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In which six boys think spending the night in a cabin located somewhere in Engelberg, Switzerland is a good idea.
(only one can stay outside the cabin)

A good trip is the right remedy for a tired soul: that's what Kim Taehyung has always thought.
That's why he decided to go on a short holiday with his mates, taking them somewhere in Europe.
Their hotel was right next to a ski run and it was just lovely, being all snowy and cold.
They're sitting in the hall of their hotel as Jungkook sighs, bored out of his mind.
"We've been here for days.. Tomorrow is our last one and we're doing nothing."
Jimin shrugs.
"Should we ski?"
Namjoon raises his eyebrow.
"I dont know if I'm coming with you then. I hate skiing."
Jungkook pouts.
"Oh cmon Joonie! When will you get to ski in Switzerland again?"
Namjoon sighs, shaking his head.
"Ah alright! I cant resist your pouts."
Jungkook smiles as Hoseok stands up, clapping his hands.
"Lets go! But we have to be back soon if we want to go to the cabin."

"I knew I should've stayed inside!"
Namjoon has been complaining for ten minutes already.
Taehyung rolls his eyes.
"Just shut up. It's nothing."
"Nothing?! You call this nothing?! I fell while skiing! My ankle is swollen!"
Jimin makes a disgusted face.
Namjoon ignores him.
"I think I need to go to the hospital or something. Im afraid I wont make it to the cabin."
Hoseok makes a confused face.
"Why not? How are we getting there? Don't tell me we're gonna walk all the way to the cabin!"
Taehyung's silence sounds a lot like a yes.
Jungkook is surprised too.
"You mean there won't be a car taking us?"
Yoongi looks at the youngest as if he was judging him.
"Do you see where we are?"
Jungkook nods.
"And do you see, by chance, any car?"
Jungkook looks down.
"There's your answer."
Jimin giggles.
"You guys should leave me here and go. I can't ruin it for you."
Namjoon shrieks as he tries to move from the chair he was sitting on.
Jin shakes his head.
"But we can't leave you alone! I'll stay with you."
Taehyung nods.
"You can't be alone."
Namjoon doesn't want to hear them.
"No, really, it's fine. Just go. I'll ask the pretty guy over there to keep me some company or something."
He laughs as he points at a boy behind the counter.
"You guys can go, really. Have fun and all. Just call me so I know everything's okay."
They all hug him, grateful.
The cabin they rented for the night was high in the mountain, but not too far from the closest hotel.
According to the owner it was warm, comfortable and big enough for all of them.
It was placed in the middle of a valley surrounded by a few trees and silence was a commonplace.
It took them an hour to get there. Their backpack felt heavier because of the cold but their moods were lighter as they joked and laughed all the time.
They even had a little snowball fight that resulted in Jungkook winning and Jimin whining because the snow was too cold.
The cabin was, indeed, big. It was huge. Almost too big for them.
It had two floors, the second one being the one where their rooms were. The kitchen was spacious and well-stocked while the living room had a nice fireplace.
The only flaw was the fact that windows were very tiny.
Jin gets closer to the fireplace after dropping his bag on the floor.
He sighs, rolling his eyes.
"It's empty! Someone has to find some firewood or we'll freeze to death tonight."
Taehyung looks at him, surprised.
"Eh? Empty? I didn't pay for this!"
Jimin giggles, again.
"Will you stop giggling like a child?"
Jimin raises his middle finger at Taehyung.
Both Yoongi and Jungkook are sitting in front of the fireplace and look too tired to move, so Hoseok volunteers.
"I'll go look for some firewood."
"But you could get lost!"
"Yeah, but we need it."
Jin sighs.
"Alright fine but you're not going alone."
Hoseok is offended.
"Excuse me? Are you implying that I can't take care of myself? Plus what's up with you and the whole 'don't be alone' shit?"
Jin is about to protest when Taehyung pats his back.
"Chill, we're on a holiday."
"Yeah you should do like us" Jungkook smiles as he puts his feet on the table positioned right in front of the sofa "Live your vida loca friend!"
Yoongi laughs as Taehyung pushes Jungkook's feet off the table, making a disgusted face.
Hoseok opens the front door.
"Well, I'll go."
Jin gives him a torch.
"In case it gets too dark. It's already 6 pm so it should be dark soon.. Please be fast."
Hoseok rolls his eyes and nods.
"Will do. Try not to freeze to death in the meantime."
Jin giggles as he goes back inside.
Hoseok takes a deep breath and goes.
The sound of the snow as he walks is the only companion he has but he doesn't mind.
The sunset is beautiful and he looks like he's walking on diamonds which makes him feel like he's in a fairy tale.
He hums a song as he enters the woods in search of firewood.
It takes him a few minutes to get his arms full of firewood.
He didn't realise how far into the wood he got and it's getting darker.
Hoseok tries to turn on the torch Jin gave him and sighs, grateful that his footprints were still visible.
He follows them, feeling less worried.
As he goes back he starts to feel weird. The silence is now too uncomfortable for him and he's starting to regret volunteering.
He decides to walk faster and keeps following the footprints he left.
He didn't notice snow started falling from the sky, erasing his traces.
In the meantime the boys are freezing.
Jimin and Jungkook are cuddled up in a weak attempt to keep each other warm as the rest of them is sharing a blanket and drinking some hot tea Yoongi made.
Jungkook breaks the silence.
"It's snowing so hard... Look outside. It's all white."
Yoongi checks the time.
"It's almost been an hour and a half and Hoseok is still out there. What should we do?"
Taehyung shrugs.
"I don't know. Someone should call him."
Jimin nods and takes his phone but makes a disappointed face right away.
"There's no service here."
Jungkook gasps.
"Does that mean we can't call Joonie? He's going to be so worried!"
Jin shakes his head.
"I don't think so... There's nothing to be worried about, actually. Maybe just the fact we're freezing to death."
Yoongi gets up.
"That's it. I'm going to look for him."
Jimin makes a surprised face.
"Are you sure about that? It's so dark outside and as Kookie said, it's snowing and it can only get worse, you know?"
Yoongi rolls his eyes as he grabs a flashlight.
"Chill. He's probably around here, it won't take too long. I'll be back soon, okay?"
He regrets it as soon as he steps outside.
It's pitch black outside and the snow keeps falling: it almost reaches his knees.
He wonders how Hoseok could have found some firewood in this place but then he sees a wood and figures he went that way.
He struggles as he walks.
There are no footprints to follow and he's growing frustrated.
"Hoseok?" he shouts, hoping he could hear him.
His voice echoes and sends shivers down his spine.
As he decides to enter deeper into the wood he uses his pocketknife to mark the trees.
Just in case.
Back in the house the boys are bored.
There's no Wi-Fi, there are no books, not even a television.
Jin turns to Taehyung.
"How much did you pay for this? It was cheap wasn't it?"
Taehyung is almost offended.
"Of course it was? I'm not a billionaire, you know? Be thankful."
Jimin groans, resting his head in Jungkook's shoulder, who does the same as he rests his head on Jimin's.
"I'm so bored! What can we do?"
Taehyung shrugs.
"Should we make some food for when they come back? A soup or something warm?"
Jungkook gets up, making Jimin whine.
Jungkook rushes to the kitchen and shouts happily as he notices how well-stocked it was. He starts humming as he cuts some vegetables and as he's waiting for the water to boil.
Jimin sighs.
He looks outside and suddenly smiles.
"Hey, I have an idea! Gather here kids!"
Taehyung groans, rolling his eyes as his teeth were chattering because of the cold.
"What now?"
Jimin looks excited.
"I found an exciting way to pass the time! Do we have candles?"
Jin makes a confused face.
"Do you want to burn the cabin down?"
"No," he rolls his eyes "I dont."
"What is it then?"
"We're in a cabin right?"
They nod, looking at each other.
"It's snowing hard outside, right?"
They nod again.
"We're in the middle of nowhere... There's nothing to do..."
Jin snaps.
"Just tell us already you dumbass!"
"Ah fuck you, you ruined the moment!"
Jimin sighs and turns all the lights off, making Jungkook protest.
"I'm cooking!"
Jimin grabs a flashlight and rushes back to the sofa.
"No one cares! Come here and leave the food there! It's time for a scary story."
The youngest sets the timer for the soup and does as told.
Taehyung doesn't look too happy about that but hides it as Jin gets closer to him.
Jungkook looks thrilled and impatient: he really likes it when Jimin narrates his scary stories because he gets to be cuddled after that.
Jimin points the flashlight to his face.
"Are you ready?"
Jimin stars narrating.
"There was a hunter who got lost in the middle of an immense forest. It was getting dark so he decided to head in one direction until he was clear of the increasingly oppressive foliage. After what seemed like hours he came across a cabin in a clearing."
"Realizing how dark it had grown, he decided to see if he could stay there for the night. He approached and found the door ajar. Nobody was inside. He flopped down on the single bed, deciding to explain himself to the owner in the morning."
Taehyung gulps as Jimin grins.
"As he looked around the inside of the cabin, he was surprised to see the walls adorned by several portraits, all painted in incredible detail. Without exception, they appeared to be staring down at him, their features twisted into looks of hatred and malice."
"Staring back, he grew very uncomfortable. Making a concerted effort to ignore the many hateful faces, he turned to face the wall and fell asleep. The next morning he awoke, blinking in unexpected sunlight. Looking up, he discovered that the cabin had no portraits, only windows."
Jungkook starts clapping his hands, even more excited than before.
"No way! That was so creepy! Good job, Jiminie!"
Taehyung stares at the void as his breathing gets faster, while Jin makes an unimpressed face but secretly checks the window behind him.
Jimin starts laughing.
"Ah! I scared you, didn't I?"
Taehyung gets up, looking pale and scared.
"I need to get some fresh air."
Jin nods, giggling, as Jungkook rushes to Jimin to get his cuddles.
They try to open the door.
It's blocked.
The timer goes off.
"The door isn't opening!"
Jungkook rushes to the kitchen and turns off the stove.
Jimin gets serious.
"What do you mean it's not opening?"
Jin slams his shoulder against the door, trying to get it opened.
"The snow is blocking it!"

