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Jimin then followed Jungkook's advice and looked for other ways to destress. He immediately regretted going to Twitter because his favorite NSFW account posted a new video.
Jimin, feeling so stressed, provided him with no self control at all, so he clicked on the video. He never came so fast in his life and he started feeling the guilt immediately after.
"Some stuff to do."
Jimin did not know if he's supposed to be thankful for the owner of that NSFW account since all the stress in his body is gone. Or if he's supposed to be ashamed since he'd gotten off to the thought of Yoongi again.
He then tried to sleep last night, willing his mind to not dream about a certain pale guy, whose hands and voice are to dream for, and who's hot and cold personality will make you fall for all his charms.
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Jimin, again, did not have any sleep at all. He gave up trying not to think about Yoongi, because he knows that he'll do the opposite. So he then did what he knew would take his mind off of him. He proceeded to the dance studio and started practicing.
He did not realize how long he's been dancing but a grumble coming from his stomach signalled him that he needs to rest and eat. It was now lunch time and after he ate, he then went to his afternoon classes.
This was the first time in days when Jimin could not concentrate on his class because of Yoongi. He was a little anxious how he could not absorb a thing about a certain Law and how he knew he would fuck up a pop quiz if that were to happen.
He then texted Taehyung
Taehyung is such a good friend
But he's even a better boyfriend 💕
what did yoongi mean when he said they should get used to it?? 🤔🤔
The next day, Jimin was feeling nervous again because he has to meet Yoongi for another piano lesson. He went through his day just fine until he had to go to the studio where Yoongi is.
Contrary to his expectations, their session went by smoothly and Jimin managed to play another piece. Though between Yoongi teaching him and Jimin pressing on the keys were conversations that had them both laughing or even blushing.
The 2 hours passed by real quick and Jimin had to go to the dance practice. He was about to walk out the door when a hand grabbed his wrist and stopped him. "Hyung?" He caught Yoongi scratching his nape and was surprised with what he answered him.
"The dance studio is just a 10 minute walk from here right? Uh, so.. Uhm can I walk you there?" Jimin felt his cheeks heating up and he was not confident to answer him with his voice so he just nodded.
Yoongi then gestured the way out and Jimin walked through it.

"So, how long have you been dancing?" Jimin was surprised with the sudden question but answered it none the less.
"I think I've been dancing since I was six. I just really fell in love with it right away and I don't know what else I would do without it." Jimin thinks he gave too much information but Yoongi just hummed and smiled at him.
"You know, I really like how passionate you are Jiminie." "You inspire and motivate me to do better." Jimin blushed at Yoongi's statement. He tried to respond with how Yoongi does the same for him but Yoongi added,
"I wish more people will know you Jimin so you can also inspire more people." he then paused and Jimin looked at him.

Yoongi smiled, stared up the sky and whispered "Although I want to be selfish and just have you all to myself."
Jimin was shocked at Yoongi, and was going to asked him what he meant by that. "Oh hey, we're here. This is the studio right?" Jimin was still looking at Yoongi, trying to process what he just said until he heard someone walking up to the door and
heard a familiar "Hyung! You're finay here! Oh wait, Yoongi hyung's here too."

"Oh hi kid."
"Hyung, i have a name you know."
"Oh i know."
"So did you walk here together or..."
"Ah no, I just happened to pass by, but I'll go now."
"See you around kid"
Yoongi then turned to Jimin. "See you around Jiminie." He smiled but then Jimin thinks he might have seen sadness in his eyes instead of happiness. Jimin waved him goodbye and watched as Yoongi walked away.
Jimin went straight to sleep after the practice because he might have overworked himself and he might think about the conversation he had with Yoongi earlier if he stays awake.
The next piano lesson also went by smoothly and the both of them just pretended that nothing happened last night. Jimin had no problem with it, but he felt like Yoongi did because he was being real quiet unless Jimin had a question about the lesson that he just taught.
They were done for today and was preparing to went out when Jimin received a text from Jungkook saying that the practice today was cancelled. Jimin did not realise that he read the text out loud until he heard Yoongi asking if they should go to dinner instead.
"I mean I'm pretty hungry after all that, and I'm guessing you are too since you did all the work today."

