laughs.
Yoongi hears something.
He rapidly puts his hand on Hoseok's mouth to stop him from laughing.
Hoseok gets away and looks at him, shocked.
"What the f-"
"Do you hear it?"
Yoongi rushes out of the cave, ignoring the fact he's exposing himself without weapons.
Then he sees it.
A box is falling from the sky, beeping loudly. He tries to catch it to stop it from making any further noises and rushes back into the cave.
He's shaking.
"They heard you. Hoseok, they heard you."
Hoseok jumps on his feet and takes the box from his hands.
There's a note inside.
- This is your last gift. -

Hoseok sighs: he knew it.
Yoongi is waking up Jimin, who looks alarmed at the sudden agitation.
"They sent the medicine! You're safe!"
Jimin looks at Hoseok, his eyes asking if it were true.
Hoseok nods and shows him the box.
Jimin almost cries.
In the meantime Jin is sleeping.
Taehyung can't sleep.
The Head Gamemaker is watching him.
He commands to a Gamemaker to turn the volume up and sees Taehyung's reaction, which consists into ripping his hair off.
He's going crazy.
Hell is breaking loose.
There's something the tributes don't know.
Not only they have trackers in their arms, they also have a special kind of earbuds that allow the Gamemakers to make them listen to whatever they want.
Only Taehyung's are on.
And all he hears is people laughing at him.
Over and over.
Taehyung hasn't been able to close his eyes ever since he entered the arena.
He's sleep deprived. He's starving. He's mentally unstable.
His target is nowhere to be found and his District is laughing at him. Mocking him.
In reality District 1 doesn't even care.
He sees Jin sleeping right next to him and he wants to ask him how hes doing it.
How can he sleep through all this noise?
He tries to wake him up but when he does, Jin doesnt look very happy.
"What now?"
"How can you sleep? They're so loud!"
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
"Their laughs, Jin! Can't you hear them?"
Jin gets up: he's furious.
"Listen! I've had enough! You're a fucking psycho! You.. What did you do to your hair?"
Taehyung doesn't understand what's going on.
He just wants to sleep.
"Fucking hell."
Jin grabs his sword and steps back.
The Head Gamemaker nods.
"He won't need any more of these fake laughs after tonight" he smiles "These voices will forever be in his head. We will forever be inside his head."
The Capitol is watching.
The President is watching.
No one is protesting.
Jin isnt moving. He's staying as far as he can from Taehyung: he shouldn't have made that alliance.
Taehyung is observing Jin.
He sees how he first looks concerned and then grins.
He sees how his expression becomes amused.
Jin starts laughing.
Taehyung gets up.

The first cannon.
The first victim is:
His body falls down, lifeless. Jin's bloody sword isn't shaking in his hand as he's been wanting to kill the boy ever since he paired up with him.
He thinks it's better off this way, he's telling himself Taehyung is in a more peaceful place now.
He takes all his items and leaves.
The cannon is heard by everyone. Namjoon was on guard duty as Jungkook was sleeping next to him, but he wakes up as soon as he hears it.
Namjoon keeps playing with a stick.
"What happened? Who died?"
Jungkook looks annoyed.
"Cant they just use something less noisy? Like a flute?"
"Nothing is as noisy as you." he mutters.
Jungkook rolls his eyes, offended.
"You know, it's a real bummer they don't show who dies anymore... I'd like to see how my face looks like in the sky. But then again, that would happen only if I died, so i can't witness it. How unfair."
"Do you even listen to yourself? And they stopped showing the faces of the fallen years ago. The infamous fear of the unknown."
Jungkook looks at him for a few seconds.
"Yeah, right... I will pretend I understood what you just said."
He goes back to sleep, leaving Namjoon alone.
In the cave, Jimin is sleeping. He took the medicine and felt instant relief. His nose isn't bleeding anymore and he said his head feels so much better: both Yoongi and Hoseok are delighted by that.
"Who do you think it was?"
Hoseok shrugs.
"It could be anyone. Or no one too."
"It's definitely someone. I guess we'll find out tomorrow."
Hoseok laughs.
"I guess so. It would be the greatest gift if it were the boy from District 2. He threw a knife at me!"
"Well, at least you're not wanted by a psychopath. My aiming skills got worse, I aimed at his heart."
"Well, I have a good aim. My dad taught me how to always center the target with any weapons I have. I was 4 when I started training and I absolutely hated it for some reasons..."
Yoongi nods and yawns.
"I think you should sleep. I'll be on guard duty."

The Head Gamemaker smiles.

As the tributes are moving, the Head Gamemaker gets a call from President Snow.
He leaves anoher Gamemaker in charge and exits the room, ready to meet him.
The unbearable smell of roses hits him as soon as he enters the President's office.
He's sitting there, frowining.
The Head Gamemaker does as told.
"Did you read the news, Tatius?"
He stays silent: he didn't.
The President keeps talking.
"Capitol fears a rebellion. Things aren't going as planned and I'm disappointed. Only one death in two days? You can do better than this."
He gets interrupted.
"I don't want to hear it. I want you to show the tributes who's in control. Show them the consequences of joking about a rebellion. Have no mercy. Or I will do it. And I will throw you in the arena."
Tatius nods, ashamed.