They all jump when a rock hits the window.
Jimin is about to check when Taehyung grabs his arm.
"What are you doing?"
"Eh? I want to know who threw it?"
"What if it's someone else.."
"Jeez, Tae! That was just a story, it never happened! Quit being such a coward."
He frees himself and takes a look outside.
No one is there.
"What the fu-"
Jin screams and points at another window.
"I saw a shadow! Turn the lights on, quick!"
Taehyung turns the lights back on and hides behind Jin.
"You saw what?"
Jungkook takes a look as well but all he sees is darkness.
He opens the window and "Hello? Who's there?"
A stick hits his face.
"Its me you idiots! I'm blocked outside!"
Taehyung sighs relieved and Jimin starts laughing hard as he sees Jin's face.
Jungkook grunts.
"Rude! The snow is piling up and you're the only one who can shovel.. Pass me the firewood so we can warm up this place"
Hoseok gives him the firewood.
"I can open the door without having to shovel, just give me a few minutes. And you better give me something hot as soon as I enter!"
Jungkook nods and closes the window.
Jin approaches him.
"Was it Hoseok and Yoongi?"
He nods, heading to the kitchen
It takes Hoseok half an hour to finally open the door.
He falls on his knees as soon as he's inside.
Jimin rushes to him and helps him up, shocked at how cold the boy was.
Taehyung looks around, confused.
"Hoseok? Where's Yoongi?"
Hoseok looks at him.
"Wasn't he here?"
Jin turns to Jungkook.
"You said they were both outside!"
Jungkook turns pale: he did see another person next to Hoseok.
Actually, he saw the shadow of someone else but he figured it was Yoongi because who else could it have been?
"I-... I thought I saw him too. I don't know."
Jin snaps again.
"Fucking great! What do we do now?"
Jimin stays silent as he covers Hoseok with a blanket, making him sit in front of the fireplace.
Taehyung looks outside and shakes his head, terrified.
"We cant leave him outside! He's going to freeze to death!"
Snow is falling
The blizzard is getting stronger and snow is piling up again as they're speaking: they're isolated.
"We have to look for Yoongi! If something happens to him I will never forgive myself or any of you!"
Jungkook starts to panic as Jin shakes his head.
"We can't do anything, Kookie"
Jungkook doesn't care. He isn't listening to Jin but as he rushes to the door he gets blocked by him.
"Step away!"
Jin shakes his head.
"You're not going do you understand?You're,"
He pushes him away.
Another push.
Jungkook almost falls down.
He clenches his fist.
He approaches Jin and his eyes seem bloodshot from his rage.
"Fuck you."
He spits and punches his face.
Taehyung rushes to Jungkook and tries to pull him away from Jin, who notices blood falling from his lip.
Hoseok sees Jin's eyes and rushes to him before he could do anything.
"You both need to calm down! This isnt going to take us anywhere!"
Jungkook pushes Taehyung away and mutters a "You're all responsible if anything happens to him" before going to the kitchen and throwing away everything he made.
Hoseok lets Jin go and sighs.
No one says anything.
9:27 pm

Yoongi wants to go back.
There's no way he can find Hoseok in this darkness, even with a flashlight. The blizzard isn't strong in the wood so he can walk without any problems but he's freezing and he can't feel his hands.
Silence surrounds him as he finds some footsteps.
He decides to follow them, thinking it's Hoseok's.
He regrets not bringing a hat with him: his ears are red and hurt as the wind hits them.
Yoongi makes a confused face when he notices the footsteps now are different: they're not from one person anymore.
They're at least five.
He suspiciously turns off his flashlight and decides to keep on following them, his pocket knife still in his hand.
The silence is substituted by what seems like a... chant?
He gets down as he gets closer to a clearing: his eyes widen in shock.
He sees fire.
And he sees blood.
Yoongi hides behind a tree as his heart is pounding against his chest.
He's never witnessed something like this. Ever.
He's paralyzed in fear as the... people in the clearing are positioned in front of what looks like a stone table.
They're only wearing a black hood.
He tries to look again and he notices a few details: the blood on the stone table comes from a dead rabbit that's laying on the snow and everyone is completely naked, their bodies are marked with satanic symbols.
Yoongi wants to throw up.
The chant gets louder.
It's a cult.
He closes his eyes as he sees one of them grab the rabbit and take more of its blood.
The chant suddenly stops.
Yoongi doesn't move and stays hidden.
Someone starts talking.
"Its time for the human sacrifice. Go to the cabin."
Yoongi stops breathing as he looks at his footprints.
He doesnt think twice: he gets up and tries to remember where he came from, his flashlight still hidden in his jacket.
There's no way he's turning it on.
He finds the marks he left on the tree and follows them, trying to run as fast as he can.
He knows someone saw his footprints.
As he's running his mind is racing as well.
That's why the cabin was so cheap.
That's why the windows are so small.
That's why there was no firewood.
It's a trap.
He grunts as he trips and hurts his knee but gets up as soon as he sees the torches approaching.
He keeps running.
It takes him a few more minutes to reach the cabin.
With an horrified face he sees the blizzard has blocked the door: he can't get inside.
But neither can they.
Yoongi gets closer and throws a rock at the window.
He doesn't have a lot of time.