Jimin thought about it for a second to when Yoongi added "Don't worry, it's my treat. I also know a good place to eat, and I know you'll love."
Jimin then nodded and so they both went on to have dinner.
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The following day, Yoongi called Jimin and asked if he wanted to hang out on his apartment.

"I had some friends coming and I invited Jungkook and the couple too, so I'm inviting you as well? There's good food and good drinks! Plus i want you to meet my other friends."
Jimin immediately agreed. He already tried thinking of what outfit he's supposed to wear until Yoongi texted him that he does not need to dress up. They will only play some games and watch movies after all.
It was Jimin's first time at Yoongi's apartment and he can actually see Yoongi's personality in it. Even though it was just a simple studio apartment, he knew that Yoongi treated it with care and made it his home.
He was also nervous with having to meet Yoongi's friends but was happy about how Namjoon and Seokjin were both really nice people. Namjoon may look intimidating at first because of his tall stature but one look at his dimple with contrast all of that.
While Seokjin is like a long time friend who you know you can make jokes with anytime without feeling awkward at all. And Seokjin was pretty funny when you asked Jimin.
They then proceeded and ate a lot, thanks to Seokjin's cooking skills and then started to play videogames, beginning with NBA.
Jimin of course lost but then was having fun distracting Yoongi while he was playing with Namjoon. All in all, Jimin was happy and Yoongi is too.
Yoongi was happy until Hoseok tapped him and asked if he can talk to him privately. Yoongi knew Hoseok and he would not disturb him if he was not going to say something important.
Yoongi then walked to the kitchen but Hoseok said that they should talk in Yoongi's bedroom because it was more private.
Yoongi was beginning to get scared because he has no idea at all at what Hoseok will say to him. He walked in on his room and was slowly starting to sweat. He took a sit in his bed while Hoseok stood and leaned on his dresser across from him.
"When are you going to confess to Jimin?" Yoongi was surprised about how direct Hoseok is but then it was a Hoseok way to approach it.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb Yoongs. You like him. A lot. I can tell."
"I told you Hobi, I'll think about it okay? Just don't mind me. I'll do it I promise."

"Please don't make promises you can't keep Yoongi. I don't want Jimin to get hurt. I don't want 'you' to get hurt."
Yoongi was about to ask what did Hoseok mean when he doesn't want to see Jimin hurt but a knock on the door disturbed them.