Meanwhile, in the arena, Jimin is picking up fruits and plants to thank his allies.
He woke up before them and found Hoseok asleep in a very uncomfortable position.
He helped him get cosy and left the cave, not going too far away.
He feels brand new.
A knife lands next to him.
He doesn't even flinch.
"You shouldn't go around without protection. I didn't save you to then get you killed after a few hours."
He turns around and sees Hoseok laughing and shaking his head.
"I got you guys breakfast! I hope you like bananas."
Yoongi suddenly wakes up, his heart is racing and his mind is numb.
It's not real. It can't be real.
He stands still, trying to catch that sound again.
All he hears is the buzzing of the magnetic field of the arena, followed by his beating heart.
He's panicking.
Minutes pass by and he still hasn't heard anything.
He calms down: it must've been a dream.
A really bad dream.
He takes all his tools and leaves the cave, curious to know how Jimin is feeling now.
He sees them next to the river, focused on catching some fish.
He gets closer.
"We've been making traps all day long... We need to find someone and fight, not hide!"
Jungkook has been complaining for hours now but Namjoon isn't listening.
He's focused on preparing himself for any possible attack.
"Why do I even try..."
He covers the hole on the ground.
"Do you know this arena isn't real?"
Jungkook looks confused.
"We're not in an actual forest. We're not eating actual food. These trees? They're not real."
"Wait what the f-"
"I know it. The best minds of the Capitol come from my District. I know how all of this works."
"If this isn't real then how am I touching it? And what am I eating?"
Namjoon smiles.
"Crazy huh? All of this... It's holograms. The food you're eating is just... How do I explain it to someone like you?"
Jungkook just gets more offended.
"Hey, I'm not stupid you know? Headass!"
"Your mind is the most powerful weapon, Kookie. They do feed you but you don't see how. The air you're breathing is feeding us. They're giving us what they want."
"Why did you hunt the bird then? Why do you search for food?"
"It's a game, isn't it? You have to play by the rules."
Jungkook shakes his head.
"You know too much, Joon. It's not always a good thing."
Namjoon shrugs.
"I could easily blow this entire arena off, you know?"
"Shut up! They're watching us!!"
Namjoon leans on and whispers.
"There's always a flaw in the system."
As Jungkook is about to protest once again, a loud beeping catches his attention.
Namjoon looks surprised as a little box falls from the sky.
"Did you ask for something?"
Jungkook shakes his head.
"No? The only thing I'm asking right now is for you to shut up."
He opens the box. Its a picture of his family: his mom, his dad and his fiance.
"Who are they?"
Jungkook smiles.
"My parents and my future wife."
"Wife? Arent you like 12?"
Jungkook ignores him.
"I wanted to marry her before all of this started. All I can do now is fight for her"
"Ew, disgusting."
Jungkook looks away, a little embarrassed but Namjoon keeps making fun of him.
"How did someone this pretty end up with someone like you?"
The boy looks at the picture again.
"Hey, there's a message behind it."
"What does it say?"
He turns pale.
"Say g-goodbye."
Yoongi hears it again. He's sure of it now.
He stops eating the fish Hoseok caught and gets up, panting heavily.
"Did you hear that?"
They both look at him, confused.
Yoongi starts moving around, panicking even more.
"Did you fucking hear it or not!"
"The barking? Yes?"
Realization hits both Hoseok and Jimin.
"There's no way they can do that. They can't. Yoongi, they cant."
He doesn't listen to them. As soon as he hears another bark, he runs towards it, getting deeper into the forest.
Hoseok mutters a "Fuck" and follows him.
Jimin does the same.
Everything is spinning around Yoongi. He feels his legs failing him and stops.
He's panting and shaking.
"Happy? Buddy?"
Hoseok and Jimin catch up and stay close to him, minding their surroundings.
He sees something move in front of him, coming out the vegetation.
"Oh fuck. No fucking way."
Hoseok's eyes widen in shock as Jimin takes a step back.
"Y-Yoongi, step back."
He doesn't listen to them. He can't hear them.
He only sees his dog, his actual dog, coming closer to him.
He didn't realise he was crying until he starts sobbing.
"Happy? It's me buddy? Oh, what did they do to you?"
He takes a step closer to the... creature Capitol mutated.
"Thats not your dog anymore. Step back."
Jimin's voice is quite, as if he didn't want to scare the animal.
Yoongi raises his arm, trying to pet it.
The creature growls.
Hoseok tells Jimin to start running and he nods, getting away.
The creature jumps at Yoongi but Hoseok steps in, pushing the boy away.
He falls down, using his spear to keep the creature away from his face but it's too strong for him.
Yoongi can't move. He can't even blink.
"Fucking do something!"
The creature scratches Hoseok's chest, making him scream painfully.
Yoongi doesn't know what to do.
Why is the Capitol doing this? How are they enjoying this? What kind of sick fucked up world is he living in?
He takes an arrow and aims, shaking.
He hits its back.
The creature gets back and howls in pain.
Yoongi's heart breaks: that's exactly how Happy would act whenever he got hurt.
He falls down on his knees as Hoseok gets his spear and pushes it through its chest.
The creature whines and falls back, dead.
Hoseok ignores the pain in his chest and rushes towards Yoongi, picking him up and carrying him on his shoulders as he seems unable to move.