Jin appears and so do the torches.
"Listen! Turn the lights off and hide! They're coming for you!"
Jin shakes his head.
"Fucking do it!"
Yoongi looks around him, shaking with fear.
They're getting closer and he still has no idea what to do.
"Jin please. There's a cult in the woods and they're here!"
Jin nods and closes the window.
Yoongi waits a few second and sighs when the lights turn off.
He starts thinking: it's impossible the house only has one entrance.
There has to be another way to get inside.
The cult is chanting and getting even closer so he starts moving.
10:47 pm - Inside the cabin

The four of them is hidden near the fireplace.
Taehyung told Jin that turning the lights off was a stupid move: they obviously know they're inside.
Hoseok and Jimin are cuddled up in a weak attempt to make each other feel better.
Jungkook is upstairs.
Jimin whispers, breaking the silence.
"Should we get Jungkook?"
Jin nods.
"Someone has to get him here. We can't separate and he doesn't know anything."
Hoseok doesn't look too happy about that.
"I don't know man... He was pretty upset. You know how he is when he's like that."
"I'll go. I know how to handle him."
Jimin gets up, careful.
He starts shaking when he sees torches approaching from the window.
He looks away and heads upstairs, trying to keep himself from screaming.
As he enters Jungkook's room he notices that it's so incredibly silent.
Cold air hits his face: the room is empty and the window is open.
Jimin rushes to the window and figures Jungkook went down the cabin to look for Yoongi.
He angrily closes the window and mutters a "Fuck!" as he runs down the stairs.
"He's gone! He's fucking gone!"
He's crying.
Hoseok grabs Jimin and shuts his mouth, preventing him from making any further noise.
"What do you mean he's not there? Don't tell me he..."
Jimin nods, hiding his face in Hoseok's chest.
Jin curses under his breath, furious at the young boy.
Taehyung decides to get up.
"What are you doing?"
The eldest whispers as Taehyung gets closer to the kitchen, trying not to be seen.
"I'm getting us a knife. Or something. I saw Jungkook use a big one earlier."
They nod and let him look for the knives: Jungkook made a mess in the kitchen after the fight.
He finds one on the floor. He crawls there as some windows are positioned right above his head and grabs it.
He also takes lighters.
He takes everything he can and gets up, completely forgetting he's supposed to stay down.
He looks up and sees someone staring at him.
He screams.
The woman outside is grinning happily: her face is white and characterised by weird red signs.
Her eyes are big and crazy.
She waves at him and smiles, disappearing in the dark.
Jin grabs the boy and pulls him apart hiding from the window.
"Are you okay?"
Taehyung nods.
He's not.
"I found some knives and a lighter. I don't know how much they're gonna help us but..."
Jin pats his shoulder.
"It's okay. Sit with the others."
"What are you gonna do?"
Jin takes a flashlight.
"I'm going to look downstairs. I want to see the basement."
10:50 pm - Outside the cabin

As soon as Yoongi saw the lights turn off, he quickly decided to take a look around the cabin.
He's about to turn the corner when he hears a loud thud and someone groan in pain.
He silently looks and raises his eyebrows, confused.
The youngest gasps, ignoring the pain that hit his back.
He rapidly gets up and rushes to the boy, hugging him tightly.
"I thought something happened to you!"
Yoongi quickly pats his back, still eyeing where the torches were.
"Yeah, I'm fine bud... Let's find a way inside, okay?"
Jungkook nods.
"I saw you from my window... But I don't think we can get back from there..."
Yoongi nods as well and keeps walking.
The chants are getting louder which means they're getting closer.
He wonders if someone knows about this.
He wonders how many people fell for this.
His heart starts pounding when he sees what looks like the entrance to the basement. There's some snow on it but they can quickly get rid of it.
"Look if someone is coming and keep your eyes open."
Jungkook nods at the orders as Yoongi tries his hardest to free the door.
"Explain something to me Jungkook... Why did you fall from the window? You're lucky there was snow."
Jungkook gulps, unsure.
He doesn't think he should tell Yoongi but... he does deserve to know.
He deserves to know his friends are a group of selfish pricks.
"I wanted to come look for you, to see if you were safe or not but they didn't let me go. They didn't care if you were okay or not."
Yoongi suddenly stops and looks at the young boy.
Jungkook shrugs.
"I'm sorry."
Yoongi doesn't reply and goes back to his work: he's hurt.
The basement door is free from the snow but there's another problem: it's locked.
Yoongi sighs.
He takes his pocket knife and tries to break the lock, failing.
"We have a problem..."
Jungkook turns and throws a bigger knife to Yoongi.
"Try this."

The torches are getting closer.
Yoongi finally manages to break the lock but cuts himself in the process.
He hisses.
His hand is bleeding and marking the snow as he opens the door.
As Jungkook turns to face him he falls down, feeling a heavy weight on his hurting back.
Someone starts laughing.
Yoongi watches as a naked woman jumped on Jungkook and tries to make him unconscious by hitting him several times.
He quickly looks around and finds some rocks that weren't covered by the snow.
Using his other hand he throws them at her: Yoongi hits her face, making her scream.
She falls back and keeps screaming as blood comes out of her forehead.
Jungkook gets away and runs inside the basement, dragging Yoongi with him.
They close the door and Jungkook is holding it while Yoongi looks around, searching for something to block it from the inside.
Someone is trying to open the door but despite the aching pain Jungkook manages to keep it blocked.
"I can't do it anymore! Please hurry!"
Yoongi turns the flashlight on and quickly scans his surroundings.
He finds a baton and grabs it, hissing at the cut.
"Yoongi please! Hurry!"
He finally slides the baton through the handles and blocks the door. Jungkook falls down and groans.
Yoongi takes off his jacket and rips his shirt with his pocket knife to cover his cut.
"This is so fucked up. We can't stay here, they can easily get in."
Jungkook nods.
He helps the youngest up and handles him his knife.
Jungkook takes it and thanks him, grabbing his arm.
"Just so you know... You hit my arm with a rock."
Yoongi rolls his eyes.
"You're welcome."
He starts walking around, carefully analysing the scene.
The basement looks infinite.
It's full of old shelves and ripped clothes, shoes and personal effects.
Yoongi figures the baton must have been belonged to a policeman.
He doesn't want to know where he ended up.
Jungkook shrieks as a rat runs past him and quietly apologizes to Yoongi.
"Should we go upstairs?"
Yoongi shakes his head.
Jungkook is surprised.
"What? Why? They're all there."
"Is it because of what I told you?"
He shrugs: he's not the type to forgive and let go.
Jungkook sighs.
"I get why you're holding grudges but... Something could happen to them."
Jungkook stays silent as Yoongi points a finger at him.
"If what you said is true and they didn't even bother to look for me, then I won't bother to look for them. It's only right, isn't it?"
The boy taps his foot, uncomfortable.
"I guess... I don't know."