"Yoongi? Where do you put your drinks?" Yoongi just sighed and walked straight to the door until Hoseok stopped him by his wrist and glared at him
"I just want what's the best for both of you. Make up your mind okay? It's either you confess to Jimin or stop giving him false hope." With that, Hoseok opened the door and walked out.
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Yoongi sighed and went out of his room. He walked into the kitchen and helped Namjoon getting all the drinks. As he reached the living room, his eyes immediately landed and Hoseok's and he saw him tilting his head, pointing towards Jimin.
Yoongi understood what he was saying and so Yoongi walked up to Jimin, tapped him in the shoulder and asked if he could talk to him. He saw Jimin become tensed but he immediately put on an assuring smile trying to tell him that it's not that serious. Or so he thinks.
Yoongi led Jimin outside of his apartment, because for whatever reason, he's not yet ready for Jimin to see his bedroom plus the kitchen is not an ideal space to have a private conversation.
"What is it hyung? Is something wrong?" Yoongi did not realize he was looking down at the floor until Jimin leaned down to meet his eyes. "Uh, no. Nothing's wrong. Everything is great." "So why'd you called me out here?" Yoongi gulped as Jimin finished his question.
"I kinda need to tell you something important. It's... uhm.. uh." Yoongi looked at Jimin and he saw no trace of impatience from him. "This is really really hard for me to say so bear with me okay?" "It's okay hyung. I'm not going anywhere." Jimin smiled.
With that smile that lights up his whole world and fills him warmth, he gathered the courage and said, "I like you Jimin." He's starting to regret what he did because he saw Jimin's face slowly morph into a look that's both confused and surprised.
"I'm sorry hyung? What did you just say?" Jimin squinted his eyes at him, and Yoongi is so tempted to deny the eye contact but he held firm and "Park Jimin. I like you." Jimin seems to not understand it at all because he kept looking at Yoongi like he grew another head.
"Oh my god Jimin I said I like you!" he said aloud. He realised that his voice was getting high in volume and he composed himself and sighed. He looked at Jimin's eyes and continued. "Like I like you a lot. Like I want to go out with you and go to dinner and call it a date and
then I want to walk you home and hold your hand and then i would want to-" Yoongi's speech was stopped by a pair of lips smashing into his. He tried to grasp what the hell is happening but it ended too early for his liking.
He stared wildly at Jimin and questioned him with his eyes but then he felt Jimin take his hands and guided his fingers to pinch Jimin's forearm. "Oh wow, so this all real right? I mean I am really starting to think I'm dreaming or I am having insane illusions."
Now, Yoongi is the one confused. "Wait, so you're."

Jimin laughed real hard that he clinged to Yoongi's body and Yoongi can't help the heat creeping up his cheeks.

"Oh my god hyung if that kiss was not yet a confirmation, then yes. I like you too hyung."
Jimin smiled until his eyes look like crescents and it made Yoongi show his gummy smile too.

"I was nervous for nothing was I?"
"What? You actually did pretty well hyung. I mean if it were me, I would've stuttered a whole more and probably not say it direct to the point."
He heard Jimin giggle and mutter
"Although it would look really really cute if you were a stuttering mess, hyung." This got Jimin a light spank on his arm.