He doesn't protest and lets Hoseok carry him.
He doesnt have anything now.
He might as well just die.

He really fucking hates the Capitol.
Hoseok suddenly stops. He has lost Jimin.
He calls his name and after a few seconds, he hears an answer.
He lets Yoongi go and moans at the pain, but he quickly ignores it again.
"Where are you?"
Jimin's voice is weak.
"Down here! Follow my voice!"
"Am I a fucking nanny now?" he mutters under his breath, as he follows his voice.
Yoongi quietly follows him: he's not crying anymore.
They find Jimin trapped in a hole.
He looks embarrassed for his stupid mistake, but quickly changes his expression as he sees Hoseok's chest.
"I'll go look for some lianas to help him up. You stay here."
Yoongi's voice is dark. Hoseok sighs and nods.
"I'm sorry."
Yoongi ignores him and walks away, hating the way birds are singing.
He hates how the sun shines bright.
He's full of hate.
He can't find any lianas and he's getting impatient.
He can't understand why every single liana disappeared.
Yoongi is about to turn back when he sees another tribute sitting on a rock.
He looks like he has been crying and Yoongi doesn't know what to do.
Then he sees him too.
The boy looks miserable as he's holding a picture in his hands.
Yoongi gets defensive and points his arrow at him.
The boy doesn't even move.
He doesn't even blink.
"Do it. Kill me."
Yoongi relaxes his muscles.
"What happened to you?"
Jungkook shows him the message.
"They killed my family."
"How do you know?"
"It's the fucking Capitol, what do you think? They killed my fucking family! I have nothing to fight for now."
Yoongi nods.
"They killed my dog..."
"Can you just end me already? Please. I'm begging you. I can't do it anymore."
Yoongi takes a step back.
"I... You can't ask me this. I won't do it."
As Jungkook is about to speak, someone approaches them.
"You can't kill him. We're making a pie."
"I said I'm not doing it Joon."
Yoongi sees the boy from District 3 and takes a step back: they're probably allies and he's alone.
"Ah, you have nothing to lose anymore. Revenge is sweet. Just like a pie!"
Namjoon smiles fondly and looks at Yoongi.
"What do you think? Pie?"
Yoongi isnt sure whether or not his mental health is okay or not but he definitely questions this guy's mental state.
"What are you talking about?"
Namjoon gets closer to him.
"Sometimes when people are hurt by other people they get revenge by making a poisoned pie. Or something"
"Can you speak normal?"
Namjoon's smile fades abruptly and Jungkook sighs.
"He's asking you to join him."
Yoongi is even more confused.
"Join what? I'm here to get some li-"
He stops. He completely forgot about Hoseok and Jimin. "Did you make that trap?"
"Duh? Yes? Of course."
"You have to help me free my friend. He fell there and my other friend is injuried."
Namjoon crosses his arms.
"Friends? Thats not really how you should define them but... Okay. At one condition though: you join us."
"Do you think your friends would be interested in pie?"
Yoongi takes the two tributes to Hoseok and Jimin.
They're both still there and Yoongi sighs relieved. It's not like Jimin could've gone anywhere anyway.
"What took you so long?"
Hoseok is annoyed.
"These two." he mutters.
He points at Jungkook and Namjoon.
Hoseok's eyes widen.
After pulling Jimin out of the hole, Yoongi tries to explain what he has been told.
Hoseok looks interested while Jimin isn't as sure.
"I don't have a family anymore but I'm still not so sure about this, Yoongi. Especially if I have to call it a pie all the time."
"I dont trust this either but I want to know more. He seems sure of himself and he got a 10/12."
Hoseok nods and turns to Namjoon.
"I want the pie. Im in. How do we eat it without being seen?"
Namjoon smiles.
"You can't" he turns to the other boys "What about you? Will you join?"
Jimin sighs.
"Okay yes, I'll join you. I have never made pie though."
Namjoon smiles.
"You'll be fine. I'm not really a fan of pies, but when you're starving they're the best."
Yoongi and Jungkook both roll their eyes.
"Just call it for what it is, a revo-"
"Revolting pie? Rude."
Hoseok groans in pain as he touches his chest and Jimin rushes to him.
"Let me take care of that."
He takes the mixture he had made for his cheek and applies it on his exposed chest.
Hoseok grunts at the coldness but he's grateful.
He mentally thanks Yoongi for saving Jimin.
The Head Gamemaker watches carefully.
He doesn't understand what they're talking about but he's suspicious.
"Show me the tribute from District 2."
They zoom in on Jin.
Tatius gets closer to a microphone.
"It's your turn. Head South."
Jin nods.
It takes him an hour to find the other tributes. They all seem to have made an alliance.
Despite his weapons, he's definitely the weakest one.
But these are the Hunger Games and the tributes can't be all allies.
He doesn't know what to do.
Tatius speaks again.
"Don't kill."
Jin stays hidden and keeps an eye on them. He doesnt understand why they would tell him not to kill but he trusts the Capitol and does as told.
He sees something moving behind the tributes.
He's sure it's an animal, so he gets ready to fight.
But its not an animal.
It's Taehyung.
Jin is shocked.
He sees the boy he thought he killed approach the group with raised hands.
Yoongi has his arrow pointed at him and he's not shaking.