The chant gets louder.
As the conversation dies they find the door that leads to the upper floor.
Not a sound, not a light comes from it.
Yoongi keeps looking around and his flashlight hits another handle.
He calls the boy who kept staring at the door.
"What?" he mutters.
"I found a door."
Jungkook moves his gaze and looks at the old door: it seems to be unlocked.
As Yoongi opens it they're hit by the smell of petrichor which isn't bad at all.
There's a long and dark tunnel that leads who knows where.
Jungkook tugs at his arm.
"What should we do?"
Yoongi shrugs.
"I would like to go in. I want to know where this goes."
Jungkook shakes his head and grabs the boy's arm, pulling him away from the door.
"No," he walks towards the other door "I'm not going with you there. I'd rather go upstairs."
Yoongi rolls his eyes.
"Let me go first then."
Jungkook nods and lets Yoongi guide him into the darkness.
He's grateful he has a flashlight and he hopes it doesn't run out of batteries.
"Listen... I get that you're mad. I really do. But I didn't mean to start this."
Yoongi rudely interrupts him.
"What else did they say?"
"Well nothing much. They just made it clear they didn't care. Especially Jin."
Yoongi clenches his jaw: he might not be as tall and strong as Seokjin but he knows how to fight.
Jungkook decides to shut up and grins, satisfied.
He doesn't know why he did that but he doesn't care.
The door suddenly opens and both Jin and Taehyung appear.
Jin is caught off guard as he sees a shadow moving next to him and blindly moves the knife that way.
Yoongi groans in pain as Jin's knife cuts his arm and drops the flashlight, breaking it.
Jin gasps.
Jin turns the lights on and rushes to the boy.
"Shit I'm so-"
Yoongi doesn't think twice and punches him on the face.
Seeing as Jungkook isn't moving, Taehyung grabs Yoongi and pulls him away.
"You fucking left me out there and now you fucking point your knife at me! I hate you!"
Jin massages his cheek, shocked.
"What are you talking about? You're such a huge fucking idiot, you know that?"
Taehyung gasps as Yoongi tries to get closer to the eldest, but holds him tight.
"I really fucking hate you. You broke my heart."

No one noticed the chant has stopped.
He frees himself from Taehyung's grip and grabs Jin's torch.
He turns to Jungkook and points at him.
"Don't follow me. I don't want to see you."
Jungkook is about to protest when Yoongi walks away, heading towards the other door.
Taehyung sighs and looks at Jin one last time.
He catches up and follows Yoongi into the tunnel, leaving the two boys alone.
"Why are you following me?"
Taehyung shrugs, trying not to freak out.
"I'm not leaving you alone."
Yoongi doesnt say anything after that.
He keeps the flashlight high and looks around: there is nothing.
11:36 pm - Upstairs, in the living room

Jimin and Hoseok are still sitting in front of the fireplace.
None of them said anything or moved.
Hoseok has enough of this.
"I'll go check what's happening outside."
Jimin nods absent-mindedly.
Hoseok peaks from the windows and gasps.
"They're using the torches to melt the snow" he turns to Jimin "What do we do?"
He groans: why cant they just leave them alone?
He's almost more annoyed than scared at this point.
"Let them in. Grab something to defend yourself just in case and lets hide somewhere near the door."
"Are you crazy?!"
Jimin gets up and looks outside as well.
The blizzard calmed down and there are three of them trying to melt the snow.
He makes a disgusted face at their nudity and steps away.
"Trust me on this, Hobi. Hide somewhere with me, we must never split up."
Hoseok nods as he sees Jimin go to the kitchen and come back a few seconds later.
After putting water in the fireplace he takes his hand and drags him behind the sofa, invisible thanks to the darkness.
They're heavily breathing as time seems endless.
Someone knocks at the door.
Jimin puts his hand on Hoseok's mouth, who was unwillingly breathing too hard and waits.
The door opens and someone knocks again.
"Is anyone home?" he laughs.
Jimin looks at his watch and counts.
"I know you're here. Just come out!"
The three of them grin.
The timer goes off.
They rush to the kitchen as both Jimin and Hoseok run towards the door.
Jimin grabs a vase near him and throws it at the man, making him groan in pain.
They start running in the snow, heading towards the wood.
They don't know the man dropped his torch next to the carpet.
They make sure no one is following them before stopping.
Jimin's eyes widen in shock as the cabin is burning down.
Hoseok is trying to catch his breath and falls on the snow, exhausted.
"Why is it on fire?"
Jimin shakes his head.
"I-I dont know.."
"Were Jin and Taehyung still..?"
"They were in the basement... Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?"
Jimin sounds like he's trying to reassure Hoseok but he's actually trying to convince himself.
Hoseok starts shaking.
"If I didnt go out to look for firewood this wouldn't have happened..."
"It's not your fault."
Jimin helps Hoseok up and pats his back.
"Let's find the cableway. There has to be a way we can contact someone. C'mon buddy."
The boy gets up and nods, his watery eyes set on the ground.
They enter further in and follow the cables that lead to the cableway.
Wolves start to howl.
11:30 pm, before the fire - The basement