"Sorry hyung, I was just teasing you." Jimin smiled at him again.
Yoongi would definitely not complain if that was the last thing he saw when he died but then again, he's probably in heaven because an angel is smiling at him and is now holding his hand.
Jimin lead him to the door and he tried to open it, but then noticed that there were massive weights hanging on it. Only to find out the the other boys were eavesdropping on them when Yoongi pushed the door and their friends stumbled on the floor.
Yoongi glared at all of them while Jimin was giggling beside him. "So that means everything went well?" Hoseok pointer at their intertwined hands. "This calls for a drink!" Namjoon stated. Yoongi then shook his head but eventually smiled because it really calls for a celebration.
And so they did. They turn on their speakers and sang along, not minding their neighbors, thinking it's freaking Saturday night. They finished their first batch of drinks and Namjoon and Jungkook had to go to the nearest store to buy more.
Taehyung and Hoseok were nearly fucking on their couch but Seokjin faked a gag and that managed to stop them, even for a short amount of time. When Namjoon and Jungkook arrived, everyone cheered so loud Yoongi was so sure he'll receive a complaint.
But then again, Yoongi was probably the one who shouted the most. They were having so much fun, Hoseok and Taehyung just slow dancing to an upbeat song while Namjoon and Jungkook laughing at Seokjin's "traffic enforcer moves"
Yoongi is not lightweight at all, although he would probably not remember most of the things that he will do when he's drunk. Jimin is kind of the opposite though. He can take drinks moderately and has a sharp memory until he's completely trashed and passed out.
So Yoongi would probably not remember him bringing Jimin to his room, the alcohol in his system clouding his judgement. He caged Jimin in his bedroom door and kissed him. Seconds after that, he was laughing, not knowing the actual reason why.
He led Jimin to a corner in his room and showed him his piano. Seeing his piano managed to sober him up a bit to the point where he can manage to play a piece for Jimin. During the song, he thought he heard a click that sounded like a camera but he paid it no mind.
He continued playing his own composed piece and when he finished, he breathed out a sigh and looked at Jimin. He look straight at him and noticed that his eyes were turning glassy and tears were threatening to fall down. "Wow, that was so beautiful hyung."
Yoongi scratched his nape in an attempt to not be shy. "Thank you. I wrote it." Jimin looked surprised for a moment but smiled at him and "No, thank you hyung. For letting me hear such an amazing piece."
Yoongi stood and took Jimin's hand in his, "It was nothing Jiminie." He brushed a hair off of Jimin's forehead and smiled fondly at him. "How about we celebrate and drink some more hyung?" Jimin asked.
"That sounds nice." Yoongi answered after hearing a familiar screech that he guesses is from Hoseok.
The next day ☺️
Game night!!
They were still having their piano sessions but now with the additions of Yoongi walking Jimin to his dance studio and fetching him after his practice to get dinner.
i'm sorry if this fic lacks the "social media" and "chat" aspects to it. it's just that i want to make this a full on fic where it is not all just pictures and screenshots and just add certain details to it that makes the story better. hope you understand
Everything was going pretty well. Jimin loves spending time with Yoongi and the same goes to the latter too. Until Jimin stumbled upon a tweet.
Jimin was confused at how eerily familiar that picture is until flashes of memories came through his mind and it consists of Yoongi showing him his room, him sitting on his piano and playing for him, Jimin hearing a song Yoongi made
and him clicking that camera phone to capture the moment. Jimin was shocked and so anxious because of what he just discovered and as usual, he decided to text Tae about it.
"I think you should give *him the benefit of the doubt."
Jimin went on to believing Taehyung and having faith in Yoongi because he knows that Yoongi will not keep a secret like that from him without any reason at all. Although that didn't stop him from thinking about it.
Yoongi felt Jimin being a little distant with him the next day. He had to face time him to make sure he was okay.
Yoongi had to stopped himself from drooling tho since Jimin just had gotten out of the shower. They talked for while and he thinks everything was fine and thinks that Jimin is just probably tired.
Jimin then confirmed Yoongi's suspicion when the younger told him about it. Yet even tho he did, Yoongi still felt in his chest that something is off.
Everything turned out okay after a couple of days. Jimin is still as lively as ever whenever he and Yoongi hang out. It seems like that there's nothing bothering him anymore.
It was finally Valentine's Day. Yoongi was not the kind of guy who believes in the concept of having a day dedicated to buying your special someone a gift just to help capitalize a certain industry. But not after he met Jimin.
He spend a whole week thinking and stressing about what kind of gift would Jimin want or what gift he deserves. Hoseok will attest to this and will even copy how Yoongi said
"Oh god Hoseok what will I give to him? I don't think he deserves anything other than the whole universe itself and I can't afford that!", with the addition of his hands clasped in his hair and walking back and forth.
Fortunately, Yoongi found a sweater that caught his eye that he knows Jimin will love. It was branded and a little pricey but it was fine if it was for his precious Jiminie. Valentine's Day then came and Yoongi of course asked Jimin out
He did that by writing a letter and having it delivered with a bouquet of flowers at Jimin's front door at the time he knew he wakes up.
Jimin woke up with a knock on his door but was dumbfounded when he saw no one at the door, only to be surprised when he saw a bouquet laying on the floor. He took it with a smile knowing who gave it to him even without reading the letter attached to it.
Yoongi was getting nervous about their date. He suggested that they'll have dinner in his house because going out for dinner on a Valentine's Day is a nnightmare. The only problem is he is not that confident in his cooking skills.
Don't get it wrong. Yoongi knows how to cook. He's just not as good as Seokjin. He really wants to impress Jimin. And so even though he just ate lunch, he went ahead to prepare for dinner already.
He cleaned his apartment, cooked the dinner, set the table, took a shower and by the time he looked at the clock, there is a half an hour to spare. With that, he double checked everything including his outfit
Yoongi was wearing a black button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, revealing his most precious Rolex, tucked in a black dress pants. His hair wasn't styled in any way and was let down to contrast the formality of his look.
He tried to calm his nerves and took a seat in his couch, waiting for Jimin to arrive. Minutes later, he heard a knock and he answered it. When he did, all of his breath got knocked out of him at how gorgeous his date is.
Jimin was wearing a silk white shirt, with the neckline hanging a little too loose, matching it with light washed jeans. Yoongi thinks that angels do exist. Scratch that. Jimin is probably more beautiful than an angel.
He didn't realize that he was staring at Jimin for so long until he heard a cough coming from him. He noticed that Jimin's cheeks were tinted pink. Yoongi shook his head, trying to come back to reality. "Oh sorry Jimin. Come in."
It was Jimin's 2nd time visiting Yoongi's home and it surprised him that the elder did a number on it. He was guided by Yoongi to the dinner table and he couldn't help but smile and appreciate the effort that he did.
The room was dimly lit but they were candles everywhere and there was a very beautiful flower centerpiece at their table. He guided him to the chair and even pulled the chair our for him. He is such a gentleman and Jimin was definitely falling in love with him more.
Jimin cannot believe that Yoongi also made their dinner. Just steak with some mash which is one of Jimin's favorite dishes.
They had a nice chat during dinner and they even held hands halfway through the meal. Which is a hassle to both of them but who's complaining? Yoongi instructed Jimin to go to the living room and relax since he's in charge of washing the dishes but Jimin was not having it.
He convinced Yoongi to let him help by simply pouting -how fucking adorable he is pouting for crying out loud- and so he's stationed to dry the dishes. After they were done, they went to the living room and that's when Yoongi excused himself to go to his bedroom.
He went out holding a paper bag and Jimin immediately saw the brand. "Hyung, you did not." Yoongi was amused at Jimin's reaction and so he quickly sat beside him and handed out the bag. "Happy Valentine's Day Jiminie."
Jimin looked through the bag and took out the sweatshirt. He did not know how to react since he knows that Yoongi probably spent a lot for that package.