Jin doesn't understand. Did he actually kill him? Is the Capitol just messing with him?
But why would they?
He doesn't understand.
Taehyung takes a step forward, his hands still raised.
"I surrender."
Yoongi still has his arrow pointed at him while Namjoon looks at the tribute carefully.
No one wants to say anything but Jungkook breaks the silence.
"Does it mean the dead tribute was the one from District 2?"
Taehyung nods.
"Yes. I killed him."
Yoongi shakes his head and points at his chest.
"I don't trust you."
Taehyung smiles.
"You will not shoot it. You can't kill."
"Watch me."
He's about to shoot his arrow when Namjoon stops him.
"Don't. I want to listen to what he has to say."
Jimin stops massaging Hoseok's chest and looks worried.
Hoseok taps his shoulder in a weak attempt to cheer him up.
"I see you all made an alliance or at least it looks like that. Whats your plan?"
They dont think Namjoon is dumb enough to reveal the plan.
But he starts talking.
"We are planning on a mass suicide so there won't be a winner. Do you want to join?"
Taehyung's expression doesnt change.
The Head Gamemaker crosses his arms, confused and slightly pissed.
The tributes look at each other but stay silent.
Yoongi's arrow doesnt move.
The wind stops
"Suicide? That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard."
Namjoon takes a step towards Taehyung, who takes a step back and gets closer to a tree.
"Dumb? You think it's dumb?"
"The Capitol is powerful, more than you will ever know. I will not join you."
Yoongi speaks.
"Let me shoot."
"I said no!"
Namjoon snaps, scaring the ally, who does as told and takes a step back.
Jin watches the scene from afar, hidden between the trees and wonders what he's supposed to do.
He looks at the camera but the Head Gamemaker ignores him.
Namjoon speaks.
"Holograms can't die."
Everyone but Jungkook is confused. The youngest sighs.
"Nothing is real, everything is just holograms, you're eating holograms, the air you're breathing feeds you and so on. Dont make him listen to him again, please."
Namjoon isnt listening.
He's focused on Taehyung.
The Head Gamemaker is getting worried.
"I want you to find out what they're plotting. I can't kill them all so I want you to take them one by one. I will help you."
Jin nods at the orders and leaves, focused on finding a hiding spot.
Hoseok gets up and grunts.
"What the fuck is he talking about? None of this is real?"
Jungkook sighs.
"The arena isn't real. Where do you think hovercrafts come from? We never see them but they come from the outside."
Namjoon is secretly proud of Jungkook.
Taehyung looks trapped.
"Someone make a fire. Quick."
Jimin follows Namjoon's order and lights up a fire, despite the high humidity of the forest.
"Bring it closer to the hologram."
Jimin is reclutant: he's not sure that's an hologram.
Namjoon rolls his eyes and does it himself.
Taehyung disappears.
Hoseok isnt having it. He grabs Namjoon by his neck and blocks him against a tree.
"You better tell me what the fuck just happened and Im not joking. How did you know he wasnt human?"
Namjoon raises his hands.
"He flickered. Didnt you see it? It was so obvious."
A punch hits him.
Jungkook steps in, pulling Hoseok off Namjoon before he could go on.
Namjoon laughs and wipes the blood coming out of his lips.
"Guess I deserved that huh?"
Hoseok is pissed.
"Fuck you."
Jimin takes Hoseok's hand and pulls him closer to calm him down.
Then, there's a loud beeping
"If it's for you again I swear I will punch every single one of your sponsors!"
Jungkook warns Namjoon, who happily watches as a box is falling from the sky and landing next to him.
He takes it and smiles at the content.
"Its like the third you get, its so unfair."
Jungkook pouts
"Ok well guys... I have to leave you for now. I'll come back soon but please don't follow me. I ask you to trust me and remember there's still a tribute out there and he's dangerous."
Namjoon takes his items and leaves, hiding somewhere close.
No one says anything.
It's bees two hours. Yoongi's had enough.
He gets up and goes looking for Namjoon, despite Jungkook's warning to leave him alone.
He finds him soon: he looks like he's working on something.
Namjoon jumps as he was caught off guard.
"What do you want?"
Namjoon sighs.
"Be careful of the cameras."
Yoongi nods and sits next to him as the sun goes down.
"How did you know he was an hologram? Why didn't you let me shoot?"
"His sides kept flickering and he raised his hands. A tribute from District 1 who surrenders? Too suspicious."
"What about the fire?"
Namjoon laughs.
"Use your brain. If the whole arena is taking up energy to make it look like it's real, then it uses even more energy to make it feel, soud and taste like it's real. Making a fire takes up a lot of energy which makes the system vulnerable."
"So you're saying the fire and the hologram were taking up too much energy and just... disappeared?"
Namjoon nods.
"In a way, yes."
"How do you know all these things?"
"My District is responsible for technology and stuff. I've watched every Game I could and I've studied them."
Yoongi is shocked.
"You watched them all? How could you?"
"You know what Yoongi... You need to get comfortable with the idea of killing someone. Life is precious indeed, but this doesn't mean yours isn't. You kill or you die, that's how it is for now. And I need you to kill."
"I never asked for any of this. As soon as I heard my name during the reaping I knew I was going to die. If Hoseok didn't spare me during the first level I wouldn't be here."