Jungkook is left alone with Jin.
He takes a step back and decides to mind his surroundings: he didn't want to start a stupid fight.
Jin gets closer to him.
"Why did you do that?"
"Did what?"
"Don't. Drop the childish act and answer me."
Jin grabs his arm and looks at him in the eye.
"I want to know what's going on with you. Why did you tell Yoongi we didn't care? Why lie?"
Jungkook looks down, still angry.
"He deserved to know. I may have exaggerated a bit but you know I wasnt wrong. I'd do it again."
Jin sighs.
"Listen.. I understand why we upset you. Why I upset you. But you need to let it go and focus on the bigger issue here, Kookie. This is not the right time to be an arrogant child. I had to make a decision and I decided to keep you safe and I won't apologize for caring about you."
Jungkook doesn't reply and shrugs.
"Why are you so defensive when it comes to Yoongi? You didn't make a scene when Hoseok left."
Jin furrows his eyebrows, genuinely confused.
"Do you like him or something?"
Jungkook blushes and shakes his head vigorously.
"What?! No!"
Jin looks at the frustrated boy and grins to himself.
He lets it go and decides to take a look around as well.
The basement is too big and he doubts they will find anything useful but as soon as he thinks that Jungkook gasps.
"Look! A flare!" he grabs it "There's also a gun?"
"A gun?"
"Yeah... It must've belonged to the policeman too."
Jungkook analyses the gun as Jin suspiciously keeps an eye on him.
Not that Jungkook would shoot him or anything but...
"You should give it to me. You don't know how to use it but I do."
The younger nods.
Jin takes the gun and suddenly smells something... burning.
"Jungkook? Do you smell something weird?"
"Huh? Yeah... I-" he stops, looking at the door "There's smoke coming from there! Is the cabin burning down?!"
Jin curses.
He doesn't know what to do.
He eyes the tunnel.
The door caught fire.
The smoke is getting into the basement and quickly fills it, making the two boys cough and cry.
Jin is about to head towards the tunnel when Jungkook stops him.
He shakes his head and pulls him as he runs towards the entrance Yoongi blocked earlier.
He pulls the baton away and takes it with him as he opens the door and takes Jin's hand.
They rapidly run away and fall in the snow as the basement catches fire too.
Their lungs are burning and their throat hurt because of the smoke but at least they're safe.
Then, a scream.
They see someone get closer to them, a knife in her hand.
Jungkook recognises her as the woman who attacked him.
She's running towards them, screaming for the loss of her members.
"Fuck! Shoot her, fucking shoot her!"
He tries to speak but keeps coughing.
Jin's hands are shaking.
He aims the gun at her and tries to stop from shaking too hard.
He closes his eyes and shoots, screaming.
He keeps his eyes closed and waits for the woman to attack him but the only thing he feels is Jungkook's hand on his.
Jin opens his eyes and sees the woman.
She's dead.
Jungkook jumps on him, almost crying.
"Thank you for saving me. I'm so sorry for everything I did, I'm so so sorry..."
Jin doesn't move and keeps staring at the body a few meters away from him.
The blood on the snow is almost.. artistic and fascinating in a way.
He hugs Jungkook.
"We..." he whispers, still not able to properly talk despite the scream "We need to go."
Jungkook nods and helps him up, dragging him away from the house.
"Where do we go? Do we look for Yoongi and Taehyung? And where are Hos-"
Realisation hits them.
"They were upstairs..."
Jungkook shakes his head.
"No. No it can't be real. I'm sure they found a way to get away, I know this!"
Jin doesn't reply: he really hopes the younger is right.
He clears his throat.
"Let's get away from the cabin... It might fall on us."
Jungkook follows him.
They go around the cabin and end up where the main door was located.
It's all burning down and Jungkook sighs, annoyed over the fact his belongings were burning as well.
"Should we go back to the hotel?"
Jin shrugs and looks around: he sees some footprints head towards the wood.
"Wait... Jungkook look!"
He points at the footprints that started from the door and continued into the wood.
"Do you think... Do you think these might belong to them?"
Jungkook bites his lip, unsure.
"I don't know... I still think we should go back."
"But what if it's them?"
"I don't kn-"
Jin interrupts him.
"But look! They come from the cabin and they're of two people.. It makes sense right?"
The boy sighs.
"There are also footprints that go into the house. We don't know for su-"
Jin doesn't listen to him and walks away.
Jungkook silently follows.
00:04 am - In the tunnel

Taehyung nervously follows Yoongi down the tunnel.
He's scared the ground might fall and suffocate them, even if its unlikely.
The smoke of the fire still hasnt reached them as they've been walking for a while.
Taehyung speaks.
"What if it's a dead end?"
Yoongi shakes his head.
"It's not. I can see a... light? Or something like that."
He squeezes his eyes in a weak attempt to see better but he only sees the light of the flashlight reflecting on what looks like metal.
"Wait, I think it's a door. Should we open it or go back?"
Taehyung looks at the darkness behind him.
He hates being underground and he just wants to get out of there as soon as possible.
"I think you should open it. Maybe we can find a way to contact someone or something."
Yoongi turns to look at him.
"What if we find someone?"
"Then we die I guess?"
Yoongi giggles, leaving Taehyung speechless: he wants to slap him for laughing.
The door looks rusty and Yoongi is kind of disgusted by it but he opens it anyway.
They're hit by a wave of cold air as they come out of the tunnel.
They're surrounded by beds.
"What the fuck."
Taehyung makes a disgusted face and gets closer to Yoongi, taking his hand.
Yoongi looks around him: the beds are broken and the dirty blankets show that they haven't been used in a long time.
"Is this a hospital? Those are hospital beds."
"Yoongi I want to go.."
Yoongi rolls his eyes, annoyed but holds his hand tighter.
"Just shut up. We have to take a look around here."
Taehyung groans as he gets pulled by the boy, who seems eager to explore the place.
There are satanic symbols all over the walls and he figures that's where they hid.
"This is so fucked up. Yoongi, I don't like this at all. I want to go back."
"Will you shut up? Fuck you're such a coward. Who would've thought?"
Taehyung hides his face in his scarf but doesn't let go.
"Im scared."
"Well dont be. I'm here."
He nods and stays silent as they walk.
The tunnel lead them to the basement of an abandoned hospital that was nearby.
Taehyung remembers the owner of the cabin say something about this place and apparently its been abandoned for years: it became an attraction to people.
They find the stairs and go upstairs, sighing.
They find themselves in a long and dark hallway.
Yoongi finally starts to feel uneasy and looks at Taehyung.
"We... Should get out of here. Let's find the exit."
Taehyung decides to make fun of him.
Yoongi lets go of his hand and grunts.
"I'm not! Fuck, let's just go."
As they walk past a room Taehyung notices something.
Theres a little light thats coming from a fire torch and he sees a circle drawn on the floor.
There are some clothes and they're clean and terrifyingly ordinary.
"Pst, look."
Yoongi does as told and gets a look.
He shivers.
"I dont want to see this anymore. I've witnessed it once and it will forever haunt me."
"What did you see?"
Yoongi looks down.
"I dont want to talk about it. Lets go, please."
Taehyung takes one last look at the room and leaves.
It was full of dead animals and bloody symbols.
"About earlier... We didn't forget about you. It's not true we don't care about you, Yoongi. I don't know what Jungkook told you but we love you. Please dont be mad at Jin."
Yoongi rolls his eyes and doesn't reply, focused on finding an exit.
Taehyung sighs.
"You're so stubborn."
"I'm not stubborn. You wouldn't understand."
Taehyung is slightly getting annoyed at him.
He suddenly stops in the middle of the hallway and crosses his arms.
"Stop acting as if I wouldn't understand what you've been through! I'm trying to help you!"
"Keep the drama to yourself."
He takes a step towards Yoongi, slightly intimidating him.
Taehyung does look scary when he's angry.
"Drama? You think I'm being dramatic? I was trying to do you a favour! This isn't the time to make everything about you!"
His voice echoes through the empty rooms.
Yoongi nods and walks away, deciding to avoid making a scene: it wasnt the right time.
Taehyung groans frustrated and lets it go: he knows Yoongi well enough to know he's considering his words.
They walk around for half an hour before they find the hospital hall.
There's a phone.
00:48 am - Inside the wood

