🔊🐡〰Fuck that football dude amirite?
🔊🐡〰We have the judges, the lawmakers, the enforcers, and the Democrats aren't going to do anything so good luck.
🔊🐡〰Gonna start locking up my political enemies now. This is gonna be the best. I'm the best. Stand up.
🔊🐡〰We are proudly going to destroy our biosphere and in the process make enough money to make a hermetically sealed bunker while you serfs suffer the consequences of our incompetence.
🔊🐡〰Everyone loves our cheap labor and lack of safety regulations and unions.
🔊🐡〰Just because we're gonna kill you, you think we'll let you die with dignity? Lol.
🔊🐡〰One of my top priorities of the year will be to make drugs even more expensive.
🔊🐡〰Your mom, trading partners. Yeah that's right.
🔊🐡〰We're going to make sure everything is fair to us, and that everyone has the freedom to do what we want them to.

Guys you forgot to stand up. Stand up.
🔊🐡〰Everything will be privatized and most of you won't be able to afford to use any of this. You'll be stuck with the old roads that don't get fixed anymore.
🔊🐡〰We want you to love big brother
🔊🐡〰Haha I'm not doing paid family leave I just wanted to make the democrats stand up.
🔊🐡〰Get ready for some racist shit here we go let's talk about gangs and unpersons.
🔊🐡〰Cry and stand for me, grieving parents. Now clap. Good. Eeexcellent.
🔊🐡〰I am calling on congress to empower my secret police to detain and remove at will just one certain group of people, and I promise this would never be turned on any other groups of people consecutively until I'm dictator.
🔊🐡〰Why does nobody think of the middle class white people?
🔊🐡〰Meet CJ or DJ or whoever this awesome gestapo dude of mine is. He's awesome. I'm awesome. Secret police are awesome. It's definitely only for immigration. Cross my heart.
🔊🐡〰I repeat, ICE is the gestapo. ICE is the gestapo. ICE is the gestapo. ICE is the gestapo. ICE is the gestapo. Stand up and cheer for ICE, the gestapo, which i want to make bigger.
🔊🐡〰I am suggesting we seal off the southern border and increase the size of my gestapo. With that fortified, we can conquer canada, then move south toward the panama canal.
🔊🐡〰We will let in those who swear fealty to me. The white ones. Everyone else gets chucked over the DON'T BOO ME
🔊🐡〰These four pillars represent xenophobia, paranoia, collective panic, and my gestapo. Let's set politics aside and do what the hell i want.
🔊🐡〰We need to treat this drug crisis, which, for the first time, affects predominantly white people, even though previously we would deal with this by imprisoning addicts.
🔊🐡〰All right we've reached my favorite part. We're gonna talk about WAR YEAH WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO WE'RE GONNA FUCK. SHIT. UP!!!
🔊🐡〰We will lead through fear. I will now mock the idea of peace. But really, we are literally going to do exactly what germany did in the thirties with a few tweaks in the details and establish a worldwide empire of american hegemony. Me hegemony.
🔊🐡〰I will now fill some time by describing in detail a tracheotomy and the procedures surrounding that.
🔊🐡〰We reserve the right to strip anyone's rights arbitrarily because freedom. Yeah, anyway I just ordered some torture right before i came in. We're gonna torture some people. Right on.
🔊🐡〰We are gonna commit some war crimes and rhey won't be crimes because it's legal for us now because i said so. Anyway we're overthrowing half a dozen countries this year enjoy.
🔊🐡〰I AM GOING TO NUKE NORTH KOREA GOD DAMMIT IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO!!! Who farted? You? Anyway I'm nuking something. I'm not gonna have that button and not use it. After I blow one up the rest will probably bow to me anyway. That's awesome. I'm awesome.
🔊🐡〰I'm talking about me. I'm the menace. Well, more like a symptom of a much larger, older menace but my face will be on what's coming.
🔊🐡〰I have another gory story to tell in excruciating detail. I'm gonna start a holy war. I am so good at propaganda.
🔊🐡〰We are about to destroy every last remaining semblence of every ideal we ever pretended that statue stood for. yeah chant for me obergrüppenfurhers.
🔊🐡〰the people who stole this country from the people built this country are the people who really built this country and we're gonna make nazi germany great again. God bless my giant gestapo. Good night.
Next up, the tepid quisling response to the reactionary would be strongman.

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