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All you people panicking about Trump sitting down with Mueller for an interview, I'll just leave this here.......…
Look, what do we know at this point? Let's go over it again.

As early as April 2016, when Mike Rogers found out about & moved to stop it, Obama admin. officials were spying on Trump's campaign team.
This illegal spying on Trump's campaign team continued by other means, including FISA warrant/s and it continued AFTER the election into the Trump transition phase from Nov '16 to the end of Jan. '17.

*HOW* do we know they hadn't found anything?

Because if they had FOUND anything they could use, they wouldn't have had to come up with a plan to frame General Michael Flynn over some phone calls.
Remember how desperate this plot was. The phone calls Flynn made were completely legal. Nothing illicit was discussed.

The plotters were forced to get their investigation of Flynn started by launching a blatantly false narrative using their willing co-conspirators in media.
Stop and ponder the facts. After illegally spying on Trump's team for over a year [I'm sure it started WELL before April 2016], what had they found that was REAL that they could use?


So at the last minute, as a Hail Mary attempt to take Trump out, the plotters are forced to MANUFACTURE a crime using a false media narrative to whip up calls for an FBI investigation of Gen. Flynn.
That was...January of 2017.

Have the plotters & their media allies found any REAL evidence of collusion since then?

No, they have NOT. As of today, January 26, 2018, a year later, they STILL haven't found anything real they can use.

The media has nothing.

The plotters never found anything.

It's over.
"But Stealth Jeff!" people tweet me. "Trump's still in real danger here! They could manufacture a case against him just like they did against Flynn!"

No, they couldn't.

Let me explain why.

[I'm going with 'Mueller the Black Hat' theory here today]
They framed Flynn and they are being EXPOSED now because they did that. Everybody involved in the plot has been dragged into the daylight since around December 12th.

Both the Flynn frame & the #SteeleDossier shenanigans got them caught.
Why do you even KNOW the names Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Bruce & Nellie Ohr, Bill Priestap, James Baker, James Rybicki, etc. ?

You know because these people are being INVESTIGATED and EVIDENCE against them is being handed over to Congress now.
Comey's in a panic since December. Notice the entire change in the tenor of tweets? Also Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch.

THEY all know what's coming. Why don't you?
Let's take a poll. As political fixers/saboteurs are dragged into the daylight by the IG's investigation & Congress pulls them in to interrogate them, who thinks Black Hat Bob Mueller has the BALLS to try to frame Trump?
Picture DOJ IG Michael Horowitz standing behind Bob Mueller looking over his shoulder watching him work.

People have been YANKED OFF OF MUELLER'S TEAM and placed in quarantine. High ranking DOJ officials are being demoted/relieved of duties.

Go ahead. Tell me in this environment Bob Mueller would try to turn something into a crime that wasn't a crime.
You've read Peter Strzok's text messages yourself. You know how virulently anti-Trump he is.

Ten months into the Mueller investigation he hadn't seen ANY evidence of collusion.
As @ChuckRossDC notes in the news article I linked, if ANYBODY had seen evidence of collusion by then, it would have been Strzok.

and he's forced to admit he's seen NOTHING.
There's no big 'there' there. There's nothing to find. As Trump has said all along.
That's why the media keeps having collusion stories blow up in their faces for the past 4 months. A source tells them "I found it, the smoking gun!".

"Awesome!" they cried, and then rushed out the door without looking too closely at it first and putting it on the launch pad.
And then they are all stunned when their hot new smoking gun Trump/Russian collusion scoop blows up on the launch pad.
You know why Trump can sit down with Mueller for an interview?

Trump's testified in HUNDREDS of court cases. He has vast legal experience from hundreds of lawsuits.
Assuming Black Hat Bob knows he can't get Trump on any collusion with Russia & so decides he'll settle for some lame process violation, like Trump giving a false answer about how many hotels he had in Atlantic City?
Trump's too smart for that and he's going to be questioned with his lawyers present.

Dirty Cop Strzok got Flynn alone without his lawyers.

That won't happen to Trump.
So remember: Even if Mueller is a Dirty Cop too:

1) Horowitz is looking over his shoulder
2) In this environment trying to frame Trump would be suicidal
3) Trump is a veteran of hundreds of court battles
4) Trump's lawyers will be present.
The people most worried about Trump being interviewed by Mueller are people who buy the act of Trump the Toddler, the impulsive, triple AAA macho swaggering jerk who can't control himself, just blurts out crap on impulse.
With the idea being Trump will just blurt something out impulsively without any real thought and get himself in trouble.

Since Trump has had years of successfully selling this persona to the public, I understand the fear.
Most people can't see past the act. Because it's a highly successful act. One Trump has perfect to ensure his enemies underestimate him and do not take him seriously.
Unfortunately Trump not only fools his enemies with this impulsive macho swaggering jerk act, he fools a lot of his friends too. Ah well. Can't be helped.
At any rate, remember this:

1) there's no real Russia collusion to be found.
2) Mueller knows this by now
3) Trump KNOWS Mueller knows this by now
4) Trump will be ready for any lame attempt at a process violation like a perjury charge

{IF Mueller = Black Hat]
Those selling panic will present a Mueller/Trump interview as a direct threat leading to a Trump impeachment.

Read'em if you want. Keep an open mind, though.

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