Hoseok and Jimin have been walking for what seems like hours.
They're freezing because, despite being well covered, the snow somehow entered their clothes.
The cableway still looks far away and Hoseok wants to give up, being exhausted and discouraged.
"We will never reach it, Jiminie. We can stop and wait for the sun to come out."
Jimin looks at him with big eyes.
"Eh? Are you kidding me? If we stop we'll freeze! We have to keep going."
"I'm tired!"
Jimin sighs and helps Hoseok walk.
"We have to make it together. Be strong."
Hoseok groans.
He knows Jimin is struggling to keep him steady and he doesn't like it at all.
"Listen to me. We have to take a break and rest a bit. We're both exhausted!"
Jimin shakes his head and grunts.
"I'm not and we have to go."
Hoseok stops.
An owl flies above their heads.
"Alright... If you say so."
Jimin softly smiles at him and takes his hand, hoping it would make Hoseok feel better.
"We'll be okay. I promise."
Hoseok nods and they keep walking as the moon lights up their path.
They don't know they're not alone.
They kept walking for a while.
Hoseok's legs started to hurt for the lack of rest and he was close to let himself fall, but he didn't want to stop Jimin who looked determined to reach the cableway.
Jimin stops and looks around.
Hoseok is confused.
"I heard a rustling."
"A rustling?"
"It came from the bushes. Do you have anything to defend us? Just in case. I didn't bring anything with me..."
Hoseok bites down on his lip, nervous.
"I only have this..."
He shows the poker he managed to take from the fireplace.
Jimin curses.
"We must be faster."
Hoseok is about to move when he hears a growling at his right.
He slowly looks that way and he turns pale as he sees a wolf pointing him.
Jimin wants to move but he can't: another wolf is in front of him.
Both are growling, breaking the silence of the night.
Jimin vaguely remembers reading something about a pack's behaviour.
They start by weak attacks like ripping clothes as they're not used to hunt humans and once they understand how to take a prey down, its over.
He takes a step back as Hoseok tries to scare the wolf with his poker
It doesn't do much, though.
The wolf jumps on him and his poker lands away from his reach, which makes Hoseok a vulnerable prey now.
Jimin watches horrified as Hoseok screams in pain while the wolf bites on his leg, leaving traces of blood on the snow.
His scream echoes.
The wolf in front of Jimin seems to be unsure of attacking and keeps growling.
Jimin figures its a young wolf and they seem to have left or have been excluded from their pack.
He tries to ignore Hoseok's screams but at this point he's giving up.
He's lost.
Hoseok stops screaming.
The wolf runs away, scared and Jimin turns to Hoseok, almost panicking.
He sees a pool of blood and almost falls on his knees, shocked.
His gaze moves from Hoseok to the two shadows that are approaching them.
Jimin then realizes there was another sound besides the screams: a gun.
The wolf is laying dead while Hoseok's leg keeps losing blood.
Jin rushes to him and takes off his jacket to rip his shirt and stop the haemorrhage.
Hoseok is shaking in pain and shock as he looks down on his battered leg while Jungkook approaches Jimin.
"Are you okay?"
Jimin is breathing heavily as he looks at Jungkook, almost pissed at his question.
Does he look okay? Of course he isn't.
He sees the genuine concerned look on the younger face and nods, composing himself.
Jungkook nods as well and then rushes to Hoseok, helping him up.
Both Jin and Jungkook are carrying Hoseok: he can barely walk.
He groans in pain as Jungkook turns to Jimin.
"What do we do? He can't walk."
Jimin looks up: the cableway is supposed to be near them.
"I-I don't know..."
Jin sighs.
"We should head back to the hotel."
Jungkook protests.
"Now it's too far! He can't make it back."
Hoseok grunts.
"I'm still here, you know?"
Jungkook continues.
"Plus once we reach the cableway it might bring us back."
Jin rolls his eyes.
"It might!" he turns to Jimin "What do you think?"
Jimin looks at Hoseok and sighs.
"We have to go. It's our best shot... Even if the cable car isn't working there must be a radio or something we can use to contact someone. We can't go back..."
Jin looks at Hoseok for his approval: he nods.
"I want to keep going. I can do it."
01:32 am - The hospital

The phone isn't working.
Yoongi doesn't know why he tried it, he knew it wasnt going to work.
He angrily throws it away and curses, getting annoyed.
Taehyung is about to hold his hand when he abruptly stops: he has an idea.
Someone starts clapping.
Taehyung recognizes him as the owner of the cabin.
Yoongi looks at him, confused.
The man is wearing normal clothes and seems... ordinary. Almost friendly.
He starts talking.
"Would you look at that.. The look on your face when you saw the phone was priceless. I almost felt bad."
Yoongi spits.
"What are you talking about? Who the fuck are you?"
Taehyung grabs Yoongi's arm and pulls him closer to him, intimidated by the man.
He starts laughing.
"Who am I? I'm the chosen one. I'm the one who will guide Lucifer's army when the time comes."
Both stay silent.
They look at each other and Yoongi is trying not to laugh.
"Yeah, fuck. Can't believe Lucifer chose a dumbshit like you."
The man clenches his fist but tries to remain calm.
He turns to Taehyung.
"Did you like the cabin?"
Taehyung takes a step back.
"You could say it was hot."
The man pulls out a gun, tired of losing time.
"I'm tired of hearing your nonsenses. I can't let you go."
Taehyung's eyes widen as he sees the gun being pointed at him.
He quickly eyes the exist at his right and holds Yoongi's hand, squeezing it enough to get his attention.
Yoongi understands what Taehyung meant: he wanted to run away.
Yoongi, on the other hand, didnt.
He wanted to disarm him.
The man was in his 60s, which meant he wasnt as strong and fast as him.
Taehyung takes another step back but Yoongi doesn't move.
His eyes are set on the man.
He's about to pull the trigger when Yoongi pushes Taehyung away, making him fall on his back.
The man, too focused on Taehyung falling, isnt able to defend himself from Yoongi, who grabs his arm to make him lose his grip on the gun.
The man grunts as he falls down.
It happens too fast: the man manages to shoot Yoongi before the gun falls from his hand and lands somewhere in the darkness of the hospital.
The bullet doesn't hit the boy and falls behind him which only makes him more pissed.
Yoongi's rage and frustration finally come out.
Taehyung watches as Yoongi is beating the man, eyes widen in shock.
He's never seen his friend like that.
He quickly pulls himself back together and grabs Yoongi's flashlight, remembering the idea he had.
He runs towards the room he saw before and grabs the torch, still on fire.
He tries not to throw up as the smell of death hits his nose and rushes back to the hall.
The idea he had was different but he hopes everything will go as planned.
As he comes back he sees Yoongi's hand full of blood.
He accidentally yells, distracting the boy.
A punch hits him.
Yoongi is now under the man, who's trying to choke him, his hands on his neck.
Taehyung sees how much he's struggling to breathe and knows he has to act fast, but he's scared.
If he throws the torch at the man, he might hurt Yoongi too.
But if he doesn't do something he'll die.
The man is smiling as he sees the boy slowly getting weaker.
He's almost blind at everything that is happening around him, focused on taking Yoongi's life.
The boy stops fighting back but the man only tightens the grip on his neck.
He doesn't see Taehyung throw the torch at him.
The torch falls beside Yoongi.
The man's clothes catch fire as he gets up, screaming in shock and pain.
Taehyung rushes to grab Yoongi, who's coughing and trying to get his breathing back, and runs towards the exit, not giving the man a single glare.
Screams fill the night.
They both fall on the snow.
Yoongi touches his neck and hisses at the pain: both his knuckles and neck were hurting.
He tries to speak but his voice comes out raspy.
"You could've hit him.. Why the torch?"
Taehyung rolls his eyes.
"And then what? I had to kill him somehow..."
Yoongi rolls on his back and keeps coughing, his eyes bloodshot.
He feels the snow fall on his face and he feels grateful for being alive.
He moves his arm and opens his hand.
Taehyung sees him and rolls on his back as well, taking his hand in his.
The screams stopped.
"You didn't hear my idea..."
"I was thinking of burning some blankets we found... That way we can use the smoke to be found. Someone will see it."
Taehyung looks at him and he finds Yoongi with the most peaceful expression drawn on his face.
02:58 am - The hotel