Yoongi started to get nervous again because Jimin's not saying anything at all and he thinks Jimin dislikes the gift.
His thoughts were gone when Jimin suddenly looked at him and gave him the brightest smile he had seen coming from the boy. With his eyes looking like crescent moons and it made Yoongi blush so bad.

"Hyung, i love it so much!"
Jimin then proceeded to hug Yoongi until,

"Ah! But I also have something for you hyung."

Jimin tried to reach something in his pocket but and Yoongi gasped when he saw a black velvet box in his hands.
"Oh my god, don't freak out. I am not proposing!" Jimin looked flushed when the thought comes to mind.

"Too bad. I would have said yes straight away."

Jimin pouted because of Yoongi's teasing.
Jimin gave the box to Yoongi and opened it. Yoongi was surprised with how simple yet beautiful it is. It was just a simple silver band with some embossed carvings and it made Yoongi's eye sting.
"This past few weeks were one of the most happiest days of my life and this is just a simple token on how you've made me feel calm and at peace whenever I am with you. I hope you like it hyung."
Yoongi looks at Jimin and he admired how such a sweet person like him could ever love someone like himself.

"Of course. I love it." He reached his hand to Jimin so he can then proceed to put on the ring.
Yoongi couldn't help not to stare at Jimin and when he looked back at him, he also couldn't help not to express his feelings for him and so he kissed him.

Oh how Yoongi could probably write a thousand words on how he love Jimin's taste and how he could get drunk in it.
Yoongi was taken aback how easily their kiss was getting more and more passionate and the next thing he knows is that he is holding onto Jimin's waist while Jimin proceeded to straddle him.
They both had to take a breather after a while. Yoongi pressed his forehead to Jimin's and whispered, "I love you."