Namjoon shrugs.
"It might sound crazy to you but I don't mind being here. My District won't fail me."
"Can I ask you one more thing?"
Namjoon nods.
"Who are you fighting for? You weren't a volunteer. I lost the only reason I had to keep going and I was... I just wanted to know."
Yoongi looks down as Namjoon stops working on his tools.
"I'm fighting for myself. For my freedom."
Yoongi likes Namjoon.
He decides to leave him alone so that he can.. do whatever he was doing.
As he's getting further from him, he hears Namjoon talk to himself.
"One, two, five. High chances of four."
He decides to ignore whatever nonsense he's saying and goes back to the boys.
He finds Jungkook asleep as Hoseok and Jimin are talking.
Jimin smiles when he sees him.
"Im glad you're back! I thought something happened to you."
Yoongi shrugs and sits next to them.
"Nothing happened. That guy is a real weirdo but I think hes okay."
Hoseok shakes his head.
"Hes too weird. I was okay with it at first but now Im not rea-"
He stops talking.
Panem's anthem starts playing as the face of President Snow shows up in the sky.
He looks insane as he starts speaking.
"Starting tomorrow alliances will be forbidden. Kill your ally and goodnight"
No one is moving. Jungkook woke up and is now just staring at the three tributes, knowing Namjoon isn't near him.
They're all tense.
They know they're still allies for now, but tomorrow... Tomorrow they won't be anymore.
Jungkook could be a victim.
He gets closer to his axe.
"Fucking chill. For tonight we're still allies. Thanks for trusting us, though."
Jungkook blushes in embarassment as Jimin speaks.
"You can't blame him, Hobi. Relax and sleep a bit, you're too tense."
"No shit Sherlock!"
Jimin is surprised by Hoseok snapping at him.
He frowns.
Hoseok sighs.
"I'm sorry. I just want this to end."
Jimin nods and allows Hoseok to lay his head on his legs.
"You should rest. Tomorrow is another day."
The tributes go to sleep: Jungkook is holding his axe and Yoongi is holding his bow and arrows.
Namjoon hasn't returned yet.

The next morning the birds are singing.
More butterflies are in the arena.
The humidity isn't as high as before.
The tributes wake up to Jungkook talking to himself.
"Promise me you'll do it. Please."
Hoseok throws a rock at him.
"Who are you talking to?"
Jungkook runs away.
The Head Gamemaker speaks.
"We have to divide them. I want the one from District 5 alone. District 4 and 11 can stick together. It will be more entertaining."
The Gamemakers nod.
"What do we do? Another fire?"
"No" he shakes his head "Make it rain."
"A flood?"
"A fire rain."
The Gamemakers look at him suspiciously.
"We... We have never made anything like that. And it would take up too much energy."
Tatius screams, frustrated.
"Do anything! A flood, a fire, an earthquake! Just do something, you idiots!"
They obey as his eyes turn bloodshot.
After Jungkook ran away, the three tributes left Namjoon and got far from wherever he was.
Hoseok's chest feels better despite hurting a little.
"Jimin told me everything he knows about plants... Maybe I can teach you."
Yoongi laughs.
"Nope, thank you."
The groud starts shaking.
They suddenly stop.
"What's happening?"
Hoseok's eyes widen in shock.
"I know this sound. Hurry, climb on a strong tree and hold on to it!"
They do as told and separate to find the strongest tree.
Jimin finds one next to Yoongi, while Hoseok is a few meters away.
The water comes.
The Head Gamemaker nods.
"Let the water bring them to the Cornucopia. Make sure they don't drown, decrease the intensity every now and then."
They nod and make the water hit the trees, causing them to shake.
"Don't let me down, District 4."
Jimin's tree breaks.
He falls.
Hoseok is shocked.
Yoongi wants to jump in and save him but he can't swim and the water is too strong for him.
He looks at Hoseok, who's just staring at Jimin as the water is taking him away.
His body is paralyzed but his mind is telling him to do something.
He jumps in despite Yoongi's warning not to do it.
The water is cold and he admits he kind of missed swimming.
He goes underwater and he notices the intensity of the flood is decreasing, which allows him to locate Jimin's unconscious body.
He swims towards him and takes his hand.
He manages to get their heads out of the water as the flood is taking them away.
Jimin is still unconscious but at least he's breathing.
It only lasts a few more minutes and Hoseok notices some trees flickering.
The flood stops: they're at the Cornucopia.
Jin is there too.
Yoongi watches as the flood is dying out and sighs.
He's alone but he could stay on the tree for as long as he wanted.
He relaxes and looks around him.
Some trees are flickering and everything is silent. Not a bird, not an insect. Not even the wind.
Then he sees Jungkook coming.
He's not wet so he figures he's found a way to get away from the flood, which means he didn't get tired and is full of energy, unlike Yoongi.
Climbing that tree took a lot of energy from him and he's not ready for a fight.
Jungkook grabs his axe.
"You're dead!"
He hits the tree.
At first Yoongi isn't worried and thinks he can just aim his arrow at Jungkook and hit him but he doesn't know Jungkook has been cutting down trees pretty much ever since he was born.
The fact the tree is big means nothing to him: he cut down bigger trees.
Birds start screaming.
Yoongi can't aim at him as the tree starts shaking. He decides to jump on the closest tree to get away.