Namjoon can't sleep.
They haven't called and he thinks it's weird how no one tried to contact him.
They would always at least send pictures or messages so he finds it suspicious how they've been silent all this time.
He leaves his room and heads downstairs.
His ankle still hurts a bit but he can walk now as long as he does it slowly.
He can't deny he had fun without them but he misses his mates and wants to know what they're doing.
He approaches the woman at the counter.
"Um hi? Can I borrow your phone for a minute?"
The woman looks at him, slightly annoyed.
"Why for?"
"I need to make a call to a cabin."
She sighs and handles him the hotel phone.
"5 minutes."
Namjoon nods and looks at the phone number Taehyung wrote on a piece of paper.
He calls.
"Is there a way I can contact the cabin up in the mountain?"
The woman looks at him, raising her eyes from the magazine she was reading.
"What cabin?"
"The one my friends went to... They rented a cabin here."
"Did they rent it from us?"
Namjoon shakes his head, confused.
She closes his magazine and turns her attention to him.
"Tourists are only allowed to rent our cabins and they're all near the hotel. All the cabins you see here are owned by hotels, there can't be any cabin up in the mountain because it's too dangerous."
Namjoon turns pale.
"There has to be a mistake, they paid for it!"
The woman grabs the phone and dialls a number.
"There's only an abandoned hospital there and it's too dangerous."
Namjoon is losing his patience.
"What are you talking about?"
She ignores him and answers the phone.
"Fire department?"
03:12 am - The cableway

They finally find it. It took them a lot of pain and time but they finally find it.
Jin is freezing as he's not as covered as the rest of the boys but he's not complaining.
His priority is Hoseok, who's trying his best to walk without resulting a burden.
Jimin rushes to the door and tries to knock it down, failing.
"It's locked!"
Jungkook grunts as he helps Hoseok sit next to the cableway station and sighs, exhausted.
"What if we shoot at the lock? Would it work?"
Jin shakes his head.
"I don't want to risk being heard."
Jimin punches the door, frustrated.
"Fuck! We cant wait here all night long!"
Jungkook looks around him and grabs a rock.
He gets closer and throws it against the window of the station.
The glass falls next to their feet and he looks inside as Jimin and Jin look at each other.
"There's a radio!"
Jimin tries to take a look, careful of the glass as Jin sits next to Hoseok, hugging him.
"Help me get inside!"
Jimin nods.
"Don't hurt yourself..."
The youngest nods and grunts while Jimin helps him get inside.
The glass cuts his abdomen as he falls inside.
He hisses at the cut and groans as Jimin spits a "For fuck's sake Jungkook!".
Jungkook gets up, glad the cut isn't deep and doesn't hurt that much. He reaches the radio and turns it on, trying to get a signal.
It's dark and he can barely see but he has to make it.
He has to.
Someone speaks.
"Who's there?"
The signal is weak but Jungkook can hear them, his heart pounding against his chest.
"Help! Send help please! My friend is injuried and we can't go back!"
"Where are you?"
"The cableway station, please hurry! We almost got killed!"

A buzzing.
"Hello? Fuck! Hello?"
Jungkook is raising his voice.
"Answer me!"
The man on the other side speaks again.
"Repeat your location."
"The cableway station!"
"Are you the boys from the cabin?"
Jungkook's eyes widen in shock.
"Yes! Yes! It's us! We're four but two of us are missing!"
"We..." a buzzing "...Hotel...." another buzzing "...Move."
Jungkook panics.
"What? When are you coming? Hello?"
The signal dies.
Jungkook lets out a scream, frustrated.
Jimin catches his attention.
"What happened?"
"I don't know when they're coming... If they're coming."
Jimin sighs.
"Well.. If they got your message it means they're coming. Can you come out of the window?"
Jungkook nods and takes a chair to help himself.
He hisses again as he lands on his feet, annoyed at the cut.
"You're bleeding!"
Jungkook shrugs.
"It's nothing."
He hugs Jimin.
03:52 am - Inside the helicopter

Namjoon is looking at the void. He's still thinking he's dreaming.
He doesnt believe any of this is real.
He was with them when Jungkook sent the message and he clearly heard him say they were four and someone was injured.
He doesn't want to cry.
One of the pilots points at the black smoke in front of them.
Namjoon looks at it and his mind starts to make up various scenarios.
Is it the cabin? Did it burn down? Did someone die? Who is missing?
Is it the cabin?
The pilot turns to his coworker.
"Do we follow the smoke?"
She looks at him and shakes her head.
"No, let's follow the orders and head towards the cableway. Someone's in critical conditions. We have to act fast."
He nods and the helicopter follows the cableway.
Namjoon closes his eyes, praying.
He's not very religious but... He prays.
It's almost 5 am when they found them.
Another helicopter rushes a passed out Hoseok to the nearest hospital, along with Jungkook.
Their conditions are, indeed, critical.
A few more hours and they would've froze to death.
Namjoon is a sobbing mess when he hugs them.
"I'm sorry."
05:02 am

Yoongi and Taehyung are cuddled up in front of the fire.
Taehyung's idea brilliantly helped them to be found as the fire of the cabin died out a long ago.
Hes grateful he took the lighter.
Their flight back to the hospital is silent and feels heavy.
They both look down.
Yoongi looks at his injuries: his neck is still marked by the hands of that.. monster, his arm shows Jin's cut and his face.. Oh, his face.
He still feels the blood running down his lips and cheeks.
He knows hes messed up but hes still grateful.
As he looks at Taehyung he smiles.
They reunite at the hospital.
Hoseok is heavily sleeping as the rest of the boys is waiting outside his room.
Jungkook only got stitches on his abdomen and is doing better than before.
After his check-up Taehyung makes his way towards them.
Namjoon is the only one who hugs him.
Taehyung doesn't blame them.
He knows they're exhausted and still shocked.
He takes a sit and closes his eyes as he lays his head on Jimin's shoulder.
He wants to rest before it happens: police wants to question them, one by one.

It was going to be a long, long day.
Yoongi finally leaves the room. His face is full of stitches but his neck is okay, which makes him feel relieved.
His voice is still raspy but he doesn't mind.
As soon as he approaches the boys Jungkook rushes to him.
He's crying as he hugs him tightly.
"Forgive me. Please."
He pats his back in a loving and tender way.
"You know I can't ever stay mad at you..."
Jungkook smiles and takes his hand, leading him to them.
Namjoon is still crying, quietly sobbing.
Yoongi sits next to him and carefully hugs him.
"I can't believe I almost lost you guys."
Jimin timidly smiles.
"We're tough. No one can kill us."
Taehyung hides his giggle in his scarf and keeps his eyes closed while Jin shakes his head, smiling.
A nurse approaches them, coming from Hoseok's room.
"Hes still sleeping. His conditions are stable and his leg will heal."
They all sigh, relieved.
"I know you've been awake all night long and you've been through a lot but... I'm sorry I have to ask you to follow me.
The police is getting impatient."
Jin protests.
"They can wait!"
The nurse sighs, feeling sorry.
"I'm afraid I have to insists."
09:36 am - Interrogation room: Taehyung