Jimin immediately pulled away and Yoongi can't help but think that he fucked up.
Jimin seemed to be looking for any signs of insincerity into his eyes but he found none. He was close to tearing up and Yoongi immediately pulled him into a hug. He was surprised to hear the younger laugh in his shoulder.

"Hyung, you have no idea how happy I am right now."
Yoongi felt like a huge burden got off his chest and he laughed with Jimin as well.

Jimin pulled back again and held his face in his hands. The look Jimin gave him makes him want to give everything he has for him.

"I love you too, hyung."
And if those words didn't make him feel the shiver in his spine, the smile that Jimin gave him did.

Yoongi doesn't think that he will ever get tired of seeing it. And he has now proclaimed it his life long mission to make him smile everyday of his life.
After all that and another make out session, Jimin had to go home. They both think that staying the night is still a little to early for their relationship and so Yoongi drove him home.

They had another heated situation before Jimin walked in his dorm but who's gonna judge?
The next morning.
Jimin was having a good day until he scrolled thru his Twitter and saw something he didn't want to see.
The same ring, and the same position of where he had put it last night. That confirmed his suspicions that this account is handled by Yoongi. He felt so dumb because he then realized that MYG also stands for Min YoonGi.
He did not know if he was mad or sad but all he knew was he suddenly had tears cascading quickly and non stop. He kept on sobbing and he pushed through it so he can send a text to Yoongi.
Yoongi was surprised when he received a text from Jimin. He tried to not worry about it but he had a feeling that something wrong or bad happened.
Jimin knew that he was running away but he can't think straight at the moment. So Jimin just did what he can for now. He danced.
Yoongi was worried that he didn't receive a single text coming from Jimin. The younger was very chatty even at random times so he was starting to get anxious. He then decided to text him.
Yoongi's now more worried than ever since Jimin probably overworked himself again. He tried to sleep as well but he can't help thinking about Jimin. So it was no surprise that he had probably one of the worst sleeps in his lifetime.
He tried to text him first thing in the morning but to no avail.
Yoongi went to text Jungkook since Jimin will mostly cancel their lessons again today and also seeing that he has no contact to Jimin, Jungkook will be a good choice since they practice together.
It may not look like it but Yoongi is thinking of all the worst possibilities on why Jimin is not answering his texts or calls. Did he do something wrong? Or perhaps Jimin regrets dating him and is avoiding him?
This made Yoongi feel so insecure because what if Jimin doesn't love him anymore? What if all they had was just a lie? Yoongi was starting to drown in his thoughts but he tried to be productive and write some music instead. A good distraction was probably what he needs.
He got carried away and by the time he looked at the clock, it was past 5 in the afternoon, meaning he was late for his lessons with Jimin. He bolted out of his chair and sprinted to his bedroom and tried to be presentable.
He looked at his phone on his way out and was disappointed that he has no messages coming from Jimin. He went to the piano room they always go to and was now more disappointed that Jimin wasn't there. It was 45 minutes past 5. "Maybe he's just late." Yoongi mutters to himself.
Yoongi was playing with the piano for half an hour now when he got a call. He immediately took it, not checking the caller I.D. "Hyung?" Yoongi was slightly upset that it wasn't Jimin but it immediately turned into fear when he heard Jungkook crying, "Hyung, I am so sorry."
Yoongi got up from the piano bench, "Jungkook, breathe. Why are you apologizing?"

"Jimin-hyung, he-"

Yoongi froze when he heard Jimin's name. "Jimin? What happened? Jungkook please tell me."