Jungkook grunts as sweat runs down his forehead and another hit makes the tree shake.
Yoongi takes a deep breath and jumps but he doesn't get to the tree.
He falls down.
He falls on his back and screams in pain: he broke his shoulder.
Jungkook sees him and runs, his axe high in the air.
Yoongi takes his bow but he sees that the arrow is broken in two.
He grunts and tries to get back but Jungkook is faster.
He decides to throw his knife at him.
The knife hits his abdomen and Jungkook falls down, bleeding.
He's close to Yoongi but he can't even throw his axe at him.
His shock doesn't let him feel the agonizing pain that hit his body.
He mutters a "Please" but he's not talking to Yoongi, who gets up and weakly runs away.
The Head Gamemaker speaks.
"You failed. I would tell you to say goodbye to your family but unfortunately, they've been long dead. I knew you weren't going to be able to do what I asked you."
Jungkook doesn't say anything.
He stops thinking as he takes the knife off his abdomen.
He points it at his heart as hes sobbing.
The Capitol took everything he had. His abdomen is losing a lot of blood and he cant even walk.
Hes dead so he might as well just end this.
He closes his eyes and counts down.
The birds sing.
The sun shines.
Namjoon arrives.
"No! No! What happened?"
He rushes to him and takes Jungkook between his arms.
He sees his injury and shakes his head.
"No, no, no..."
Jungkook weakly smiles.
"Hi Joonie. Where were you?"
"I was making the pie, Kookie. It's going to work."
"It better work, Joonie. I trust you."
"You will make it Kookie. You will."
Namjoon ignores the fact his hand is drowning in Jungkook's blood and stops himself from crying.
"I get it now Joonie" Jungkook points at the tree he cut down "Look at the flickering."
Namjoon nods.
"There's always..."
"A flaw in the system."
"Listen Joonie... I want you to kill me. Please. I won't make it so do me one last favour."
Namjoon takes the knife in his hands and looks at Jungkook.
"Let me do this first Kookie. I already did it with me, I promise it will only hurt for a few seconds."
He cuts Jungkook's arm.
"I'll see you soon, Kookie. You've been a great ally and... friend. Thank you for believing in me."
Jungkook smiles and closes his eyes as Namjoon stabs his chest.
He waits a few seconds.
A cannon is heard and an hovercraft appears above them.
It takes Jungkook's body.
Namjoon looks at the camera.
"One, one, four. Hopefully not three."
A few moments later a box falls from the sky.
He takes it and goes back to where he came from, muttering a "Zero, one, four. Please don't be three."
The Head Gamemaker didn't even notice Namjoon and Jungkook's disappearance from the screen as he was too focused on the Cornucopia.
"Two tributes just dis-"
Tatius raises his hand.
"Shut up! Zoom in on the three tributes and make sure the one from District 5 gets there too."
In the meawhile Hoseok and Jimin fall as the flood dies out.
Hoseok runs to Jimin and slaps his face, trying to wake him up.
He doesn't see Jin smiling.
"Would you look at that? What is a married couple doing here?"
He starts mocking them and Hoseok grabs his spear.
"Fuck you."
Jimin is gaining consciousness as he finds himself hidden behind Hoseok, who's trying to protect him.
"Don't you know alliances are forbidden?"
"Says you. Your district has been kissing the Capitol's ass for years so, again, fuck you."
Jin looks furious now.
He takes his sword.
"Oh I've been waiting for this, you know?"
Hoseok doesn't want to hear him anymore.
He runs towards him, his spear facing his chest.
Jin uses Taehyung's machete to slit Hoseok's knees, making him fall down.
The eldest smiles as he gets ready to stab Hoseok.
He's about to do it when Jimin rushes towards him and attacks Jin, taking him off Hoseok.
Both the machete and the sword fell from Jin's hands and he's fighting as Jimin is sitting on him, trying to break his neck.
Unfortunately Jin is stronger and frees himself.
He punches Jimin, who falls down as Hoseok is incapable of getting up due to the injuries on his legs.
Jin is about to grab his weapon when Jimin attacks him again despite having no weapons with him.
After Jin punches him again, Jimin falls next to Hoseok.
"Take my spear!"
A few meters away Yoongi is walking towards the Cornucopia. He doesn't know why the trees seem to only lead him that way but he's too weak and in pain to think about it.
He hears pantings coming from behind him and then Namjoon appears with a weird tool.
"What th-"
"Hurry up!"
Yoongi grabs his shoulder and wines painfully as he hears Namjoon talk to himself.
"Zero, zero, four. I repeat: zero, zero, four! Its ready, act now!"
Then he stops.
He turns to Yoongi.
"Give me your arm. Im sorry but I have to do this"
Yoongi doesnt even have the time to protest
"Why the fuck would you do that?!"
Yoongi groans at the blood coming out of his arm.
"I took your tracker, dumbass."
"And what do the numbers mean? Fucking hell you're out of your mind!"
Namjoon sighs.
"We have to go!"
"I'm not moving untill you say what they mean"
He sighs again
"The first one is the number of boxes I need to make this beauty right here" he points at his tool "The second the number of days they have to wait and the third is you. The tributes that will make it out alive."
Yoongi is shocked.
"Who are you talking to?"