"Did you know the man?"
"When did you first see him? Why didn't you search for more information about him?"
"I first met him three days ago. I had the idea to rent a cabin and I didn't know I had to contact the hotel for that."
"You didn't?"
"No. I asked someone and they lead me to him. He looked like a good man, that's why I didn't search any information about him."
"Are you aware we found five dead bodies? The man you're talking about was burned alive where you were found."
"I know. I did it."
"He was going to kill my friend. I had to."
"Are you talking about Min Yoongi?"
"We'll see if he can confirm this... You can go now. You'll hear from us."
Taehyung gets up but he quickly turns around.
"They're innocent. I'm responsible for everything."
He leaves.
10:02 am - Interrogation room: Yoongi

"Can you talk?"
Yoongi nods.
"What happened?"
He tries not to laugh.
"You know what the fuck happened."
"Hey" he warns him "Careful."
He rolls his eyes.
"Want to know what happened? We almost got killed. I almost got killed!"
"Tell us more."
"What the fuck? I don't want to talk about this anymore! I'm fucking done!"
The man starts to look worried as Yoongi is losing his patience.
"Please. Take your time. You understand we need to know how many people were in this and if there are more."
Yoongi nods.
"I found them in the woods. They were... doing a ritual, I don't know. They... They were... Oh god please, don't make me talk about that."
He's visibly shocked by what happened and is shaking.
"You have to continue."
Yoongi takes a deep breath and speaks.
10:29 am - Interrogation room: Jimin

"Why were you near the cableway station?"
"It was my idea. I figured if it worked we could've used it... Or at least find a radio, which was correct."
"Do you know anything about the fire that killed three of them?"
Jimin gulps.
"I don't."
"You don't?"
"No. I let them in so Hoseok and I could escape since the door could be opened only from outside. They had torches and I think I threw a vase at one of them. The torch must've fallen."
"Where did you go after that? Was it just you two?"
"Yes. We entered the wood."
"That's where Hoseok got his leg injury. A wolf attacked him. We were lucky enough to be saved by Jungkook and Jin."
"How did they save you?"
"Jin shot the wolf. He had a gun."
"Where did he find it?"
"I- I don't know. I told you everything I know. Can I please go?"
10:59 am - Interrogation room: Jungkook

"I don't want to talk."
"You have to. We need your version."
"There are no versions. Just facts. What happened to us was... Ah! Fuck!"
"You're being recorded."
Jungkook bites his lip, pissed.
"What do you want to know?"
"How did you get that cut?"
"It was the glass of the station. That's how I hurt myself. One of them attacked me as well but Yoongi helped me."
"Who attacked you?"
"Who do you think? One of them! It was a woman. She held me down and Yoongi hit her with a rock."
"Then what?"
"Then we entered the basement. Yoongi and I then separated."
Jungkook turns red.
"I..I hurt his feelings."
"Where did you go?"
"I stayed there with Jin. Him and Taehyung were there too. We got out as soon as the smoke entered the basement."
"So you went in the wood again."
"Thats where we found Jimin and Hoseok. We found their footprints and followed them."
"How did you know they were theirs?"
"We didn't. We just... I guess we were lucky enough to find them."
"I see... You're the youngest right?"
He nods.
"It must've been hard for you."
Jungkook looks at the camera.
He gets up.
"This is over."
The man nods his head.
"Just one more question... Were you the one who sent the message?"
Jungkook nods.
"You can le-"
The door closes.
11:29 am - Interrogation room: Seokjin

"Why did you have a gun?"
"I found it. Well... Jungkook did. He also found a flare but we didn't use it."
"Well, the flare could've attracted anim-"
"No. Why did you take the gun? Trust issues?"
Jin stays silent.
"Please answer me. Did you or did you not trust him with a gun?"
Jin looks at the camera.
The truth? He didn't trust Jungkook.
"Are you silent because you didn't trust him?"
Jin lies.
"I know how to shoot. Jungkook doesn't. End of the story."
"What did you use it for?"
"I shot a woman and a wolf."
"Was the woman from the cult?"
"How do you know?"
Jin was getting annoyed.
"She was naked and she had satanic symbols all over her body."
"What did she do?"
"She attacked Jungkook. She had a knife in her hands."
"Your clothes were ripped... Seems suspicious that someone would willingly rip his clothes out here."
"Are you accusing me of something?"
"Am I?"
"The only reason my clothes were ripped is because I had to cover Hoseok's leg with something. He was fucking bleeding."
The man raises his hands.
"I was just saying. I was testing you."
Jin doesn't reply.
"Well, you can go now. Thank you for your collaboration."
Jin politely nods and leaves the room, banging the door.
12:02 pm - Interrogation room: Namjoon

"Why didn't you go with them?"
"I hurt my ankle while skiing... I wasn't able to walk."
"What did you do in the meantime?"
Namjoon turns red.
"I didn't do much. Chatted a bit and then went to bed. But I couldn't sleep, I was too worried."
"Yes. They always text or call me. Or I mean... At least one of them does. I had a bad feeling and I didn't like it."
"Sounds weird that your feeling turned out to be true."
Namjoon shakes his head.
"We're all tourists here. How can we even be suspects?"
"You're not suspects. We're just trying to understand what's happening here. We had various cases of missing people but no one ever managed to solve the cases... Now that we did we want to connect all the dots."
Namjoon laughs.
"You didn't solve anything. We did."
The man ignores him.
"We questioned everyone but Jung Hoseok. The hospital won't let us. Just know you can't leave until we question him."
"Why? Why can't you let us go? And you better leave him alone, he's been through hell!"
"I finished" he gets up "You can go."
6:38 pm - Hoseok's hospital room

"I'm sorry we have to do this. I hope you're feeling better."
Hoseok nods.
"I am."
"Do you remember what happened?"
"I don't, sir" he looks down "I'm very confused. I remember looking for firewood and then running into the woods."
"Do you remember what happened to your leg?"
Hoseok nods and his voice comes out as a whisper.
"You said you left to look for firewood... How come you didn't see anyone, unlike Min Yoongi?"
"I don't know. I'm just happy I didn't. I'm just happy I'm here."
Hoseok's hands start shaking.
"You okay?"
He shakes his hand.
It's the first time he sees his leg and seeing it covered in bandages shocks him.
Memories of the previous night come back and he's starting to panic.
The man sees his discomfort and calls the nurse.
Hoseok is crying.
The day after

A car is waiting for them near the hotel. Their flight back home is supposed to leave in 4 hours and they need to get to the airport.
Jimin is suspiciously silent as he pushes Hoseok, who's on a wheelchair since he still can't walk.
He looks incredibly tired.
Namjoon is saying goodbye to a guy as Jin and Taehyung are putting their suitcases inside the car.
Both Yoongi and Jungkook are sitting in the backseat and they're holding hands.
Jungkook is blushing while Yoongi's face is hidden behind a mask: he didn't want to show his marks.
Jin closes the car trunk and calls Namjoon, who rushes to them.
He's the last one to get inside the car.
"I admit it... I'll miss this place."
No one says anything.
The driver starts the car and carefully drives away.
Jimin finally speaks: they haven't heard his voice in hours.
"As soon as we come back home I'll make you some warm tea. We need it."
Hoseok's eyes light up as he smiles: Jimin made the best tea ever.
Jin smiles as he rubs Jimin's cheek.
"Our lifesaver, Jiminie."
They all laugh as Yoongi looks out the window.
Snow starts to fall.

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