"He- he passed out hyung."
Yoongi felt all his strength going away. He had to take a seat again because he didn't think he could handle standing up. "Jungkook, where is he?" After Jungkook told him the address of the hospital they were at, Yoongi rushed to his car and went on his way.
When he was in the car, Yoongi could not stop thinking about Jimin and how he doesn't want to lose him. He knows that he's probably over-thinking it but Yoongi thinks he could not live without the younger.
In such a short amount of time, Jimin made his life much more meaningful and happy and he could not even think what would happen if Jimin wasn't by his side anymore. Yoongi's vision was starting to blur and he hastily wiped his eyes, and tried to focus on the road.
When Yoongi made it in the hospital, he went straight ahead to Jimin's room after asking the receptionist about it. He was running, not caring about the hospital policies. He then slowed down when he was nearing the room and he tried to calm his nerves before he went in.
When his eyes landed on Jimin, he cannot control his tears anymore and he let them fall. Jungkook immediately saw him and hugged him. "I'm sorry hyung. It's all my fault. I didn't take care of him like you said."
Yoongi still has tears in his eyes when he replied, "It's okay Jungkook. Everything is okay." He retracted himself from Jungkook and he sat beside Jimin. He held Jimin's hand and he started full-on crying when he felt how cold it was.
Jungkook just stared at the couple and couldn't help sobbing too. "I'm such a bad boyfriend haven't I? I mean, I should've visited him at least when he practiced." Yoongi laughed but with remorse.
"You didn't know hyung. It's okay." Jungkook tried to reassure the older and continued, "I'm gonna head out and get some air. I'll wait for Hoseok-hyung and Tae-hyung outside."
Yoongi hummed and Jungkook made his exit. Yoongi was starting to calm down and he kept on holding onto Jimin’s hand, caressing his thumb to his knuckles, afraid of letting go. He took on his lover’s face and how pale it was.
He used his free hand to brush the hairs that was covering Jimin’s eyes and said “You’ve worked too hard again Jiminie. I’m sorry hyung didn’t take good care of you.” It wasn’t that long until Jungkook came back with Hoseok and Taehyung in tow.
Taehyung immediately tried to grab onto Jimin but Hoseok pulled him back. “Babe, you need to chill. Jimin is sleeping and we can’t have you waking him up okay?” Taehyung sniffed, “Okay hyung.”
"Can someone tell us what happened?" Hoseok asked. "He passed out while practicing earlier. The doctors said it was because of dehydration and extreme fatigue." answered Jungkook. Tae held onto his partner and Hoseok tried his best to calm him down.
“It was my fault.” Yoongi piped up. “I didn’t bother checking up on him when he didn’t respond to my messages. I thought that he was just tired but I didn’t even think he would be dancing until he passed out. Ah, I am a mess aren’t I?”
“It’s not your fault, hyung. Don’t blame yourself.” Hoseok reassured Yoongi.
The four of them were waiting for Jimin to wake up but the visiting hours were up and the three all had to go home. Jungkook was the last one to go and he had to apologize to Yoongi again to which the older just smiled at him
and told him to take a good night’s rest and said that it’s all okay. When Yoongi and Jimin were finally alone, Yoongi couldn’t help another tear to escape and he held onto Jimin until he fell asleep.
Yoongi woke up with him still holding Jimin’s hand. It was only 7am when he looked at the clock against the bed. He let go of his lover’s hands to go to the bathroom. When he came back, he was surprised by the fact that Jimin was fully awake and was sitting straight up.
He rushed to his side and hugged him. “I am so glad you’re okay.” Yoongi cupped his face and brought their foreheads together. “I am so – so worried.” but then he was met with silence. Jimin didn’t even try to look him in the eye.
“Jiminie?” Yoongi let go of him and Jimin just sat there, looking at anywhere but Yoongi. “Is everything alright? Does something hurt? I’ll call the nurse and-“. “Can I please have a moment alone?” Jimin muttered.
Yoongi thinks he heard him wrong but with the way Jimin was fiddling with his fingers, eyes still on his lap, confirmed what he just heard. “Okay, sure. Just call me if you need anything. I’ll be outside.”
Almost an hour have passed and Jimin still hasn’t called for him. Yoongi was anxiously waiting outside and a few minutes after that Hoseok and Taehyung went to visit. “Hyung, why are you outside? Is everything okay?”
“Jimin just said he needed some time alone. I don’t know.”
“Is it okay if we go inside?” Hoseok asked.
“I’m sure Jimin would not mind you guys.”
After a few minutes of Hoseok and Taehyung walking in, Yoongi heard screams and it ultimately lead to crying and Yoongi knows who it was and it was hurting him so bad not knowing what was happening to the love of his life.
Yoongi succumbed to sitting on the floor, with his hands grasping his hair out of frustration. He then heard the door opening & Hoseok came out. “What happened in there?” Yoongi can’t help not to ask. But Hoseok just said nothing & patted him in the back like he’s comforting him.
Yoongi shrugged off the gesture standing up, “Hoseok, what the fuck happened in there? Answer me!” He immediately regretted his outburst and apologized. “Sorry, it’s just I want to know what happened to him. I don’t think he wants to talk to me.”
“Hyung, I’m in no position to say this but you need to be honest to Jimin about everything and you need to show him that you love him and no one else.”