Namjoon ignores him.
He starts explaining as he runs towards the Cornucopia.
"My District has been helping me all the time. You don't know it but we have earbuds inside our ears. My group has hacked mine and told me everything that was happening. They hacked the cameras too, the Capitol can't see us"
"What the fu-"
"I was put here by choice. I had to lie and make it look like I got tricked but I wanted to be here. I got everything planned out. We are making a pie, Yoongi. We really are."
Yoongi doesn't even care about his shoulder.
He doesn't know what to say.
The Head Gamemaker suddenly gets interrupted by the President.
Tatius's heart stops beating for a second.
"Whats happening? What did you do?!"
"Im sorry I dont-"
"Where are the other tributes? Tell me!"
Tatius shakes as he notices what's happening.
"You're dead."
"You have to run faster!"
Namjoon doesn't seem to care about Yoongi's broken shoulder.
Yoongi mutters as he tries to catch up, feeling relieved as he sees the Cornucopia in front of him.
They both stop and watch the scene, shocked.
Hoseok is laying down as Jimin takes his spear and smiles at him.
"I'll make sure you stay alive, Hobi. I owe you."
Hoseok doesn't have the time to reply.
Jin took possession of his sword again and is smiling maniacally as he's enjoying every single moment of it.
Namjoon turns to Yoongi.
"Shoot your arrow at him, hurry!"
Yoongi snaps.
"I have a broken shoulder, you fucking idiot!"
"I know! Shoot your arrow and quit being a coward!"
Yoongi grunts as he takes his bow, trying his best to ignore his agony.
He knows Namjoon is right.
"I don't have any arrows left."
"Take this one. I made it for you but it's only one so you must aim right."
He takes the arrow from Namjoon: it's a different type of arrow, it's heavy but somehow lightweight too.
"It pierces through everything so be careful."
Namjoon throws some rocks to get their attention but only Hoseok notices the two of them.
He points at Jin and then at the arrow and Hoseok nods, understanding what Namjoon was asking him.
He turns to Jimin, who was still fighting.
"Make sure his back faces that way!"
Jin starts laughing.
"The Capitol will win. The Capitol is stronger than you all."
Jimin is full of anger now. He just wants to finish the Tribute.
He runs toward him, his spear facing him.
The blade hits Jin's stomach and Jimin blocks him to make sure his back is facing Yoongi.
The boy takes a deep breath and shoots his arrow.
Hoseok's eyes widen.
"Step back! Jimin, step back!"
Jimin weakly smiles at him: no one noticed Jin's sword hit his abdomen.
"Thank you Hobi."
Yoongi's arrow goes through Jin's heart and falls behind Jimin.
Hoseok screams.
Namjoon starts running towards the Cornucopia.
He goes past Jin and Jimin's fallen bodies and tries to help Hoseok get back to his feet.
Hoseok's heart is broken.
He can't bear to watch his friend's body covered in blood.
"You need to get away from here!"
Yoongi is watching from where he shot, shocked.
He shakes as he falls on his knees, his mind racing.
His first thought was Jimin and the fact he was responsible for his death, which was something he fought hard to avoid.
He can't believe he failed him.
He throws his bow away.
After noticing Hoseok's legs couldn't function properly he runs towards him, still trying to soothe the pain that hit his body.
He uses his other shoulder to help him up and tries to get the two of them as far as he can.
Hoseok grunts as tears stream down his cheeks.
Yoongi watches as Namjoon is preparing his tool. He's right in the middle of the Cornucopia and mutters "Zero, zero, three. I'm activating it now."
Yoongi starts thinking. If Namjoon wants to activate that tool, it means he's going to need a lot of energy.
And... Oh.
He knows how power works.
If Namjoon takes up too much power to destroy the arena, the tool, which is the source of the entropy, will be the first thing to explode.
Namjoon knows it but he doesnt seem to care at all.
Hes still handling his tool when someone runs out of the forest
Tatius looks a mess.
His fancy clothes are ripped and he's bleeding from falling too many times.
He shrieks as he sees the two tributes in front of him.
"You're the Head Gamemaker."
Hoseok points at him.
"You made all of this happen!"
Tatius takes a step back.
"It wasn't me!"
Hoseok throws a rock at Tatius and hits his head thanks to his perfect aim.
He's still unable to walk but Yoongi approaches Tatius and grabs his arm, leading him to Hoseok.
"It's all your fault if Jimin died."
Yoongi is scared Hoseok is talking to him but he's not.
"Who's Jimin?"
Hoseok only sees red now.
The adrenaline rush makes him unable to feel the pain in his body as he pins Tatius on the ground and tries to choke him.
The man tries to fight back but he's too weak.
Yoongi watches as Hoseok brutally tries to break the man's neck.
He stops him.
"I want him to be my first killing."
Hoseok looks at him with a surprised face but he steps back, leaving the man gasping for air.
Hoseok sees a machete a few steps away and he grabs it, shaking with anticipation.
He doesn't feel anything while watching the man trying to escape.
He blocks him with his foot on his chest and looks at him in the eye.
He takes the machete closer to his neck.
"This is for Jungkook and Jimin. Even for Taehyung. And Jin too."
Tatius doesn't have the time to say anything.
Yoongi's machete slits his throat.
Hoseok nods at him.