“What? Why?”
It was then that Taehyung walked out, his shirt visibly wet possibly from the tears that came from Jimin and it just made his heart sting. “He won’t tell you. You have to hear it from Jimin himself."
"You have so much stuff to explain to him and I fucking hope that his will be the last time you hurt him or else I will deck you to death.” Taehyung exhaled loudly and tried to calm himself by massaging his temples. Hoseok was quick to be by his side and comfort him.
“Jimin is asleep and you will talk to him when he wakes up. He loves you so much hyung and if you screw this up, I won’t be able to help you.”

Yoongi just nodded and the couple took that as a chance to go home.
When Yoongi went inside, he saw Jimin sleeping peacefully but the dried tear tracks didn't appease him. He went back to his side and tried to held his hand again, afraid of what's going to happen when he wakes up. And he fell asleep thinking about it.
Jimin woke up, feeling a slight weight on his arm. He tilted his head to the side, and he was greeted with the sight of Yoongi. His arm was caged in between both of Yoongi's like he was afraid of letting it go.
Jimin almost cooed, but then he remembered why they were there in the first place. He feels so sick of the pressure that he's been feeling since he found out about Yoongi's alter account so he said to himself that he will talk it out with Yoongi first thing when he wakes up.
Of course Jimin couldn't help looking at Yoongi's sleeping form. Even when he was sleeping, he's still glowing. Yet Jimin can see the furrows of his brows and he was so tempted to smooth it out. That is until Yoongi wakes up with a slight jolt
immediately looking at him with fear written on his face but then it morphed into relief when he saw Jimin awake.

"Hi. How are you feeling?" Yoongi asked, voice a little hoarse than usual.

"Yoongi, please. Let's skip this. We need to talk."
Yoongi felt himself wake up and sat straight, letting go of Jimin's hand.

He thinks he saw Jimin frown upon the act but it was probably just a trick of the eye since he still felt groggy.
"So, -uh let's get right to it." Jimin was fidgeting.


Jimin looks straight into Yoongi's eyes and "I know about your alter account hyung."

"My what?"

"Your NSFW account!" Jimin flinched at how he lost his tone.
He saw Yoongi crease his brows in confusion until it slowly turned into shock and panic.

"Oh Jiminie. Hyung is sorry. I-" Yoongi had his speech cut off when Jimin followed
"Why didn't you tell me hyung? I wasn't going to judge you. I'll even respect your privacy and not bother you at all but why didn't you tell me? Are we not past that relationship yet? I think I deserve to know when my partner has a NSFW account lying somewhere."
"No Jiminie it's not that." Yoongi was so close to holding Jimin into his arms when he saw a tear escape from his eyes.

"Are we not in this for the long run hyung? Is this only a fling? Are we going to end this when I stopped learning the piano?"
"Am I- am I not good enough for you to stay?" he whispered. And that's when Jimin lost all the control he had and started crying.

Yoongi was quick to gather Jimin into his arms and comfort him. "Shh. I'm sorry. Hyung is so sorry. Please don't think like that."
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