"You did good, my friend. It's all good."
Yoongi shakes as the man is choking on his own blood and is, finally, dying.
He clears his throat.
"You have to give me your arm, Hoseok. Trust me."
He nods: he trusts him with his life.
Namjoon has set everything.
He's ready.
He nods at himself when he sees that the two tributes are distant from him.
He looks at a camera and smiles.
"Hello, hello Mr. President! How is it going? Can you see me? I bet you can! You're wondering where the tributes are right?"
The President is worried.
The cameras only show Namjoon's face and they can't track the tributes.
"Did you shoot the cannon?"
One Gamemaker shakes his head.
"No, sir. It doesn't seem to work."
President Snow is furious.
"Do something!"
"They hacked our system!"
Namjoon smiles.
"You know, Snow... I saw you lost some weight. That's unfortunate, being the President must be so hard for you!"
He shakes his head, being fake worried.
"The good new is that I'm making some pie for you and turns out it's actually very tasty!"
Namjoon blows a kiss at the camera and turns to his tool. He takes Yoongi's arrow and approaches Jimin.
He cuts off the tracker from his arm and caresses his cheek, grateful for his sacrifice.
He then actuates the tool and tries to run away as the sky opens and the tool explodes.

Hoseok wakes up.
He's in a dark and cold room, surrounded by red lights.
He finds himself in a bed and is confused: when did he get there?
He looks around him and he sees Yoongi, asleep in a bed beside him, his shoulder in a plaster.
His legs aren't hurting.
He wants to wake the boy up but he decides against it. He removes the IV from his arm and gets up, feeling numb and lost.
His ears are ringing and he thinks it's because of the explosion... Speaking of, where was Namjoon? What happened?
Did the Capitol take them?
He doesn't want to leave Yoongi alone and unprotected but he also wants to explore the place and find out more: it looks like he's inside an hovercraft.
But what if Yoongi... What if he isn't...
He starts panicking and rushes to the boy, trying to wake him up.
Yoongi moans as he wakes up.
"What the... Where are we?"
Hoseok sighs relieved and hugs the boy.
"I'm so glad you're okay. I can't lose you too."
Yoongi hisses in pain and pats his back.
"I'm fine bud. I'm okay."
He takes the IV off Yoongi's arm too and helps him stand up.
"Lets get out of here."
"Where are we?"
"I dont know."
They get out of the room and find themselves in a long hallway.
They follow the lights and walk past another room.
Both can see through the door.
They're shocked.
A man approaches them and opens the door, inviting them in.
"Please join us. I know you have a lot of questions."
Yoongi is about to do as told when Hoseok stops him.
"I don't trust this."
The man smiles.
"I understand. But we aren't from the Capitol. You can trust us."
Hoseok sighs and both tributes enter the room.
Its a big room with a long table and a few seats.
"Please make yourself at home."
They almost laugh at that.
Home.. As if they knew what home feels like.
They do as told and Hoseok sits next to a boy whose face is wrapped in bandages
Yoongi speaks, still shocked by the boy's conditions.
Namjoon raises his hand as his mouth is covered.
"What happened to you?"
The man answers.
"The explosion got him. He didn't make it too far and the fire got him. But I'm happy the brightest brain is still here."
Hoseok points at the other boy sitting in front of him.
"What about him? He was dead."
Jungkook sadly smiles as Yoongi nods, remembering what happened.
The man keeps talking.
"We got him before it was too late. He barely made it out alive but our technology helped his injuries."
"What about Jiminie?"
Hoseok still has a little hope inside of him.
The man shakes his head.
"I'm sorry. Yoongi's arrow pierced through his shoulder but Jin's sword is what ended him... We tried to but... We can only take his body to his District. It's the least we can do."
Jungkook looks down in shame.
He feels as if they'd rather have Jimin back instead of him and he can't blame them.
"Im sorry I tried to kill you. I had no choice."
Yoongi nods.
"I forgive you" he smiles "Im happy you're here Kookie."
Namjoon draws a smile and shows it to Jungkook
The man smiles.
"I didn't introduce myself. I'm from District 3 and I'm Namjoon's sponsor," he turns to Yoongi "Your District and mine cut down the Capitol's power. But let me explain it all from the beginning."
He takes a seat.
"Namjoon has been planning it all for years. After the reaping he infiltrated into the Capitol and updated us on everything that happened. We got access into their system and now we're heading to District 11. We need people to fight with us for Panem."
Jungkook nods.
"The Capitol took everything from us. We have to avenge every death and pain we've been through. It won't be easy but it's our duty. Our trackers and earbuds are off, we're completely invisible to the Capitol."
Hoseok makes a confused face.
The man nods.
"Yes. That's how they made Taehyung go crazy."
They both nod, feeling sorry for the boy.
"Your shoulder should take a few days before you can use it again."
He turns to Hoseok.
"You had a concussion, but we managed to heal both your chest and legs."
They thank him.
"So what do we do now?"
Namjoon giggles and takes a piece of paper: he draws a pie.
Jungkook smiles as Hoseok shakes his head.
"Just stop calling it a pie. Please."
Yoongi looks at the man with a serious face.
"I'll fight with you. For our freedom."
Namjoon smiles.
It started.
Panem today.
Panem tomorrow.
Panem forever.
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